In the Laptop Market

I have a computer question!

So my laptop…is junk. I’ve been using the same HP Pavilion laptop for the last 4 years, aka the duration of my university career, and the old geezer is suffering. It can hardly handle running anything, especially multiple programs at a time. And being the ultimate multitasker that I am, I always have at least 5-10 tabs and 3-5 programs running at a time. Yeah, not wise for a computer that can hardly handle running two. But whatever. I suffer the consequences by waiting two minutes for one thing to load and having it freeze on me daily. Plus it has near zero battery life so it’s useless to bring to class. Or anywhere for that matter.

I’m pretty ready for something new.

So: What kind of laptop do you have? Give me the deats! Is it old, new, fast, slow? What do you like/dislike about  it?

And more precisely: Do you have a Mac? How do you feel about Macs versus PCs?
I’ve always been a PC gal but I’m very seriously and mostly leaning towards a Mac. In any given class, out of all the laptops I see being used, I’d say 75-90% of them are Macs. That speaks volumes to me. I want the power!

So please give me your laptop deats! It would be a huge help.


And so this isn’t all techy-related word garble, here are some foods that have been rocking my taste buds lately.

My new Greek Yogurt discoveries all over the place.

Such as mixing it in with oats to harden into oat-like past overnight


Or as a fruit topper.


Finishing up the last bits of my jar of coconut butter. I have a feeling it’s going to be a while before I buy another jar of that edible white gold. Though I may have to attempt the homemade version next!


A little bit of Wheat Berry and Bean Salad without the wheat berries.


A sad attempt at Lauren’s Gluten Free Coconut Muffins that turned into muffin crumbles. This was NOT the fault of the recipe but entirely my own since I didn’t have several of the ingredients on hand and decided to mess around with a bunch of substitutes. Clearly that didn’t work so well. I recommend trying the original recipe though since these were thumbs up in the flavour department. But they probably stay together better if you don’t make sad substitutes. Sorry for making a mess of your recipe, Lauren! Hah whoops.


Chocolate Vitatops with plain yogurt and strawberries. I’m almost out of these too. One lonely one left. I may need another Costco stock-up trip soon.


Miscellaneous Veggie Platters






The orange stuff on the bread = McLaren’s Imperial Sharp Cheddar. Apparently it’s a Canadian thing but my gosh is it ever good. One of my favourite breakfasts years ago used to be a toasted english muffin with imperial cheddar on top. Ugh now I’m seriously craving one.

Egg and fruit plates are always a nice way to start the morning. Microwaved egg whites with ketchup + grapefruit slices + orange slices + hot tea + Martha Steward mag. I feel like I’m a 40 year old woman based on this picture.


And last but FAR from least… Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Dessert Hummus. If you haven’t made this yet, get out your food processor RIGHT NOW. I made half the recipe, didn’t even add chocolate chips and only used half the amount of maple syrup and this was still to die for. Holy Moly.



I’m going to leave it at that since I’m now starving and in desperate need of some breakfast!

Please don’t forget to give me some laptop info! Happy Wednesday!

38 thoughts on “In the Laptop Market

  1. I have a really old heavy Dell that I’m surprised didn’t give me a hernia after lugging it around during grad school. I have a mini Mac hooked up to my gigantic flat screen in the living room and I love it. I’m totally getting a Mac book as soon as my computer dies, which may be soon, when I slam it against the wall for crashing more than once a day. Good luck with the decision making!

    • Hahaha I feel that exact same way pretty much every day. I’m surprised I haven’t thrown mine out the window yet. Maybe I’ll wait until after I get a new one ;)

  2. I had always been a PC girl until I moved to Nashville and everyone here used Macs. My roommate is an author and blogger ( and she only uses a Mac. I was nervous about making the switch but have not looked back!! My Mac is SO much faster and more reliable! Rarely ever freezes, is really safe from viruses as compared to PCs, and is super simple to navigate. I promise you will not regret switching to a Mac! I wish I’d made the switch earlier in life!

  3. I have to make that dessert hummus! It looks to die for and everyone is making it and saying how good it is!!!

    Love chocolate vita tops! THey are yummy! I was just at target and they had them on sale for 4 bux!

    Macbook Pro ; ) I just got mine and I LOVE it! seriously will only buy a Mac from now on ; )

    • I was looking at the Macbook Pro. They are so sleek and shiny and lovely… soooo tempting! Make the hummus! Hmm…now you’ve got me thinking about my last vita and my dessert hummus stash…those two just MIGHT have to be combined.

  4. Oh my gosh I am so RELIEVED to hear that you arent shying away from a Mac because of the price. GO MAC. The extra money is worth it because it will NOT get a virus and be worthless, it will not go apeshit on you an hour before your 22 page paper is due and delete the whole thing, it will not freeze and turn off randomly in the middle of posting and thus lose all of your work, and it will not spontaneously self-destruct and take all 3,500 pictures of your teenage years with it. Go Mac.

    Also – what did you sub in for the coconut muffins?! I am so sad that they didn’t turn out well for you. Heathers were a bit dry as well and I am starting to worry that my recipe isnt good. I want to know what you subbed in so I can diagnose the problem!

  5. haha yay for muffin crumbles!! I have always been a MAc girl butthats how my school raised me.. personally i think a mac is better but you have to know how to use it and know all the tricks and shortcuts to fully appreciate it.. that said the rest of my family are PC fans!

  6. I’ve had a mac and a pc and although mac is easier to use and most of the population uses it, when it malfunctions you have no choice but to pay a lot at the genius bar unlike pcs where most of your friends know how to fix things. I like both for different reasons though!

