No Noodles Needed

Tonight I made a giant noodleless vegetable lasagna. My day was so darn eventful that this was the highlight. Back to that in a bit.

First Breakfast. Mixed cereal with yogurt, frozen banana, and a splash or two of almond milk. Followed by an iced coffee.
Not a good breakfast choice for the days with my longer morning class. The stomach rumbles persisted throughout the entire last half of the class. Luckily they were quiet, I had a bottle of water to chug and we were watching a loud film.

So I got home and had a large snack which consisted of some cottage cheese, bread with hummus, wasabi peas and a clementine.

So I wasn’t really very hungry after my workout when proper lunchtime had arrived. I had to eat something though since I had another class to go to and didn’t want stomach rumbles in THAT one too. So I threw together a bowl of unsweetened applesauce, berries, corn bran squares and pumpkin seed butter. Plus an apple and pretty sure something else was in there as well.

Class. Home. Lasagna time.

I followed this recipe from Hungry Girl. I made it once before a long time ago and it makes so much that it’s great for freezing the leftovers. It includes lots of veggies and no noodles. It’s quite the healthy and filling dish. I certainly enjoy it. It is kind of labour and time intensive though. Well at least for me, I’m used to making quick and easy meals. This didn’t quite follow those standards. I had to make a few modifications based on what I had on hand:
– two zucchini instead of three
– normal white button mushrooms instead of portabella
– canned chopped kale (weird eh? found it the other day at the grocery store) instead of spinach
– I omitted the soy crumbles
– egg beaters instead of egg whites
– only had light ricotta
– same deal with the mozzarella (I don’t think they even SELL fat free cheeses around here, other than FF cottage)
– I omitted the parmesan (would I really taste 1T sprinkled over an entire lasagna dish? Doubt it, unless it were the REAL stuff. And I don’t have that)
– I also threw in some garlic powder and seasoning salt, a few diced tomatoes and a little chipotle salsa

Final Product
Not gorgeous by any means, but pretty darn good. It looked a little better before I slid the entire slice onto my placemat but you get the gist of it.

I froze half of the remainders, and the other half are sitting in the fridge, most likely to be consumed many a time over the course of the next few days.

I also had a few of these (x about double this amount)

And some other snacky bites including frozen mango chunks, yogurt, a few bites of cereal, some iced coffee…

And a small side note: Tonight I went on a walk with a friend. I love night walks and enjoy walking with her but she’s one of those people with a lot of issues and it can sometimes be a bit of a downer to walk with her as I’ll end up returning home feeling bummed out. I go on walks to feel refreshed and rejuvenated, not worse than when I started. Do any of you have friends that seem to often bring you down? If so, how do you deal with it, do you just let them be as they are or do you try to distance yourself from negative people? I’m finding it pretty draining lately to try to be supportive. I want positivity in my life. I don’t have the capacity to change the things she’s going through or ways she’s feeling. And I don’t want to be brought down at all by it. I’m just feeling kind of torn about it lately. Friendship can just be tricky business sometimes, can’t it.


18 thoughts on “No Noodles Needed

  1. Friendship is tricky =/ I tend to drift away from the friends that bring me down… it’s sad, but it’s true. I wish I could help them but it seems like they almost don’t want to be happier.

    That lasagna looks so awesome. I have to admit, Hungry Girl does have some good ideas :)

  2. ohh i love noodle-less lasagna! yours looks great – i haven’t made one in ages, i really must now. your breakfast looks so pretty.
    i know what you mean about negativity among friends – it’s not easy to be in the company of someone who gets your spirit down.

  3. yummy noodleless lasagna.
    About the problematic friend… first I would ask myself if I really consider her as a friend…a good friend, who worth you to spend time thinking about the issue at the first place. Once you answer is positive then you proceed to next step. Second, I’d try to be supportive but at the same time distance to her problems. I know it’s hard, but sometimes even if we want to help someone, we need to be distance in order to give the most unbiased and reasonable advice. Third, if you see after a couple of times that she just needs someone to listen to her instead of asking for advice, then let it happen, just LISTEN and don’t try to convince her what is correct for you, because that will compromise your friendship and also you’d feel frustrated if she doesn’t do what you suggest.
    Hope these thoughts help.

  4. Next time she wants to go for a walk with you, take a jar of peanut butter and a spoon. Every time she opens her mouth pop! in goes another spoonful of peanut butter and you can enjoy another five minutes of quiet.

