What’s So Special About That?

Well well well. What do we have here?

IMG_3398“Alright, it’s a Clif bar. And?”

Just note the ‘NEW’. And the flavour name – Coconut Chocolate Chip. THAT…that is special.

IMG_3402THIS Vega Vanilla Almondilla protein powder? $10 bucks off at Rexall with an in-store coupon. Savvy shopping (or good in-store sign reading) ForTheWin.

IMG_3419THIS was my first roasted kabocha/buttercup (I’ll never truly figure out the difference between the two) of the Fall season. Massacred and thrown on top of a spinach bed. And boy, was it good.

IMG_3415THIS is just a plate of steamed broccoli and spinach, sweet potato and egg sautéed in coconut oil. However, it was my first time sautéing in coconut oil and that makes this an extra special dish.

IMG_3456THIS is a smoothie. But not just any smoothie, a smoothie made with… Frozen strawberries, red bell pepper, apple, lemon and a pinch of cayenne.

I get the green/vegetable juice thing, and the green juice with fruit added thing. That’s not new, and as much as the body might love it, it’s not really that special. But something about strawberries red pepper seemed extra strange. And in this glass, strange is special. We like strawberry and red pepper strange. Strawberry and red pepper is a refreshing, good strange.

IMG_3460THIS? This is a wrap. But not just any wrap. (Aside from the fact that it looks like a murder scene…) It’s a wrap that contains egg whites, salsa, sriracha and “cheese”. But not just any cheese (I feel like I’m getting repetitive…), nacho-flavoured fake cheese made from tofu! I’d never dabbled in the faux vegan cheese world before, but when it hits me in the face with a bright pink 50% sticker, I will take the plunge, expiry date looming or not.

IMG_3467And the taste? Quite like a firm, cheesy flavoured tofu? It’s interesting, but I’m kinda digging it.

IMG_3376It was also made on these new-to-me Joseph’s Flax, Oat Bran and Whole Wheat Tortillas. For a good-sized tortilla with only 70 calories a pop, I’d buy these on the regular if they were sold in grocery stores (But alas, they are not, and I ordered them online).

And that was the Monday edition of special eats, sure not to become a repeat Monday special, but special enough for this particular Monday.

What’s on the menu for tomorrow?
A big, heaping plate of fresh OCTOBER! #newmonthlove


Mini Things I Learned This Weekend

I’m an awful pool player. I played a Saturday night pool sesh for the first time in who knows how long. I happened to win 2 of 5 games only by technicalities and most of the time I had only sunk approximately two balls max by time of loss. Also, one of my best shots was hit using the opposite hand (it was a tricky one and it needed a go with the lefty). I was really hoping to show up and be an instant pool shark. No such luck. Therefore the more important lesson out of this should be practice makes perfect. One day I will fulfill my pool mastery dreams.


While at the pool hall, I also learned that I have a “strong voice” according to the jolly fellow behind the counter who I visited to ask about the cost of a one-hour pool sesh. Never heard that one before so I’ll take it. Unique compliments are much more memorable. I’d call it more husky and manly but “strong” is slightly more flattering.

Not only do you learn something new everyday in general, but you learn something new about yourself every day if you really pay attention. Saturday must have been extra special since I learned two things about myself. Sort of. I kind of already knew I sucked at pool, I was just in denial until it slapped me in the face. A rude but probably necessary awakening.


I learned that most women don’t know how to bra shop and the only way to get the proper shape is to get the miracle Ahh Bra! So we can all feel great about our assets once again. I know I sure would when wearing something like this…


Who ever said late-night informercials can’t teach you something great?


What else?

I learned that nothing really tastes all that great when you’re eating it solely as a form of procrastination and a way to remove yourself from your laptop and essay notes. Mindless self indulgence is a poor form of satisfaction. And a cheesy punk band.



Mindless eating isn’t conducive to picture-taking. It would appear that the only things I ate this weekend were a Flatout wrap stuffed with egg whites, spinach and salsa alongside an iffy pear…



…grapefruit and cereal with yogurt…


…and more grapefruit alongside a piece of toast with hummus.


