Grouch-Fading Gems

First Off: I survived my coffee-free week without a hitch and since the weekend hit I’ve had only two half cups of coffee. I think I’m going to continue this trend of keeping tea as my main hot beverage and coffee on the less-than-reg. Until I get bored of waiting for the tea kettle. Coffee is usually more convenient because the pot is always just sitting there, brewed and ready to go (Thanks Mom). So I may not be able to ignore that rich black brew in the corner all the time. But I’ve been doing well at averting my eyes this week, no blinders needed.

This was my first half cup of the weekend. Coffee + carrot cake. It was a necessary (and incredible) combo. And just for your future knowledge, Costco makes an insanely good carrot cake (that would be the one in the picture). If you ever need to buy a carrot cake… you know where to go.





The Grouch: I wasn’t going to blog tonight because, to be honest, this weekend has been pretty disappointing in a few ways and though I’m doing my best not to let small, irrelevant things get to me and especially not to complain about them… they have and I’m feeling kinda crummy and let down left, right and centre. So I’m just going with it instead of pushing it away. I know tomorrow’s a new day and a new week so I’m going to revel in my ‘leave me alone’ mood tonight and let it go just in time for Love Day tomorrow…or in that case I might end up extra grouchy. We’ll find out in the morning!

So instead of sparing you my grouchiness, I’m choosing to throw it out there and then match it with a few small gems of the weekend, the things I can count on and that help to fade the grouchies.


Weekend Gems

My Family – They listen to my rants and rambles and put up with my grouching and they still talk to me. They even get me flowers! (Thanks Dad)


Costco – I never fail to be excited coming home with a Costco haul. But Friday’s had to be one of the most exciting yet because my Costco here finally has… GREEK YOGURT!


The Products = Frozen raspberries, Kirkland Signature by Nature’s Path Organic Ancient Grains Granola with Almonds (I’ve been keeping my eye out for this one after seeing it popping up everywhere in blogland. Yes!), Liberte Greek Yogourt 0% plain 2-pack, Liberte Greek Yogourt 0% 12-pack flavoured (blueberry, strawberry, mulberry), canned tuna 6-pack, Fontaine Sante hummus 2-pack (my favourite)


The Produce = blueberries, spinach, baby carrots, bananas, cucumbers, snap peas, cherry tomatoes (Costco has the best cherry tomatoes)

The Greek yogurt in action:



Sushi – It may be from the grocery store but it’s still gold.


Valentine’s Themed Goodies <3 Like Lovified Peanut Butter Pretzel Bites.



I followed the recipe except for the addition of red food colouring to the filling and a heart candy topper.


Hair Curls – Hair flat, greasy or just generally uncooperative? Hide the mop with a few curls and you’re good to go. Or you could go the ‘I’m hiding the fact that my hair looks like crap behind a ridiculously large grin’ route, it’s faster and easier on your locks. I chose the curling iron.

051 - Copy (2)


Fresh Journals – Especially if they have cushy covers and silver-edged pages. There’s something so satisfying about flipping through a brand new notebook. Perfect for jotting down and getting rid of all those crummy thoughts in your head. And even better for the cheery ones.




I’m feeling a little better already. I think the rockin’ tunes going on on the Grammy’s behind me are helping too. That and watching my lovely Valentine Red nails typing on the keys. Simple pleasures.

Happy (early) Valentine’s Day <3
Any special plans with significant others, or even friends or the fam jam? Tell me how you’re spreading your love tomorrow so I can live vicariously through you while sitting in class all evening learning about health psychology. Holla!



35 thoughts on “Grouch-Fading Gems

  1. that is a mega costco haul! LOVE IT.. and i LOVE costco’s cinnamon,, which i just blogged about haha… wow you are hardcore with coffee black! i cant take the bitter taste!! oh and w iv got major grouchies at the moment.,,,!

  2. I’m sorry the weekend was meh. Sometimes there are those days and there’s not a whole lot we can do about it but get back on track tomorrow. It sounds like you’ve got your game face on and I love that attitude!

    I adore Costco and the family as well…okay, maybe not in that order but they both have special places in my heart.

    And I’m totally a fan of the curl-and-go method. I do the same thing when my hair needs a little “jujhing”!

  3. Awwwwwwww sorry you were in a grouchy mood, I get in those too, my fiance knows when I do to stay away! lol!

    So sweet your dad got you flowers ; )

    I have never been to a costco, I dont know if we have one here, but heard great things about that place ; )

    Happy Valentines Day! xoxo

  4. Im sorry your weekend wasnt so great – but this week is a new week and it will be much better! Andddd on the bright side, YOU are gorgeous and you have some delicious food goin’ on.

  5. You’Re lucky that your costco got flavored greek yogourt:O I live in Canada too and last time I checked they only had the plain one. Not that I don’t like plain but i preferer flavored. And blueberry :O I never saw that kind! ahhh luckyy you! I’ll stick to vanilla for now !

  6. When I’m feeling less-than-ecstatic with life, writing helps a lot. Blogging or journaling, just getting it out there is key. :)

    Coffee + Dessert = Who needs a Valentine with this combo! YUM. Seriously, yum. Carrot cake and I need a date soon…

  7. I wonder if our Costco’s are selling that single serving Liberte and the granola? I haven’t had a chance to go with my mom in forever, so I never get to browse the new items. Hmmm.

    • I hadn’t been in a while either. I’m guessing they got to our Costco pretty recently. The stash of flavoured yogurts was really low! You should try to get there asap, you just might have them in now!

  8. I’m so jealous that your fingernails always look pretty and polished. I am sooo lazy in that department, but always love it when I take the time to do them.

  9. good job on giving up the coffee! i drink a cup most every morning but i have this weird caffeine intolerance where coffee and soda and tea do absolutely zero to my energy levels. so when i stop drinking coffee, there’s no negative side effect, but at the same time, i can never drink it for a little boost! i just love the taste. well, the taste of my flavored coffee with flavored creamer and flavored sugar free syrups that is… ;)

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  11. Here in Edmonton we’ve had the plain Liberte two pack for several months, but we’ve never had the 12 pack of fruity Greek yogurt! So jealous. I will literally be dreaming of finding it at my Costco. It wasn’t there a couple weeks ago but I’m due for another trip in a week or so. Hopefully it does come here eventually…or maybe next time I’m there I will just ask to talk to someone who can get it ordered. I’m a huge Costco addict even though I live alone. Now if only they start stocking the Sabra spinach and artichoke or pine nut hummus again (instead of just the red pepper one!)

    • We have the fruity greek yogurt in Edmonton! I hadn’t been to costco in a couple weeks and I went today and it was there. I asked for them to bring it in and they finally did! I was so happy. I can’t wait to try it. They brought back the spinach and artichoke hummus back a while ago too.

  12. OMGOMGOMGOMG!! I hope you don’t mind me looking at one of your older posts – but thank god I did.
    I had no idea they started selling Liberte in Costco!!! Haven’t been to Costco fora while, I.
    I’m going right this week. Wait for me, Costco!!

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