  5. Non-noodle lasagna? What a great idea, and it looks good to me!

    Has your friend mostly always been negative? Or is she going through a funk right now? I tend to stay away from naturally-negative people. The only problem is when they notice you’re avoiding them – and get even more negative. I say that if she’s in a funk – be there for her. But if it goes on for much too long, maybe keep your distance for a little bit. Or do something other than walk with her maybe? And maybe walk with another friend who is upbeat?

  6. First off, great job with the lasagna.

    As for your friend being negative, I know exactly what you mean. I have a friend that can be a downer, and it can be tough. Every time we hang out, which is often, she tends to bring up things that are bothering her, and as a friend, I try my best to comfort her. I guess that is what friends are for, and yes, sometimes it can be a downer or drain your positive outlook, but in the end, I rationalize that I was able to be there for her, and that she was able to count on me for support, each and every time. Am I making any sense here? Basically, to me, my friend is like my sister, so we have a really close bond. And whenever she needs me, I try to be there – through thick and through thin, even though it can be a pain sometimes always trying to tell her that she did good, or that she shouldn’t worry, or talking about the choices she made, etc. And really, helping her with her problems is somewhat comforting to me too. That’s just my two cents.

    Just try to look at the positive aspects – you’re there for her, and she can rely on you. But if it is really bothering you, then I think maybe you should talk to her about it.

  7. Oohhh.. your noodle-less lasanga looks really good, I think that I’m going to have to make it!

    As for your friend, I know it sucks to be around a negative person, but at the same time she confides in you because she trusts you, which is good. It’s not the easiest thing, but maybe talk to her about it, it may remedy the situation some.

  8. Hey Christie!! =))

    Nice eats =))

    What I think..just like someone said before…I think it’s sometimes better to leave the friendship…it’s not good,it’s sad ..but there are some TOXIC people in the world and they just make others lifes awful….=// I used to have such friend…and I tried very hard to help him .. but I couldn’t . I realised it has no sence …this people want to stay in this pose,in this UNHAPPINESS or whatever it’s called…

    Maybe…well….I know it’s hard to leave our friends…but…they really shouldn’t make us feel awful or worse…:( They should be a shoulder and a positive thing in our life…

    Maybe try to talk to her..?? Maybe she’ll change sth???

    Good luck!! =)) It’ll be ok!!

    If you have time pls visit my new post..=))

    Hugs from Poland!!

  9. Mmm noodleless lasagna… It may not be all that photogenic but I think it looks pretty good :) You have got to buy some yeast and try that pizza dough, seriously, its easy- all along the way I thought I was messing up but it turned out so well! I also meant to ask you but naturally totally forgot- where did you buy cheesecloth?! I am dying to make some “Greek” yogurt at home! Darn this Fage-less country lol :)

  10. Katie – I’ll have to remember to try that one! I think it’s in the recipe book, which I have. Sitting on my kitchen table actually. Yum.

    peanutbutterboy – I didn’t really miss the noodles. Although I still do enjoy a noodlefilled lasagna as well. But this is a nice substitution. The layers of eggplant and zucchini stand in for the noodles. It works. But yeah, definitely more of a casserole in a sense.

    Charlie Hills – Hahaha. Thank you for that insightful suggestion. Next walk time I’ll stock my bag full of a couple of nice big jars of pb.

    Rose – She’s had this up and down thing going on for a while. Several years actually. She has some pretty deep rooted issues. Luckily I do have at least one other friend who likes epic night walks too and she has less emotional ups and downs.

    Thanks everyone so much for your thoughts and advice. It’s great hearing the different perspectives you guys all have on the issue and really helpful as well. So thanks again. :)

  11. As someone who is going through “issues” right now, I can tell you that you can be going through Hell on Earth and still be happy in a way. It depends on your outlook. I see everyday that I’m still standing and breathing as a blessing, others take small problems and make them out to be the end for them. You might want to encourage your friend to look at the good in her life and the things that she is grateful for. Looking at the good sometimes trumps the bad.

  12. I do not think that lasagna is unattractive. In fact, I think it’s gorgeous :) And yummy, too.

    I’m sorry to hear about your friend. I actually had a very similar situation freshman and sophomore year in college. I had a friend (who I considered one of my best friends, actually) who would constantly complain. Everything was such a big deal and any time we met up for coffee, it turned into a “let’s see how much she can whine” contest. It actually got so bad that she had a falling out with another one of my friends simply because she was such a complainer. As for her and I, we gradually drifted apart as we became involved in other activities. But to this day, every time we talk – there is ALWAYS something to complain about! It leaves me with such a sour attitude, so I just try to avoid the situations as much as possible.

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