Food Hog Backlog

Several weeks and several thousands of bites later, I have a photo or twenty that finally feel like making their way out into the open. I figured I’d help them along.

You know that whole Quest bar trend, and how everyone says they’re “omgbestbaryou’llevereatever!”?

Maybe not the best idea to buy an on sale, almost expired Quest bar online as your first attempt at jumping on that bandwagon. I nearly chipped two molars. These bars do not hold up well stale.

IMG_3725(For the record, I’ve tried a fresher variety with much better results, though not totally sold on their holy grail-ness just yet.)

This Perfect Fit Protein bar was also a new try, luckily with some easy on the teeth results. Tastes a lot like a chocolate chip Larabar.


Visible chocolate chips right in there, I’m sold.


I’ve had a few Greek salads this past month, a hardcore Kristie favourite, clearly. Minus the olives. ALWAYS minus the olives. Yet I still try to eat one every.single.time. Why? Apparently after a certain number of tries, you can learn to like a food. I’ve tried olives many many times. If it hasn’t happened by now, it ain’t gonna happen. 


Salads (non-Greek) that include pictures before I demolished them:




Sauteed kale, runny egg and squash with…. blackcurrant dijon mustard? What don’t they put in mustard these days?IMG_2295

Everything’s better with Greek yogurt.… except my skin. I’ve noticed a direct correlation between the state of my breakouts and the amount of yogurt I’m eating. That and throat clearing. Yep, I’m that annoying “ehem hem, HEM cough hem” person. Unfortunately this means I don’t buy it all that much anymore. Yet I still manage to crave it every day. EVERY day. Geez dairy, why you gotta be so mean?

IMG_3759IMG_3764 IMG_2303

Whey protein in smoothies seems to be hit or miss. Sometimes it destroys my stomach, sometimes it’s just dandy. So I still frequently experiment with different kinds/brands etc.

I ordered a few tasty protein samples online to try from (Still working through them).

IMG_3767 IMG_3777

I also heard great things about this North Coast Naturals Whey Protein Isolate so I’ve been having that in my breakfast smoothies a lot lately. Big fan of this one and it seems to be just fine on my stomach so we’re looking at a repeat purchase from this brand.

IMG_3793 IMG_3815

There was also a time, a couple weeks ago, when I ate only fruit for a few days (in this case, tomatoes + avocados = fruit).

IMG_2324 IMG_2344

Felt nice and clean at that particular moment, but ultimately didn’t do much for me other than make me eat my weight in peanut butter and pumpkin-shaped cheeseballs mere days later.

Banana Granola Peanut Butter? Come on, Kraft, you’re killing me. No one person needs to consume this much peanut butter in two days (it almost happened). I’ve currently enabled a temporary peanut butter ban. It hurts, but so does sitting in can’tbreathtight jeans all day. And I apparently have no self-control.  Cold turkey it is!

IMG_3804 IMG_3799

And yes I did make a cheeseball in the shape of a pumpkin on a spider webbed plate for Halloween. Oh you fancy huh.


And now I’m working at home alongside the scents of Cider Lane while trying to stay warm in my freezing cold household and contemplating how realistic it would be to attempt a sugar cut down right before the holiday season. My sweet tooth is taking over my sanity. It’s getting bad. Like “I just ate stale marshmallows and don’t even like marshmallows” bad. Whomp whomp.


At least it’s Friday!


In the Laptop Market

I have a computer question!

So my laptop…is junk. I’ve been using the same HP Pavilion laptop for the last 4 years, aka the duration of my university career, and the old geezer is suffering. It can hardly handle running anything, especially multiple programs at a time. And being the ultimate multitasker that I am, I always have at least 5-10 tabs and 3-5 programs running at a time. Yeah, not wise for a computer that can hardly handle running two. But whatever. I suffer the consequences by waiting two minutes for one thing to load and having it freeze on me daily. Plus it has near zero battery life so it’s useless to bring to class. Or anywhere for that matter.

I’m pretty ready for something new.

So: What kind of laptop do you have? Give me the deats! Is it old, new, fast, slow? What do you like/dislike about  it?

And more precisely: Do you have a Mac? How do you feel about Macs versus PCs?
I’ve always been a PC gal but I’m very seriously and mostly leaning towards a Mac. In any given class, out of all the laptops I see being used, I’d say 75-90% of them are Macs. That speaks volumes to me. I want the power!

So please give me your laptop deats! It would be a huge help.


And so this isn’t all techy-related word garble, here are some foods that have been rocking my taste buds lately.

My new Greek Yogurt discoveries all over the place.

Such as mixing it in with oats to harden into oat-like past overnight


Or as a fruit topper.


