Reading Week Begins

My Reading Week is finally here. Better start it off right!

No better time than the first day off (FRIDAY) to polish off the last remnants of edible white gold. Adieu Artisana Coconut Butter. It was delicious while it lasted. Until next time… which shall be far off into the future. You’re too rich for my blood.



Wanting to really go all out, I had Harveys for lunch and Sushi for dinner. Eating out 2x in one day? Rebel!


Harvey’s does serve up a mean veggie burger. And sushi is just always the right idea. Even if you forget to take pictures of it all and have to score the internet for some that are much prettier than the food you actually ate anyway.

Friday night was saved for movie watching. The real celebrating was saved for the weekend.


Saturday morning overnight oats in a cantaloupe bowl? Don’t mind if I do.
Instant oats + pumpkin + berry greek yogurt + cinnamon + soy butter on top.



Saturday day I did the work thing.
Saturday evening was a very belated Xmas work dinner. We eat at the same restaurant every year.
Bread Basket + Bruschetta + Grilled Lemon Chicken Breast and Greek Salad = one memorable meal.



Not memorable enough to take my own pictures though apparently. Doh. Thanks Google.

With a belly full of eats I headed home, repaired my melting makeup and went out for a bar night. Long overdue with that school thing getting in the way. It was grand.


So grand that I did it again the next night. Same bar, same drinks. Different people, different music. Saturday night = dance music. Sunday night = Retro! Both equally awesome and equally dance-inducing.

Who needs sleep.

Well by Monday night I sure did. I slept a total of ~8 hours over the course of the entire weekend. I am completely incapable of sleeping in no matter WHAT time I go to bed the night (or morning…) before. So yesterday (Monday) was completely lazy in the best of ways.

I watched movies. This one is adorable.


I baked squash for lunch. Which doesn’t happen nearly often enough this term since I often don’t have the hour it takes to wait for a squash to roast in between classes. Look at that dry, crumbly squash perfection though. Just how I like em!


I had spaghetti  (or uhh rotini?) and meatballs for dinner. The ultimate comfort meal. And since Monday was not only a Reading Week day off but also the “Family Day” holiday, this was a pretty appropriate fam jam kinda meal too.


And then after doing a tiny bit of textbook reading (I’m trying not to be a complete slacker, I’d say 5 pages is pretty hardcore for the beginning of reading week), I was in bed. Lights off by 10:30 thank you very much. I think that’s the earliest I’ve gone to bed in at least a year.

And now I finally feel alive again.

But it’s already Tuesday. Okay, I should say it’s only Tuesday. But I feel like it’s going so fast that tomorrow is actually going to be Friday. Slow down Reading Week!


Another thing I’ve done a lot of this start of Reading Week?

Eat grapefruit.






This isn’t important whatsoever, I just thought it was weird. Seriously. What’s with the grapefruit? I don’t mind it but I’m not even the biggest grapefruit fan. I guess it was just there and seemed like good breakfast accompaniment. My cholesterol levels must be just bangin’ this week.


Tuna too, but it didn’t get as much picture action.


What about veggies? Yeeeeah a few of those happened.

With crumbled veggie burgers and roasted red pepper dip.




Or clean and simple.


Now I’d better go try to utilize my precious remaining Reading Week time before it disappears into thin air. Now how should I do that… with some Reading? If it’s a textbook, not today!


Even if you’re not partying it up with a Reading Week right now, I’m pretty sure a lot of us got to enjoy a nice long weekend this weekend so
What did you do with your extra day?
Travel anywhere, relax, get all those looming chores done? I’m a little jealous of all the people that took off to those hot and sunny vacation destinations. I could use a little more Vit D…and a lot more colour. Hey Casper. I’m thinking some sunless tanner might be in order…


15 thoughts on “Reading Week Begins

  1. oats in a cantelope bowl?! I THINK i m in love with that idea.. how refreshing!… i didnt get a long weekend :(.. but i guess its pretty obvious that presidents day doesnt apply to England- hah!

    • Yeah the cantaloupe bowl thing is usually more of a summer dish but my mom decided to buy one randomly so I went with it. Mmm. Bummer about the no long weekend! Though at least there’s still two days of freedom in there :)

  2. LOVE the cantalope bowl ‘o oats! And the baked squash is how I like it too. I’m a little obsessed so I’ll eat it any way it’s cooked, actually.
    And what is in that tuna wrap? It looks delicious!
    Squashified salad. Love that!

    I desperately need a tan, too…

    • I mixed the tuna with a laughing cow wedge, a spoonful of hummus, a squirt of lemon and some worcestershire sauce, then wrapped it with mixed greens and black pepper!

  3. I’ve been craving grapefruits for a week now. And to see the picture just made me crave it even more. I may go the the grocery store sooner that i expected!
    And i loved Life as we know it :) So cutzie!!

  4. I just saw the movie Life As We Know It last weekend – it was so funny and cute! LOVED IT!

    And oatmeal in a melon?! PURE GENIUS!!! What an amazinggggggg idea :) :)

  5. hahaha some weeks tuna + eggs and food out is all i know how to do haha so you and me will get getting a one way ticket to cholesterol heaven! <—probably a dream haha

  6. So many things to say…
    1. I reread your post like 3 times and I STILL dont know what reading week is?! Do you just mean tons of reading for school? In which case… me too.
    2. You like that your kabocha gets dry when you bake it and I hateee it! That is exactly why I will not buy kabocha. Funny.
    3. I like that you went to the same bar over and over again but with different people! I do the same thing. Only not because I want to. Because Davis only has 1 bar.
    (Okay it has 1 or 2 more, but only 1 bar that anyone actually goes to.)
    4. With my extra day I studied for biochem midterm for 11 hours. Ew.

    • 1. Hahaha whoops. Reading Week = Spring Break?! Except I’m not in Cuba or Mexico or Miami…No classes all week though, I’ll take it! 2. Yeah I dunno what it is but I’m all about the dry crumbly squash thing. It’s my fav :) 3. You guys sound like you have quite the hoppin bar scene haha. We have a decent number, I’m just not much of a fan of most of them. The one I go to the most is 2.25 drinks always… can’t beat it. Though it does have a particular stench you have to get past…luckily I’m immune to it now haha. 4. Ouch. Gotta love profs that put midterms right after a long weekend. Rude!

  7. What bar is that? (You can email me the name if you prefer) :)

    That is one movie I want to see. Looks like it was pretty funny. Maybe I’ll find the time this weekend.

    Did you find that your coconut butter got really hard once it got cold? I can not get mine to melt no matter what!

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