Fun Facts Friday

A little while ago Allison passed along the One Lovely Blog Award to me.


Thanks Gal!

So since it’s Friday (and I have a thing for alliterations), it seems like the perfect time to honour this with:


Fun Facts Friday

But instead of all 7 facts specifically about moi, here’s 7 random tidbits of the moment that are connected to me in some way, shape, or form.


1. The seeds of morning glories contain the psychoactive alkaloid d-lysergic acid amide that can be modified into LSD. Taken in large doses, they act as serotonin-like hallucinogens that can induce religious/spiritual experiences


(Right now I’m studying for my psychology Drugs & Behaviour exam on Monday. Anything you could ever want to know about drugs…I learned in this class. I feel a little too informed)


2. As if you’re not pumped up enough for summer already, this prescription will make you fall asleep dreaming about beaches, sandals, and sunshine.


This also happens to come from one of my favourite pep-me-up sites. Miss Gala Darling has such a zest for life.


3. The best breakfast accompaniment? Natural sunlight.



And if you look closely, that would be two different mornings of breakfast sitting atop the exact same magazine page. Guess I didn’t make any progress with that magazine these past couple days.

[#1 = chopped apple + strawberries, Corn Bran cereal + puffed rice, plain yogurt]
[#2 = overnight oats: oats, banana, almond milk, chocolate Amazing Grass, crumbled muffin, peanut flour paste a la Julie]


4. The second best breakfast accompaniment, especially on Fridays? Flyers. Am I the only dork that gets excited to read the newest flyers with breakfast at the end of every week? They’re always virtually the same and yet I always look through them. You never know when some spectacular deal just might pop up (ehemconsumerwhoreehem).



5. I could run for hours listening to this song – It will make you sweat.


6. Speaking of sweating…a sweat session, a shower and a spot of makeup are key ingredients in my daily sanity. Without them, I suffer.




7. Yes I am in fact 23, even though half the time I look 17. I still get excited on the rare instances when I don’t get ID’d.



I’m sure everyone and their mother has featured 7 fun-filled facts about themselves by now but if you haven’t, please do it up!

And with that,

Whaddup Weekend! Have a good one!


Spring is Springing + Reading Week Recap

It’s March 1st! Which means it’s automatically Spring in my mind. Now if only this snow would take a hike we’d be well on our way. It’s bright and sunny and not completely freezing today though so we’re off to a good start – end weather report.


End of February also = end of Reading Week. I just got back to the grind this week after a lovely but much too speedy week of rest last week. Or what should have been a week of rest but consisted of a week of mostly late nights and ridiculously early mornings. I’m glad to know my internal alarm clock is still unbelievably reliable even on my holidays…

Nothing too out of the ordinary went down during my time off:
Throughout the week: A little bit of studying
Tuesday: A break up consoling party – not mine! That of a poor confused friend. New relationship. Guy ends it. We have some gals together for ranting time, music, pizza and chocolate fondue. She wakes up the next morning to a text from him saying he made a mistake. Oh boys.
Wednesday: Girl movie night
Thursday: Get dressed up and go out dancing night
Friday: Day at work.
Saturday: Uh oh, Reading Week is already almost over?! Time to crack down on the studying all day day. Another friend movie night.
Sunday: Uh oh, Reading Week is REALLY already almost over?! Studying = ALL day.

It was no hot and sunny beach but it was a welcome break from classes and constant school work.


And as per always, there were plenty of “interesting” eats going down during Reading Week:

This jar of The Bee’s Knees saw it’s final end…


…in THESE healthified “blondies”. I’m not even going to try telling you what I put into them because they were less than award winning. The carob chips were their only saving grace.


Some of my salads got “popcorned


I soggied up some wraps with egg whites, salsa, Laughing cow and Frank’s.


Most of my sweet treats have been random stuff bowls – usually a yogurt base with fruit and whatever extra sweet thang I can find kicking around – like candy-coated almonds or hunks of dark chocolate.


Or crumbled muffins/whatever baked good I pull out of the freezer.