Finishing up the last bits of my jar of coconut butter. I have a feeling it’s going to be a while before I buy another jar of that edible white gold. Though I may have to attempt the homemade version next!


A little bit of Wheat Berry and Bean Salad without the wheat berries.


A sad attempt at Lauren’s Gluten Free Coconut Muffins that turned into muffin crumbles. This was NOT the fault of the recipe but entirely my own since I didn’t have several of the ingredients on hand and decided to mess around with a bunch of substitutes. Clearly that didn’t work so well. I recommend trying the original recipe though since these were thumbs up in the flavour department. But they probably stay together better if you don’t make sad substitutes. Sorry for making a mess of your recipe, Lauren! Hah whoops.


Chocolate Vitatops with plain yogurt and strawberries. I’m almost out of these too. One lonely one left. I may need another Costco stock-up trip soon.


Miscellaneous Veggie Platters






The orange stuff on the bread = McLaren’s Imperial Sharp Cheddar. Apparently it’s a Canadian thing but my gosh is it ever good. One of my favourite breakfasts years ago used to be a toasted english muffin with imperial cheddar on top. Ugh now I’m seriously craving one.

Egg and fruit plates are always a nice way to start the morning. Microwaved egg whites with ketchup + grapefruit slices + orange slices + hot tea + Martha Steward mag. I feel like I’m a 40 year old woman based on this picture.


And last but FAR from least… Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Dessert Hummus. If you haven’t made this yet, get out your food processor RIGHT NOW. I made half the recipe, didn’t even add chocolate chips and only used half the amount of maple syrup and this was still to die for. Holy Moly.



I’m going to leave it at that since I’m now starving and in desperate need of some breakfast!

Please don’t forget to give me some laptop info! Happy Wednesday!


Whoa. I might be behind the times but I just downloaded the newest version of Windows Live Writer. Not used to this but I dig it! Very Microsoft Wordesque… and it looks quite a bit easier to use? Not that the other one wasn’t pretty darn straightforward as it was but you know. I’m digging the big menu. And the fact that you can change the font size right off the menu. That always bugged me on the old one.


Anyway, this week has been major nose to the books. I had my first school-related breakdown this week. Here they come… dun dun dun.

But I don’t wanna talk about it. Cause it’s the weekend. TGIF!

Instead I’d rather talk about the lovely loaded bowl of oat bran I had this morning:

1/4 cup oat bran, 1/4 cup wheat bran cooked in 1 cup water, splash of almond milk, 1/3 cup pumpkin, cinnamon and stevia. Topped with plain yogurt mixed with sugar free syrup and a swirl of peanut butter.


Or how about the pile of pillowy baked sweet potato fries that I had for dinner last night? Mom’s magic work! Tossed in olive oil and a variety of seasonings (I know there were red pepper flakes in the mix) and – the secretbaking them right at the top of the oven. Apparently this is the best way to do it. Judging by the taste and texture, I’d have to agree.


I continued the orange saga just now at lunch. Hoorah for leftovers.

Spinach, carrots, green pepper, broccoli stem, zucchini, leftover sweet potato topped with dressing of garlic hummus, honey dijon mustard and red wine vinegar.


Geez. I seriously have nothing to speak for this week. The only time I’ve left the house is to go to class, and then I’ve come right back home again, only to read and eat.

I squeezed in a quick baking session too, shhhh.

Banumpkin Bread!

Just saying it is cute. Banumpkin, Banumpkin.

My alterations:

1/4 cup white sugar, 1/4 cup brown sugar
1/4 cup 1% milk (all I had on hand) + 1 tsp apple cider vinegar (based upon comment recommendation)
Omitted the coconut (just wasn’t feeling it)




Yumpkin, Banumpkin.

What else do we have this week?

We have breakfasts

Overnight oats mixed with the last of my oh so special Greek yogurt and a free sample of Soybutter my brother spotted at the grocery store the other day and immediately pointed out to me. He knows me too well :)


Hot and steamy instant oat packets topped with veggie-filled peanut butter with even hotter and steamier black coffee on the side.



We have nutrients

Spinach and plain tofu filled salad.


Tacoesque salad.


Veggers + plain tofu + plain tofu&mustard&bbq jammed into a hunk of pita – so much tastier than I even imagined. So much so that I made another right after.


Tuna mixed with laughing cow, hummus and worchestire (my new favourite tuna addition!) atop greens.


Slightly nasty several months expired frozen sweet and sour chicken and rice dinner (it was best before in May… it was frozen though, come on, no harm right? erm…) with an orange flavour sauce that was naw good. I ate around the sauciest parts best I could. It was late, I needed quick food. And I really wanted to get rid of this stupid dinner. Mission accomplished.