This would be highly highly inaccurate.


I learned that bright pink nails are the best way to spice up your fingers on a less than spicy day.


And that I need more hand cream.


I learned that it can still snow in April?!?! Seriously Mother Nature, this isn’t cool. The absolute worst most cruel delayed April Fool’s Day joke ever. If this isn’t gone by the end of the day I’m officially moving to Florida.


Luckily the forecast says…thundershowers today. Hm. I’ll take it over snow!

What’s the most unique and/or memorable compliment you’ve ever received?

Did you learn anything new about yourself this weekend?

23 Years in the Making

This past Friday, March 25 was the day I turned 23.


My brother is belle artiste, did you know?

A birthday that falls on a Friday is always extra special. Especially when you happen to have no classes on Fridays and the sun is extra bright. Win!

I started it all off with a batch of whole wheat pancakes topped with Greek yogurt and fruit.


Then I followed it with one of the best, energized workouts I’ve had in a while. I hammered through an hour on the treadmill followed by Jillian Michaels Shred Level 3. Normally I’d be pretty dead by the end of Miss JM but I was hopping after this was all over. WHAT was in those pancakes?!

Lunch was a big ol’ salad pile topped with plain tofu chunks, balsamic dressing and nutritional yeast.


Then I received some schtuff from the fam. This year I specially requested to order a few things online. Save them the trouble of trying to figure out what to get and I get to order things I can’t find around here.

But first, my brother’s lovely wrapping skills. The artiste reappears.


It was a set of 15lb weights. That’s what I asked him to get. I guess they’re not the easiest thing to wrap…

Of course I had to order some foodie stuff because, well, how could I not? Thanks to The Low Carb Grocery I was able to get:
Flatout Wrapswhich are not sold around here at all. Are these really much of anywhere in Canada?
Sugar Free Lime Jell-O and Sugar Free Banana Cream Jell-O Pudding – Just because. I rarely eat Jell-O but I also don’t see many sugar free flavours in stores so I was curious. What the hey.
PB2 Chocolate Sample Packet
Tofu Shirataki and Miracle Noodle noodles– might have to do a little comparison
PEANUT FLOUR – This was the main reason I made the order.


I haven’t tried this yet but it’s happening asap.


And some Dark Chocolate Peanut Spread. Saw it for the first time in a grocery store the other day and there was no hesitation.



Side Note: Done a little experimenting with the Flatouts already. I’m kind of hoping these might come to stores around here someday soon?


Hummus, dijon, goat cheese, sundried tomatoes, spinach, cucumber, dill pickle.




Pizza – Sauce, spinach, mushrooms, sundried tomatoes, mozza, goat cheese.



Side Note Over.


Next online gift order: Sephora, for The Bombshell curling iron. After the rave reviews and impressive videos, I really wanted to give this a try. It takes a little getting used to without the clamp and since I’ve only tried it once so far I’m far from an expert, but it really does make sweet curls very fast. Anyone else ever tried this?



Then it was time for dinner. All you can eat Sushi? But of course

Seaweed salad.


Tempura vegetables.


Some kind of delicious roll.


Among many other things. Definitely had a food baby after that meal.

But that didn’t stop the cherry cheesecake from happening.

Often I opt to make my own birthday cake because I like to bake and getting to make whatever cake I fancy is a gift in itself. But this year I just wasn’t feeling it. What’s wrong with me?! But seriously, I wasn’t in the mood to bake and all I wanted was a store-bought, fruity cheesecake. So that’s what I went for. Perfect.


Though I wouldn’t mind a slice of last year’s rainbow cake right about now.

I’m not a big birthday celebrator so I didn’t do anything too crazy but I spent a few different nights going out or staying in with my closest friends which was nice.

I also found these Extra Dessert Delights gum flavours this weekend. Key Lime Pie and Mint Chocolate Chip. Holla?! I’d only ever seen these in magazine ads before. I just about flipped, I think the girl behind the counter thought I was a little nuts. Though she then said the Strawberry Shortcake was the best, which they were out of. I scored these though, can’t complain!



