Speedy Week Long Overview

One week’s worth of eats, drastically reduced (the highlights only), in quick recap form.

Aaaaaaand GO!

Saturday, January 31st


  • Scrambled egg whites with veggies + a piece of leftover sushi from dinner out the night before.


  • Leftover Noodleless Lasagna from the freezer, topped with tomato sauce and shredded mozzarella.

Sunday, February 1st


  • Oatmeal pancake made with a reduced sugar instant oatmeal packet, canned pumpkin and egg whites. Topped with canned pumpkin mixed with vanilla soy protein powder.

 047 052


Monday, February 2nd



032 045 053 056 069

  • I completely forget what was in that quesadilla but I know there was edamame hummus and clearly some spinach.

Tuesday, February 3rd

007 045

  • Carrot Cake Oatmeal – I grated a whole carrot into this baby. To be honest I kind of forget what I put in here but I’m fairly sure it involved oats, cinnamon, almond milk, a splash of gingerbread syrup, almond slices and shredded carrot. It was topped with some kind of yogurt “icing”, which was most likely vanilla yogurt mixed with some nut butter.


  • Butternut squash soup pureed with kale and half of my leftover quesadilla from dinner the night before.

Wednesday, February 4th

003 019

  • A bizarro breakfast – tempeh, carrots, orange, eng muffin with cottage cheese… and then some kiwi slices with a spoonful of vanilla yogurt. I guess I was having an indecisive morning.


039 047

  • And an indecisive afternoon since lunch was just as random. Veggies, tempeh, leftover salmon, buttercup and acorn squash


  • Mediterranean chicken breast, broccoli, buffalo sauce. I finally got Franks Buffalo Sauce since before we were using a more generic brand and it almost ran out. WHOA. I thought buffalo sauce was good before but this stuff is AMAZING. Especially with broccoli. So so good.

067 073

  • Then some Canned Butternut Squash. This stuff was on sale. I was pretty excited. I think I like canned pumpkin better though. Mixed with vanilla soy protein powder.

Thursday, February 5th

The day of madness… a chunk of midterms and assignments finally OUT of the way. Only one more week of it to go.068 



I’m slightly bummed that I had to rush through all of this and couldn’t get it down in several earlier separate posts throughout the week that weren’t bursting at the seams, but hopefully this week I’ll get back to more regular posts that won’t have to be done in one giant clump.

One positive non-food note… The weather is FINALLY picking up! It’s gorgeous and sunny today and is supposed to be above 0 (celsius) all week. Yesterday it was even raining instead of snowing. Spring Spring Spring!


Alright, I guess it’s time to get back to the studying. Thanks for the all of the good luck studying encouragement, and I wish mass amounts of good luck to all of you! Whether you’re studying or not :)


21 thoughts on “Speedy Week Long Overview

  1. Your breakfast on Feb. 4th cracked me up – very unusual, but it actually sounds really good to me…but not as good as that carrot cake oatmeal!!!

    I like the canned pumpkin better too. Hooray for spring and again, good luck with all the studying!

  2. HIIIIII Kristie! Oh my gosh, I have missed you so much! I’ve been going insane with school this week, too. It never ends, does it? I’m sorry that the post you were writing got deleted again! I hate when that happens.

    Anywho, I love the fact that you still managed to take over 400 food pictures. That’s awesome! And everything looks amazing, as always. You still manage to eat deliciously even when you’re studying like a madwoman!

    Best of luck with everything – I feel for you!

  3. Kristie’s back, yayy! :D haha i got really excited for your post- so I know you haven’t vanished in the dark depths of academia. I’m glad you’re having good weather to brighten your mood!

  4. wow nice recap! i love the random eats. sometimes a whole mishmash of food is so much better than a planned, set meal! good luck with midterms!!


  5. Love…love!
    Is the edamame hummus good?
    I really enjoy how and what you eat. You always have great stuff even when you’re totally slammed. If I weren’t married, I’d want you to be my roommate!

  6. WOW-that carrot cake oatmeal looks fantastic!!!!!! I have GOT to come up w/ a similar bowl of oats!!!! I keep meaning to but the idea of carrots in my oats freaks me out. It sounds awesome. I’m back and blogging and so happy to be catching up!

  7. Hey hey Kristie!!

    I’ve been away for sooo long from blogworld and missin’ your blog posts!!

    Great to read them again!! =))
    I can understand you with all that stressful school situations..ahhh..I’m also in such a rush and crazzzziness right now..!! And it’s gonna be like that until MAY,when I finish my high school ahhh =(!!!

    So I’m all with you!! Wish you lots of luck and strength to hang in there!! =)) We just need to stay positive..!!

    Well,well..!! Your meals look soooo bright and colorful… mmm!! I love especially the CARROT CAKE OATMEAL!! Yummy-licious!! =DD And the butternut-kale soup looks interesting and delicious as well…!!!!!!!! =))))

    Kristie,I hope to see you on my blog soon..would be soo happy!! I miss your comments =D!!

    STAY WARM AND ENJOY YOUR TIME!! Try to enjoy!! =))


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