On another dessert note, after the great success of the peanut butter dessert hummus (which will now be made on the regular, guaranteed), I obviously had to try out Lauren’s black bean version too. Dessert is just sailing on whole new seas.


Since Lauren is pretty much an expert in the kitchen, I had to try out her Zesty Kale Chips too. I may have burnt them just a tad…doh. But the flavour… BOMB. I ate at least 1/3 of them before even sticking them in the oven.


Reading Week also called for a very special breakfast: My last Vitatop with the last bits of a plain Greek yogurt container with the last of my peanut butter dessert hummus + frozen raspberries (I have a TON of those left). Costco needs a visit from me.


I still have a couple containers of fruity Greek yogurt left over from my Costco stash. Yogurt-topped bowl of pumpkin oats and wheat bran anyone?



I’ve been a Multigrain Cheerio monster lately.

As a smoothie topper.


Or topped with Chocolate Amazing Grass. Don’t worry, I didn’t eat this DRY. Choco almond milk added post-pic for reduced sog effect :)


And a hummus monster as well. But that’s kind of an always thing. Hummus = BEST salad topper.


Second best might just be…


Ooey gooey runny eggs!



So that was Reading Week: The Quick and Hungry Version.

And now that it’s over and I’m back to the grind… it’s also time to get back to the studying. One (tough and stressful) midterm Thursday, then three more next Monday->Wednesday. Woo.

Luckily it’s MARCH and I love new month beginnings. Especially new ones that basically mark the end of winter.


What are you most looking forward to this month?
Aside from the warming temperatures and later, sunnier days, I’m thinking my birthday! It’s not until the end but that means I get something to look forward to for the whole month :)

Happy March!

In the Laptop Market

I have a computer question!

So my laptop…is junk. I’ve been using the same HP Pavilion laptop for the last 4 years, aka the duration of my university career, and the old geezer is suffering. It can hardly handle running anything, especially multiple programs at a time. And being the ultimate multitasker that I am, I always have at least 5-10 tabs and 3-5 programs running at a time. Yeah, not wise for a computer that can hardly handle running two. But whatever. I suffer the consequences by waiting two minutes for one thing to load and having it freeze on me daily. Plus it has near zero battery life so it’s useless to bring to class. Or anywhere for that matter.

I’m pretty ready for something new.

So: What kind of laptop do you have? Give me the deats! Is it old, new, fast, slow? What do you like/dislike about  it?

And more precisely: Do you have a Mac? How do you feel about Macs versus PCs?
I’ve always been a PC gal but I’m very seriously and mostly leaning towards a Mac. In any given class, out of all the laptops I see being used, I’d say 75-90% of them are Macs. That speaks volumes to me. I want the power!

So please give me your laptop deats! It would be a huge help.


And so this isn’t all techy-related word garble, here are some foods that have been rocking my taste buds lately.

My new Greek Yogurt discoveries all over the place.

Such as mixing it in with oats to harden into oat-like past overnight


Or as a fruit topper.


Finishing up the last bits of my jar of coconut butter. I have a feeling it’s going to be a while before I buy another jar of that edible white gold. Though I may have to attempt the homemade version next!


A little bit of Wheat Berry and Bean Salad without the wheat berries.


A sad attempt at Lauren’s Gluten Free Coconut Muffins that turned into muffin crumbles. This was NOT the fault of the recipe but entirely my own since I didn’t have several of the ingredients on hand and decided to mess around with a bunch of substitutes. Clearly that didn’t work so well. I recommend trying the original recipe though since these were thumbs up in the flavour department. But they probably stay together better if you don’t make sad substitutes. Sorry for making a mess of your recipe, Lauren! Hah whoops.


Chocolate Vitatops with plain yogurt and strawberries. I’m almost out of these too. One lonely one left. I may need another Costco stock-up trip soon.


Miscellaneous Veggie Platters






The orange stuff on the bread = McLaren’s Imperial Sharp Cheddar. Apparently it’s a Canadian thing but my gosh is it ever good. One of my favourite breakfasts years ago used to be a toasted english muffin with imperial cheddar on top. Ugh now I’m seriously craving one.