In a nutshell I enjoyed the birthday, it was a good time, and I’m already 23. I don’t have a clue when that happened. I swear it was only a few weeks ago that I could hardly imagine ever reaching the age of 20. Weird.


Don’t forget you still have a few days left to enter the Larabar Giveaway!

Spring is Springing + Reading Week Recap

It’s March 1st! Which means it’s automatically Spring in my mind. Now if only this snow would take a hike we’d be well on our way. It’s bright and sunny and not completely freezing today though so we’re off to a good start – end weather report.


End of February also = end of Reading Week. I just got back to the grind this week after a lovely but much too speedy week of rest last week. Or what should have been a week of rest but consisted of a week of mostly late nights and ridiculously early mornings. I’m glad to know my internal alarm clock is still unbelievably reliable even on my holidays…

Nothing too out of the ordinary went down during my time off:
Throughout the week: A little bit of studying
Tuesday: A break up consoling party – not mine! That of a poor confused friend. New relationship. Guy ends it. We have some gals together for ranting time, music, pizza and chocolate fondue. She wakes up the next morning to a text from him saying he made a mistake. Oh boys.
Wednesday: Girl movie night
Thursday: Get dressed up and go out dancing night
Friday: Day at work.
Saturday: Uh oh, Reading Week is already almost over?! Time to crack down on the studying all day day. Another friend movie night.
Sunday: Uh oh, Reading Week is REALLY already almost over?! Studying = ALL day.

It was no hot and sunny beach but it was a welcome break from classes and constant school work.


And as per always, there were plenty of “interesting” eats going down during Reading Week:

This jar of The Bee’s Knees saw it’s final end…


…in THESE healthified “blondies”. I’m not even going to try telling you what I put into them because they were less than award winning. The carob chips were their only saving grace.


Some of my salads got “popcorned


I soggied up some wraps with egg whites, salsa, Laughing cow and Frank’s.


Most of my sweet treats have been random stuff bowls – usually a yogurt base with fruit and whatever extra sweet thang I can find kicking around – like candy-coated almonds or hunks of dark chocolate.


Or crumbled muffins/whatever baked good I pull out of the freezer.



On another dessert note, after the great success of the peanut butter dessert hummus (which will now be made on the regular, guaranteed), I obviously had to try out Lauren’s black bean version too. Dessert is just sailing on whole new seas.


Since Lauren is pretty much an expert in the kitchen, I had to try out her Zesty Kale Chips too. I may have burnt them just a tad…doh. But the flavour… BOMB. I ate at least 1/3 of them before even sticking them in the oven.


Reading Week also called for a very special breakfast: My last Vitatop with the last bits of a plain Greek yogurt container with the last of my peanut butter dessert hummus + frozen raspberries (I have a TON of those left). Costco needs a visit from me.


I still have a couple containers of fruity Greek yogurt left over from my Costco stash. Yogurt-topped bowl of pumpkin oats and wheat bran anyone?



I’ve been a Multigrain Cheerio monster lately.

As a smoothie topper.


Or topped with Chocolate Amazing Grass. Don’t worry, I didn’t eat this DRY. Choco almond milk added post-pic for reduced sog effect :)


And a hummus monster as well. But that’s kind of an always thing. Hummus = BEST salad topper.


Second best might just be…


Ooey gooey runny eggs!



So that was Reading Week: The Quick and Hungry Version.

And now that it’s over and I’m back to the grind… it’s also time to get back to the studying. One (tough and stressful) midterm Thursday, then three more next Monday->Wednesday. Woo.

Luckily it’s MARCH and I love new month beginnings. Especially new ones that basically mark the end of winter.


What are you most looking forward to this month?
Aside from the warming temperatures and later, sunnier days, I’m thinking my birthday! It’s not until the end but that means I get something to look forward to for the whole month :)

Happy March!