Cold Drinks, Hot Foods

In the midst of my studying (two midterms tomorrow, it’s crack down time!), here’s another quick recap of the past several days of foods:



I was feeling for a smoothie? Haven’t felt for one of those in a while during these cold winter months, but for some reason it was just calling to me. I used half of an orange creamsicle flavoured protein powder pack that I’ve had lying around for ages, and combined it with some unsweetened almond milk, yogurt, frozen banana, ice and spinach.


Nothing like a chilly drink on a chilly day? Hm…

Lunch was a wrap stuffed with hummus and some chickpea cutlet bits that I threw together the other night. Plus leftover baked tempeh and squash dipped in honey mustard.

011 013

Dinner was scrambled egg whites with green pepper, spinach, salsa and a swiss cheese slice, on an english muffin (it’s truly hidden under there somewhere!)



Followed by the greatest iced coffee I’ve had in ages. The cold wintery months don’t allow me to drink it often (because I’m always too darn cold!) but I was somehow feeling nice and toasty that night. And somehow this one turned out completely perfect. No idea what I did differently but I was literally smiling through drinking the entire thing. My mom thought I was a little nuts.


Then I went and did some shopping with a friend. Driving to get her was especially lovely because it was the first time in what felt like a gazillion years that I was driving somewhere for novelty rather driving either to class, back home, or to work. I haven’t hardly done any nice leisurely things since this term started.

We did some clothes browsing but amazingly enough I came home empty-handed for once! Okay, that’s kind of a lie. Empty-handed in terms of clothing. Food? Now that’s a different story. We also love to grocery shop/food browse.


New Mediterranean flavoured cottage cheese, Unsweetened Almond Breeze (On sale!), Liberte Svelte Moka Yogurt, 5-Grain Hot Cereal, Peanut Butter Puffins (! – I haven’t been able to find these in a while and I practically jumped up and down when I saw them), Clif and Luna Bars (On sale!) as well as a Bumblebee Bar and a Pure Protein Bar!! that we found at a little health food store. I’ve never been able to find the Pure Protein bars before so this was a huge dealio for me. These are huge ones though, so I think I’m going to have to eat it in two parts. They only had one flavour, I think it’s S’mores.

So that was the highlight of my day/night. And pretty much of my past couple weeks. You know it’s midterm time when…


Hey Breakfast. Weetabix, Puffins, yogurt, almond milk, apple chunks, banana.


Snack at work: First try of the Cocoa Coconut Larabar. Good, but not stellar. I probably wouldn’t make the cut onto my All-star Larabar Team.

024 027

Lunch was a salad, an unphotogenic apple and a container of the Mediterranean Cottage Cheese.

033 040 043

This was good! I was afraid it would have an olive-y flavour (note the pictured olive on the container… I’m not a fan of them) but there was none to be found. It tasted like cottage cheese with seasonings in it. I like the convenience of these but I’m still a loyal plain cottage cheese gal. And if I really wanted it to taste like this, I could probably easily (and cheaply!) recreate it with whatever seasonings are in my cupboard.

Dinnero was a big pile of orange cauliflower (so much more fun than the white stuff) topped with leftover butternut squash and kale soup and sour cream. Along with a small side of meatloaf and …ehem.. boxed mashed potatoes? I know, pathetic right, but there is something about their flavour that is slightly addicting in a weird sort of way.


Saturday night I agreed to put the school work aside and go out with a friend. I haven’t gone out with this particular friend in a while (or any friends really, I haven’t been for a night out in a month! Longest time since before the summer. So sad) so I figured I would join even though I was pretty tired. But no, bad decision. Total waste of time. I remembered why I don’t go out with this friend anymore. It’s one of those people that’s all gung-ho to go out and then suddenly changes her mind within 5 minutes of being out. We were hardly in the bar for 20 minutes and I ended up getting dragged around and chauffeuring people back and forth between multiple locations for the next hour or so after leaving the bar. Some people are just so darn indecisive.


Sunday I spent the day butt glued to the kitchen table, studying. Woohoo.

