Festivus Turkeyvus

This weekend marked the pass of another lovely Canadian Thanksgiving and Oktoberfesting holiday. Four relaxing days filled with family, gorgeous weather, beer and your typical turkey and stuffing feast.

I regrettably can’t say I took any photos of the feasting, or the festing.

Is it crazy to say that, with the #Instagram #trending#phase, it seems as though #pointandshoots #reallifecameras#digitalphotography are becoming obsolete?! Okay, maybe not obsolete, but I feel practically ancient whenever I pull out my non cellphone camera.

Clearly I need a cell phone upgrade.

Side note over. Everyone knows what a turkey looks like anyway, right?Turkey-Platter-Center-Cookie

[Photo from here. How cute are these!]

I can show you some of the vibrant sunflowers present for decoration.IMG_3704

can show you the type of sheer joy that Oktoberfest evokes. 1375971_751335011558788_808662955_nAnd I can say that, although there have been some years past in which this holiday hasn’t ended up being quite as lovely as I would have hoped, THIS year was a flawless treat. Made going back to the grind this morning extra tough! And also reinforced how thankful I am to have such a wonderful family :).

While I didn’t manage to have anything turkey dinner inspired to show, I do have a few other funky eats from recent days worth noting. 

The computer tech guy at work brought steamed pork and shrimp buns to share with us one Saturday afternoon, and tried to overload my stomach with these greasy, chewy pillows. He succeeded. So many delicious steamed buns were had that day.


The next weekend, I stuck to a salad. Chicken and berries complements of the grocery store produce section.IMG_2199

I’ve also been experimenting with some eggplantIMG_3503We have some Babaganooch dip, which I hate to say I’m not sure where the recipe came from (I had it jotted down in a note in my documents), but is essentially a Baba ganoush recipe with a “cheesy” twist from the addition of nutritional yeast.


And then we have some baba ghanoush SOUP (prepped and frozen to reheat on a rainy musthavesoupnow kinda day) from Eat, Live, Run. Get it HERE.


Or how about a giant pan of pearl barley, lentils, chickpeas, onion, zucchini and cherry tomatoes, simmered in vegetable broth? Simple, bland according to my family, but delicious according to me. Guess we know who’s eating these leftovers for lunches!


Naturally I’m now buying squash at every grocery trip. Feast your eyes on this perfectly dry, crumbly specimen. They seem to be really hit and miss for me (not a fan of the mushy, watery ones) but this one below is exactly what I was aiming for.


Even though the oven has been getting a good workout, there’s still enough warmth left in the air to keep the green smoothies in regular rotation.




As long as they’re paired with hot, black coffee, of course.

That being said, their status has been slowly bumped down from daily staple, and oatmeal is starting to make an appearance. The fact that I ran out protein powder probably had something to do with this as well.


And one final food winner of the week? These sweet & salty popchips. I waited patiently enough to spot these in stores, and nabbed them at first sight. Worth it. 


And there we have it – Some noteworthy eats, an especially noteworthy holiday weekend… and a shortened week ahead. Woop!

Happy (belated) (Canadian) Thanksgiving!


2 thoughts on “Festivus Turkeyvus

  1. OH I am so glad you left me a comment! So I could come over here and see your awesomeness :) That grain/bean thang looks phenom I need to make it! <3<3<3 you

    • Hey you!! I rarely do the blogging thing these days… and that includes blog commenting (fail) but I’m still ALWAYS always reading yours! And still loving every bit of it. So impressed with everything you have going on lately. Especially the Advocare biz…WHAT a transformation, Lady! They seriously *need *to jump on the Canadian market asap. Though I’m sure it gets complicated with across border supplement stuff. Hopefully they can figure something out for us one of these days though, it sounds like a seriously impressive program!

      Anyway, THANK YOU for jumping over and commenting. I was so excited to see one from you! I’m so glad you’re doing well and I’ll still be reading as always… and try to comment more often too ;) xo!

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