Plethora of Pictures: Plates Edition Part 2

Random food pictures part 1?

Here’s some more. No sentiments, just pics.

Breakfast Time

Fibre One cereal with frozen banana, cocoa powder and almond milk



Strawberry smoothie


Strawberry cocoa smoothie with Chocolate Cheerios and red toes


Strawberry spinach smoothie


Coffee cocoa spinach strawberry smoothie in a peanut butter jar


And since this peanut butter jar is clearly now empty, I am out of peanut butter. How to solve such a dilemma? Take the easy route and buy another jar? Or…

Make a fresh batch of almond butter –>Better plan.


This smoothie got coned. And then the cone got…smoothied? Smoothies are about 1.3x more fun when eaten out of a cone.



Greens and Misc Garb

Raw veg and cold potato morning snack with salsa ranch dressing and the end of Eat, Pray, Love


Greens salad topped with potoato bites, salsa, crumbled turkey burger and hummus


Spinach and slaw salad topped with sundried tomato tuna


Another random pile of vegetable junk.


Kale Salad Oh She Glows style


Turkcauli burgers with mustard, baked potatoes, greek salad


Baked potato stuffed with hummus, spinach, melty cheddar, and topped with sour cream


Sweet and white potatoes and broccoli roasted in sundried tomato vinaigrette


Couscous and mixed bean salad with red onion, red pepper, cucumber and the same sundried tomato vinaigrette as I roasted the above potatoes in. (I was using up the bottle since it was a little gag-worthy on top of salads but worked significantly better when tossed among other more substantial foods.)


Some of those earlier roasted potatoes on top of some kale dressed in balsamic vinegar.


Grilled chicken Petita from Pita Pit stuffed with a garden of veggies and honey mustard (I usually get baba ghanoush but I find it doesn’t hold me over very long so I thought chicken might do a better job. It didn’t really, and I missed my baba.)


Veggie burger salad: cabbage slaw, tomatoes and pickles topped with a grilled veggie burger and grilled potatoes, all of which were topped with ketchup and mustard latticework.


Raspberry almond butter cookies based off of Lauren’s cashew blueberry recipe. (like my appealing bitten and battered display?)


Aforementioned cookies with apple slices and black coffee



And to end it all on a simple summer note: a popsicle


Good times.


Back to slightly more regular/less giant food recap style posting…soon? As long as this food relationship of mine starts becoming a little less abusive. Food and I are really going through a rough patch right now. I’m very resentful of him and his taunting ways. Time to start laying down the law!

Or…something. I think a baking hiatus is in order. All of my half assed, half delicious attempts that no one else cares to touch are doing nothing more than finding their way into the garbage disposal that is my stomach, their then crushed and condensed remains housing themselves snuggly onto my thighs. And along a similar note, a sugar hiatus would also be very helpful, though likely less plausible. A sugar decrease, however, is not an entirely crazy idea.


**Recommendations for a desperate food addict needing to tone the insatiable sugar cravings down? Aside from a kick in the bum and a hefty dose of willpower, those are (sad) works in progress.


I can’t stop complaining about this relationship until Food and I are finally on the same page again, what can I say. It’s an arranged marriage with divorce as a non-option so somehow we’re gonna have to make it work.


Plethora of Pictures: Plates Edition Part 1

The other day I left off feeling an irritated stress over an overabundance of unused food pictures. I unloaded a few in the first edition of the (very short) Plethora of Pictures series (I don’t predict this one to be a box office hit) featuring a random mess of products but have since neglected to empty out the rest. So I’m doing that now…

The PLATES – a random selection from the last 10+ days. In multiple parts. Here is the first smattering.


And GO!