Egg and fruit plates are always a nice way to start the morning. Microwaved egg whites with ketchup + grapefruit slices + orange slices + hot tea + Martha Steward mag. I feel like I’m a 40 year old woman based on this picture.


And last but FAR from least… Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Dessert Hummus. If you haven’t made this yet, get out your food processor RIGHT NOW. I made half the recipe, didn’t even add chocolate chips and only used half the amount of maple syrup and this was still to die for. Holy Moly.



I’m going to leave it at that since I’m now starving and in desperate need of some breakfast!

Please don’t forget to give me some laptop info! Happy Wednesday!

The Sick meets Mac & Cheese

Colds I’m no stranger to, but the flu? That one hasn’t messed with me for years!

Sorry. Hadn’t. Until Wednesday night that is. It was a none too pleasant blast from the past that I was kind of hoping I’d never have to see again. No such luck apparently. THE SICK seems to be running wild around these parts lately though and despite my unwavering invincibility… it got me too.

The worst of it played out through Wednesday night but I spent all day Thursday and now onto today feeling crummy and tired.

That might also be related to the fact that I haven’t had any coffee in two days either. Withdrawal?! I’m sticking it out though. Tea caffeine only. Until tomorrow. Maybe.


I’ll tell you one thing, being sick sure doesn’t make vegetables very appealing. The only vegetables I’ve eaten in two days are a handful of baby carrots and a handful of baby tomatoes.

The dreaded bowl of veggies and goat cheese I ate only a couple of hours before THE SICK took over. Yuck.



Fruit, Peanut Butter and Pasta though? Yes please.

Yesterday I was taking it easy since the tummy was queasy. Soda crackers, apples, bananas and dry cereal were my eats of choice.

Like Kashi Honey Sunshine which has finally come to Canada. I scored a coupon for a free box off their website a while ago. It’s the tastier, healthier Captain Crunch. 046


Today I’ve been cramming it in a bit more. Possibly not such a swell plan though since now my tummy feels queasy again. Blah.

Sick Recovery Breakfast: 1/4 cup oats, 1/4 cup oat bran, 3/4 cup water, 1/4 cup almond milk, cinnamon, stevia. Topped with PB&Co Bees Knees and a dollop of strawberry yogurt.


Post breakfast this morning, I headed to the doctor’s office to get a fancy schmancy doctor’s note to validate the fact that I was very ill yesterday and that is why I had to miss a midterm. Otherwise “you will receive 0%.” Grand.

Validation in hand, I headed back home, started up on some notes, then wanted nothing other than pasta. Mac & Cheese actually.

Now Kraft Dinner used to be one of my all time favourite foods. No exaggeration. I ate it all the time. Couldn’t get enough. Definitely ate a whole box myself on more than one occasion.


But then I started the whole healthy eating thing and just kind of…stopped the KD thing. No more neon orange noodles from a box. Pretty much never. In the past 3-4 years I can probably count on one hand the number of times I’ve had mac & cheese as a meal. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had bits and bites of it here and there. But making it by myself, for myself, as the star of the show? It just doesn’t happen!

But there’s something about sickness and macaroni & cheese that just go together. Like Bread & Butter. Spaghetti & Meatballs. Lamb & Tuna fish? (Big Daddy fans anyone?)

I needed some KD and I needed it stat. I was tempted to be plain and simple and just pop open a box but then I saw an old package of the KD powdered cheese just hanging around solo in the pantry (this is where the real KD magic is. It’s all about the fake cheese). And I saw a package of Rizopia gluten-free Brown Rice Penne that I’ve been meaning to try for a while now. Bingo!

2 oz Brown Rice Penne + sprinkling KD Powdered Cheese + dollop Light Sour Cream = Easy Peasy Mac & Cheesy


I was tempted to doctor it up with some healthy add-ins but the sensitive stomach just wanted it plain and simple.

I don’t know why I’ve strayed from my beloved Mac & Cheese for so long. Cheesy pasta is back in action.

I’m hoping my body will be too in the next day or so. In the meantime I think I need a nap. Or to get on with the studying. Oy vey.

I hope you’re all managing to avoid THE SICK. He’s a nasty one. Wash those hands!