And we have way way too many procrastination-style snacks that we shall not speak of. The tight pants speak for themselves.


I don’t feel like doing any more school work. That’s okay right, taking a Friday breather? I hate that guilty feeling school gives you when you are spending time not reading or writing and you feel like you really should be…blech.

I do feel like getting out of the house though… and not only to go to class. Methinks some kind of shopping is in order. I honestly don’t think I’ve spent a dime (other than on between-class coffees and teas) in at least a couple weeks. My wallet is itching for some exercise.

Happy Weekend Pumpkins!


Sweet Greek and Cakey Cookies

I’ve long known that Canada has Greek yogurt. What I did not know was that Canada now had Date & Fig Greek yogurt.


I’ve never seen any date and fig flavoured yogurt at all, let alone in GREEK form. So I ever so slightly reluctantly dolled out the wallet busting price that this yogurt container costs at a little health food store around these parts and cracked it open as soon as I got home. It needed a little stirring to get the flavours all mixed it but then it was good to go.

The taste? Very sweet. Unique. Pretty tasty.
Would I buy it again? Honestly probably not. If I’m going to shell out the $$ for Greek yogurt, I prefer the plain. I can flavour that one any way I please. I just had to try this for the novelty though. Seriously, date & fig, that’s pretty cool.

I also picked up some Végépâté per my friend’s suggestion. This tastes like my mom’s turkey gravy…? It’s also unique. In a good way. One and a half thumbs up.
Ingredients = sunflower seeds, white flour, onion, oil, carrots, potatoes, nooch, salt, soy sauce, lemon juice and spices.


My grandparents have been in town visiting. I think they thought I was slightly nuts when they happened to pop in as I was chowing down on a big bowl of raw veggies and plain tofu dunked in mustards and BBQ sauce.


Then again I think they already knew I was nuts so their quizzical stares were short-lived.

It’s probably a good thing they didn’t pop in when I was eating my cold green breakfast oats though. This one would have been a bit more puzzling to describe since I’m probably the only nut case to take a leftover portion of Gena’s Creamy Zucchini Soup, cook oats in it (along with some sugar free maple syrup and a splash of almond milk for sanity’s sake), let them cool overnight and eat them mixed with date & fig greek yogurt and ground flax the next morning. It’s hardly weirder than making spinach or avocado or zucchini oats…hardly.



Carby highlights of the weekend include:

Mixed bowls of cereal, which I was forced to eat when a transformer in our area blew and we were completely out of electricity for 5 hours.


You sure don’t realize how much you rely on electricity until it’s gone for a while. I didn’t know what the heck to do with myself. Other than enjoy big bowls of cereal alongside romantic candle light.


Doughy pretzels. In theory I think I will love these whenever I see them. In actuality, they’re often much too salty. Mustard helps.


Frozen french fries. Blech. If I had my way I would never eat these. But when there is a pan of them sitting on the counter just staring at me with their crinkly little selves, they’re quite hard to just shoo away.


So they get balanced with big plates of veggies.


And even bigger bowls of salad with goat cheese and crumbled veggie burger.


My stomach was ready to burst after this meal.

I was going to continue with the carby trend at breakfast this morning with a big Greek-yogurt topped waffle but I woke up seriously dehydrated and craving nothing more than a giant green smoothie.

Going with the flow, I made it with water, almond milk, frozen banana, half a scoop chocolate protein powder, scoop of chocolate Amazing Grass, spinach and ice. Coffee x2 clearly for warmth only, not for dehydration help.


After some running, arm ripping and ab ripping, I made a lovely salad that was significantly prettier than the one mentioned above.

The pretty salad mix: spinach, cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, plain tofu, balsamic vinaigrette, mustard. Side of 1/2 a pita (less than 1/4 made it to the plate), hummus, salsa.


After doing some blog browsing, seeing Julie’s Two Ingredient Pumpkin Spice Cookies and remembering I had bought a box of carrot cake mix a while back to do exactly this same thing, I ran down to the kitchen and got baking… or mostly just mixing since there sure isn’t much involved in this “baking” process.

Insta-cookies! Carrot pumpkin cake cookie topped with greek fig & date yogurt.


I used half the box of carrot cake mix with 1/2 a giant can of pumpkin, dolloped out 18 cookies (probably could have got 20 if I hadn’t eaten so much “dough”), and baked at 350 for ~15 minutes.

Easiest instant sweet fix ever.


This was all over the place but such is how my days have been. There’s about 3-4 different days in here. Don’t try to make sense of it. Just make pumpkin cake cookies, mmk? :)

Most recent thing you’ve baked?