Breakfast: Moka Yogurt, Wheatberries, Pom Seeds, 1/3 banana


Lunch: Big egg white omelet filled with spinach, green pepper, salsa, chili sauce. Side of baby carrots and a mini pita with hummus and salsa on top.


Followed by a micro-ed apple topped with vanilla yogurt, some oats and PB Puffins.


I didn’t know what the heck I wanted for dinner but I was craving carbs and cheese. Mother suggested grilled cheese. Mother knows best!

I had a grilled cheese filled with: cheddar and swiss, turkey, dijon mustard, and buffalo sauce, dunked in salsa. Hoorah.


With a side of leftover orange cauliflower topped with chili sauce.



I wasn’t starving when it came time to eat before class, so I went with a simple fruit plate and the bottom of a bag of Peanut Butter Granola with almond milk and a little yogurt.

003 007

But after getting ready for class I discovered that I was much hungrier all of a sudden, so I quick chowed down on some cottage cheese and a small handful of mixed nuts.

I had a couple morning class, snacked on an apple during an hour break, then went to my info processing lab where I almost completely screwed up my lab mark when I got completely flustered and couldn’t remember how to use the vlookup function on Excel (is that really necessary? ugh). Then I went home.

I was in need of some veggie consumption so GIANT veg bowl salad it was.


I also had some coffee and butternut squash puree mixed with yogurt and wheat berries.


Then I spent the rest of my afternoon studying. Happy happy joy joy.

I ate a great sweet potato dinner. Haven’t done that in a while for some reason. This was topped with wilted spinach and a mixture of fat free sour cream, salsa and nutritional yeast. Mm mm goooood.

023 038

I enjoyed every bite of this. Well. ALMOST every bite. I was very excited about the last bite since it looked extra tasty but when I shoved it into my mouth I discovered it was a rotten part. Ick. It came right back out onto my plate. At least the rest was good…

I had to “rinse” my mouth out from the rotten ick, so what better way to do that than with some more butternut squash and yogurt mixed with PB PUFFINS, extra stylin with the trippy screensaver background.

048 050

After that I managed to shove in a half hour treadmill run and some abs and squats before spending several more hours nose to the books.

Now I need to go back to that yet again. I’ll post today’s eats later. Aka probably tomorrow sometime in the afternoon after I’m DONE two of my midterms. And still studying for the last one on Thursday… it’s so close I can taste it…


21 thoughts on “Cold Drinks, Hot Foods

  1. hell ya mama :D That looks delish…and I HATE when u make something PERFECTLY and can’t remember how?! Oh well, you’ll just have to make some more ;D Good luck studyingggg

  2. Oh gurrrrrrl where do I begin?!
    – plain CC is the only way to go
    – PURE PROTEIN!! Hope you like it, be careful though – that one can do a number on the grillz!
    – funky colored cauliflower is the best
    – glad you rinsed your mouth with some puffins :D


  3. YUM!
    I’ve never tried that lara flavor before. I can’t seem to find it anywhere.

    Also, I really want to try weetabix!!! Do you know where I can buy that?

  4. Wow that grilled cheese looked absolutely delicious!
    All that food looks so great and coloful, I especially love that smoothie!
    I can’t drink iced coffee in the winter, but since it’s getting warmer out I’ll have to make some soon!

  5. Great grocery store loot! I stocked up of the Clif Bar sale myself!

    Thanks for the review on that cottage cheese. I saw it in the flyer and was curious about it!!! :)

  6. I really have to learn from you to stick to the meals and not snack on little bits and pieces in between mindlessly! You’re a fabulous role model!! Thank you!!

  7. i dont know why but I have been in the mood for smoothies lately too! ive been having them every morning!

    my favorite is Choco-banana

    one frozen banana, 3 tspn coco powder, some ice, and 1/4 cup of rice milk (almond, soy watever you like)

    its amazinggggggg (I sweeten it with a little agave too)

  8. so weird, i said the exact same thing when i tried that larabar recently. i love chocolate, and i love coconut, so i thought it was a sure thing, but it was just mmmm ok!!!!

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