Mini Things I Learned This Weekend

I’m an awful pool player. I played a Saturday night pool sesh for the first time in who knows how long. I happened to win 2 of 5 games only by technicalities and most of the time I had only sunk approximately two balls max by time of loss. Also, one of my best shots was hit using the opposite hand (it was a tricky one and it needed a go with the lefty). I was really hoping to show up and be an instant pool shark. No such luck. Therefore the more important lesson out of this should be practice makes perfect. One day I will fulfill my pool mastery dreams.


While at the pool hall, I also learned that I have a “strong voice” according to the jolly fellow behind the counter who I visited to ask about the cost of a one-hour pool sesh. Never heard that one before so I’ll take it. Unique compliments are much more memorable. I’d call it more husky and manly but “strong” is slightly more flattering.

Not only do you learn something new everyday in general, but you learn something new about yourself every day if you really pay attention. Saturday must have been extra special since I learned two things about myself. Sort of. I kind of already knew I sucked at pool, I was just in denial until it slapped me in the face. A rude but probably necessary awakening.


I learned that most women don’t know how to bra shop and the only way to get the proper shape is to get the miracle Ahh Bra! So we can all feel great about our assets once again. I know I sure would when wearing something like this…


Who ever said late-night informercials can’t teach you something great?


What else?

I learned that nothing really tastes all that great when you’re eating it solely as a form of procrastination and a way to remove yourself from your laptop and essay notes. Mindless self indulgence is a poor form of satisfaction. And a cheesy punk band.



Mindless eating isn’t conducive to picture-taking. It would appear that the only things I ate this weekend were a Flatout wrap stuffed with egg whites, spinach and salsa alongside an iffy pear…



…grapefruit and cereal with yogurt…


…and more grapefruit alongside a piece of toast with hummus.


This would be highly highly inaccurate.


I learned that bright pink nails are the best way to spice up your fingers on a less than spicy day.


And that I need more hand cream.


I learned that it can still snow in April?!?! Seriously Mother Nature, this isn’t cool. The absolute worst most cruel delayed April Fool’s Day joke ever. If this isn’t gone by the end of the day I’m officially moving to Florida.


Luckily the forecast says…thundershowers today. Hm. I’ll take it over snow!

What’s the most unique and/or memorable compliment you’ve ever received?

Did you learn anything new about yourself this weekend?


16 thoughts on “Mini Things I Learned This Weekend

  1. I learned I suck at pool years ago, and i’m even worse after drinking!
    I am so beyond done with snow!!!! I want spring, hell, anything over 40 would make me happy at this point :)

  2. pool is SUCH a badass sport like its for ultra sexy girls hahahaha among one of the reasons i just will never understand how to play and why i will swing and miss the balls all the time. missing balls is a common theme in my life. uh what?

    hahahaha ANYWAYS i learned about bra strategies from oprah! her entire episode on it was geeeeeeeeeenius

  3. Loved this post… I’m big on lessons learned… hence the blog. :)

    Mindless eating is my strength! Sigh. Also a weakness. Something tells me that when you mindless eat, it’s probably still healthy, which means you’re really just mindlessly consuming vitamins and minerals. Right?!

  4. Sooo friggin sick of this wintry weather where is SPRING?! Your nails are very spring-y if that counts though ;)

    I wish late night informercials told me about a magical bra that’d give me big tatas…I’m still waiting though.

    Enjoy your FRIDAY!

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