Vegetable-based Platters

Salad with taco topper


Spinach with honey mustard and roasted squash


Greek salad with leftover roasted squash and cottage cheese


Raw veggie and turkey dipping platter


Another raw veggie dipping platter with corn and bean salad


Spinach and cucumber salad with tuna topper (mixed with light sour cream, dijon, wasabi) and a side of pasta salad


More of the spinach and tuna combo


Vermicelli noodles topped with chicken and vegetables stir fried in a teriyaki sauce (made from a powdered mix I randomly found in the cupboard. Would not buy again)


Veggie burger on multigrain with spinach, dijon, sundried tomatoes and goat cheese



Sweeter Side

Fruit plate with strained yogurt


Banana topped with yogurt mixed with peanut butter and a side of dates


A blend of frozen banana, cocoa powder, coconut flour, almonds, sweetener


The morning green smoothie with a side of green tea and Peanut Butter Puffins


Shreddies and apple chunks topped with a splash of almond milk, cinnamon and strained yogurt


Apple chunks heated and topped with a mix of light sour cream, cinnamon and vanilla stevia drops


Cocoa smoothie frozen and stirred every 5-10 minutes about 3x until reaching icy ice cream-like consistency for maximal snacking satisfaction


Sweet tortilla chips – tortillas dipped in cinnamon butter mixed with almond milk, baked at 400 for 8-10 minutes, flipping half way



The rest coming soon…

Happy Monday!

Lackluster Eating

It’s amazing how our eating habits change over time, isn’t it? Most of them for the better! Though I do miss that carefree child consumption, guided by nothing more than taste buds and enjoyment. Calories, carbs, nutrients…what were those? All we wanted to do was eat food that tasted good. These days there is so much more thought, so many more stipulations that come along with eating a meal. Better for the body, (arguably) yes, but better for the mind? Not on some (or many) days.

Sometimes I just want to order the darn chicken fingers (with plum sauce!) without a second thought. Or a side salad.

Oh, the food ‘tude…


Case in point:

My smoothies have been a little lackluster lately. And not just because of their lovely hue.





So what do I do? Drink them down anyway. They’re good for me, right? All those greens…


Except then I’m scrounging for more (better tasting) food for the rest of the day.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy smoothies and they’re typically what I’ve been craving in the mornings lately. I guess I’m just not into my typical method anymore.


Barley grass powder, loads of spinach, a mostly chilled tea base… meh.

The last of my Green Magma ran out yesterday. Along with the last of my spinach…good riddance?


So today, my smoothie got a makeover. How much more luster-filled is this one?


Taste-wise…okay so it was still pretty meh. Too much tea, not enough almond milk, just watery and flavourless in general. I’m thinking bananas need to be re-introduced to smoothie time.

Handfuls of Kashi Honey Sunshine made things a little brighter though. Who doesn’t like crunchy bite-size tastes of french toast with their breakfast?



Some people like their smoothies with an all milk/almond milk base. I’ve done that in the past and found those too rich in the morning. Then again, it may have been a protein powder I was using in the past that was overkill. Either way, I’ve been going the mostly chilled tea route. I think more almond milk needs to make its way into my beverages.

Since I just discovered that Costco now carries a 6-pack of unsweetened Almond Breeze, this shouldn’t be an issue.



My other meals have been lackluster too.

I’ve been eating a bum ton of vegetables because – it’s hot. And it’s skin-revealing season. Whaddup.

Except that all those less-than-exciting vegetable meals leave me cramming in bread and cereal hour by the hour.




Hey Spinach, you better spice things up or we’re done.




I still LIKE my veggies. Just like I still LIKE my smoothies. But they might need to stop being the main focus of all my meals for a little bit. I rarely leave a meal feeling mentally satisfied lately.

Probably because I’m not doing much of anything to these veggies either. Chop, dress, chomp. Easy but boring. Where’s the creativity in that?


Now here’s a good way to eat your veggies.





Or rolled up in SUSHI (the most satisfying dinner I’ve had in days. Sushi never goes out of style).


Or maybe just hide a few in a salsa-stuffed and hummus-slathered omelette alongside some mac & cheese (boxed style!) and zucchini slices.



Or, you know, just forget about the veggies all together and eat your weight in:



Fish balls (found these gems at a local Asian supermarket. So good!)


Peanut Butter Frozen Hot Chocolate.


Chocolate-y overnight oats.



Chocolate-y cookies (even if they’re slightly burnt).



OR just go do something extra luster-filled to compensate for the lackluster meals.

Like swimming (or cliff-jumping if you’re lucky enough to have one nearby)


Buying summer dresses.