  7. I’m glad you liked the hummus! It’s pretty excellent even without chocolate chips.

    I have a HP PC with a 300G hard drive. I really like it, and it was only around 450 after all the sales, so it’s definitely cheaper than a mac. Plus I’ve always been a PC person.

  8. I have a Sony Vaio (champagne colored holla ;D) and I LOVEEEEE it!! My roomie has a Macbook, or an Air?? Not sure but she loves it, it is super speedy, and we take pics on photo booth all the time which is hilarious :D

  9. I bought my first laptop in October – an Asus and I love it! They are way better quality than most of the PC brands. The only downside is that I had to purchase it online since not a lot of stores carry a wide selection of them. The UL series (mine is one of them) are really nice – they are really thin & light to carry around.

    That dessert hummus looks amazing. My roommate is the hummus king so perhaps I will just leave that recipe sitting on his desk for him to find and be inspired ;)

  10. I love random veggie platters. And lots of them. :)
    I made that dessert hummus with black beans and omg it was delicious. And I also made Lauren’s muffins- again, yum. Mine did hold together… well, more than yours. lol I bet they were still good, though!

  11. i have a macbook pro that i got last september and i LOVE it. i had previously had a dell laptop and mac desktop. HATED my mac desktop. it had lots of issues. but my parents said they’d pay the difference if i went mac and i’m glad i did…you pay more, but the computers just WORK better :)

  12. I have a PC laptop, simply due to price. I couldn’t justify getting the Mac I wanted while in school. I’m thinking when I graduate, I may jump ship, but for now, my Toshiba is working out. that being said, I broke the backspace button on it, so that kinda sucks.

    My dad and sister love that MacLarens cheese stuff. We might actually have some in the fridge right now. Not really my thing, which is weird, because I’m a cheese fiend.

    I so want to make that dessert hummus, but I have no peanut butter. Can you believe I have no peanut butter in the house? How is that even possible?!

  13. I can’t get use to those damn Macs lol My bf has one and I can’t get around to it. I have a Toshiba and so far so good. I had a gateway and it was the biggest pos i ever bought. Love your greek yogurt eats!! :D

  14. I have an Apple MacBook Pro 15 inch that I got a year and a few months ago. I have no complaints. It’s perfect. I recommend it for sure! I had a PC in college and I had many viruses. None now!

  15. I recently purchased a new HP notebook, as my old Dell was not running well. Macs are better than PCs in the sense that they are seamless (i.e. hardware and software made by the same company). This leads to fewer glitches and headaches as others have noted. That said, a significant price premium is placed on Macs (significant meaning close to 100% for an equally strong machine).

    I’m not sure what you use your computer for but, if certain software programs are vital, check that they are offered on Macs before buying one. People will tell you that a Mac can run windows. This is true, but paying for a Mac to run a PC makes no sense (plus the cost of parallels).

    My HP has treated me well so far. Having done the ‘reverse’ shift (from Mac to PC), it’s hard for me to justify the price premium of a Mac when taken at face value AND adding in the fact that certain software is not available on a Mac (while the reverse is usually not the case). HTH!

    • I can’t believe I forget to write this….MAC! All the way! I used to be a PC and was so nervous about the transition but it is a complete breeze. It’s weird for like a week and then it’s smooth sailing from there! My Mac never freezes, I never get the blue screen of death, no viruses, just nothing but greatness!!
      Good luck with your decision!

  16. My husband the IT geek is thisclose to converting us to Macs. He never thought he would like them better than PC’s, but the more he learns, the more he likes them better.

  17. Mac all the way! once you go mac, you’ll never go back!

    I find it easier to use, wayyy cooler functions on it ie: imovie for wicked vlogs ;) I just find I also like the “status” of it…..but I am crazy like that. hehe

    Your squash is killing me over here. I think I need my lunch!


  18. i need to jump on this dessert hummus bandwagon asap!

    i have a dell mini laptop and love love loveee it! its so perf for bringing back and forth to school and work :) lightweight and i love dells!

  19. I’m a big PC girl. I have the new HP Pavilion and I LOVE it. It’s so great. I used Macs at work for several years and never really liked them. Mostly because I don’t like change, haha! They are good little computers, though.

    Such yummy eats!

  20. I have a Sony VAIO and I love it; both how it looks and how it works.

    I also debated about getting a MAC or sticking with PC. In the end I went with PC just because the thought of certain software not being available on MAC (or being ridiculously expensive) made me shy away. Not that I know of any software that I’d need that MAC doesn’t offer, but still … I go with the mainstream 8-)

  21. Dessert hummus has been on my radar for a while…..looks sooo good. Must try ASAP.

    And definitely try making your own coconut butter — I’ve done it a few times and it is soo easy! Granted, I’ve never bought the real stuff, so I don’t know if it tastes the same. $2 worth of bulk bin coconut fills my 12 oz old peanut butter jar though — so you really can’t beat that price!

  22. Oh the laptop Q! Toughie! I’ve had a Vaio since 2006 and it still works fairly well. In its prime it was awesome. For work, I have a MacBook Pro (yes, they spoiled us!) and I FREAKING LOVE IT. But I also have Mac and PC experience, as in college, most campus computers were Macs but I still used my Vaio. Anyway, I recommend the Macs even if you aren’t accustomed to the software yet. You’ll quickly learn how easy and streamlined it is!

    Ahhh so the dessert hummus is really worth it? Looks like I’ll have to do something about that…! :)

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