Washing some (very dirty) cars.




Luster-filled and fabulous.


Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s almost time to get my sweat on and hopefully enjoy some extra delicious lunch later on.


What are your favourite summery meals and eats?
The hot days leave me craving quick, simple and light meals filled with fruits and veggies, but I’m getting bored with my basics. I need to figure out how to spruce them up a bit!

Bunny Spawn and Green Sludge

I am not going to talk about the Royal Wedding. I’m sure there’s plenty too much talk about it already.

And I only watched a few snippets of it.

And I only did that because for some complete unknown reason I happened to wake up at 6:20 am and couldn’t for the life of me fall back to sleep. I had absolutely no need to be awake that early. Apparently that darn Royal family has so much power that they’re able to drag me out of bed even when I am virtually indifferent to the kerfuffle in the first place.


So despite my intentions, I sort of took interest in this morning’s “historical moment”. It was…formal. But cute. And her dress WAS pretty lovely.


Oops. I started talking about it after all. CUT.


To other lovely things this week:

Like fresh flowers with breakfast.


And grand amounts of chocolate bunny spawn…


Aka Cream Eggs.


Best consumed with coffee.


Seriously. BEST with coffee. Chocolate + Coffee = perfect love match.



I also successfully made it through a week of drinking green sludge every single morning for breakfast.

Okay fine, it was actually only four days since I started on Tuesday. Monday was still Easter time. And I wanted bread with leftover Easter chicken and cheddar. Rolled with it.


But by Tuesday I was right into the green sludge. And by green sludge I mean delicious smoothies with spinach. It was hardly suffering. Except visually. These aren’t that pretty.

The first two were mocha-style. Cocoa powder and instant coffee do not one vibrant smoothie make.



We eventually got prettier when mango and strawberry protein powder were used.


Then we got uglier again when cocoa powder and chocolate instead of strawberry protein powder got added back into the mix. If you think you like banana in your smoothies though, try frozen mango.
Best one of the week: 1/2 cup water, 1/2 cup almond milk, cocoa powder, chocolate protein powder, frozen mango, ice, spinach, dash of cinnamon, dash of barley grass powder, and the gums.


I know, four mornings of smoothies in a row, I’m so hardcore right?

I was really just aiming to set out some structure to my breakfasts since they’ve been pretty all over the place lately. I wanted to see if I could follow through with the same(ish) breakfast every day. It kind of worked. I’m looking forward to some chew again tomorrow though. Hellooooo oatmeal.


Aside from smoothies there was plenty more chocolate.


A lot of studying…and study snacking.


Pumpkin, yogurt, frozen berries, random cereal, random crumbles of whatever else is dug out of the depths of the fridge & freezer…solid snack I’d say.


There were some veg somewhere in there too.

Sometimes with falafel balls added in.


And sometimes dipped in delicious mixes of barbecue sauce and mustard. Don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it.


How about some microwaved sweet tater with sour cream, salsa and feta?


Or a giant bottle of liquid chemicals?


Not gonna lie, I used to drink these a lot. And not really care. I don’t very often anymore but I bought one today out of thirst and…they’re cheap. Like a whole litre of fizzy sweet sparkling beverage for half the price of half the amount of a normal diet pop. And I needed a big bottle for big water refills later. So I bought this. And downed it all in not much more than an hour.

1 hour, 1L of pure chemicals. This time I felt a little guilty about it. I’m no food saint and I have nothing against the occasional diet pop. But I feel like this is a diet pop on crack.


That was hours ago though. I’m still alive. I think we’re good to go. But next time maybe I’ll just buy plain water. Or just not chug a whole litre of this stuff in one sitting? Hmph.


And on the topic of finishing things… I also finished that whole university thing. I had my last two exams ever of undergrad this week. Yikes? Where to go from here? Perhaps more on that one a bit later.

But for now… a granny-esque Friday night bed time pour moi. I lost all semblance of a social life this past month…heck this past TERM. So I’m banished to nothing more than blogging and sleeping tonight. Anybody out there? Life? Come back?


Back briefly to the topic of the day week month… were YOU all up on the Royal Wedding hype? What did you think?