Spring is Springing + Reading Week Recap

It’s March 1st! Which means it’s automatically Spring in my mind. Now if only this snow would take a hike we’d be well on our way. It’s bright and sunny and not completely freezing today though so we’re off to a good start – end weather report.


End of February also = end of Reading Week. I just got back to the grind this week after a lovely but much too speedy week of rest last week. Or what should have been a week of rest but consisted of a week of mostly late nights and ridiculously early mornings. I’m glad to know my internal alarm clock is still unbelievably reliable even on my holidays…

Nothing too out of the ordinary went down during my time off:
Throughout the week: A little bit of studying
Tuesday: A break up consoling party – not mine! That of a poor confused friend. New relationship. Guy ends it. We have some gals together for ranting time, music, pizza and chocolate fondue. She wakes up the next morning to a text from him saying he made a mistake. Oh boys.
Wednesday: Girl movie night
Thursday: Get dressed up and go out dancing night
Friday: Day at work.
Saturday: Uh oh, Reading Week is already almost over?! Time to crack down on the studying all day day. Another friend movie night.
Sunday: Uh oh, Reading Week is REALLY already almost over?! Studying = ALL day.

It was no hot and sunny beach but it was a welcome break from classes and constant school work.


And as per always, there were plenty of “interesting” eats going down during Reading Week:

This jar of The Bee’s Knees saw it’s final end…


…in THESE healthified “blondies”. I’m not even going to try telling you what I put into them because they were less than award winning. The carob chips were their only saving grace.


Some of my salads got “popcorned


I soggied up some wraps with egg whites, salsa, Laughing cow and Frank’s.


Most of my sweet treats have been random stuff bowls – usually a yogurt base with fruit and whatever extra sweet thang I can find kicking around – like candy-coated almonds or hunks of dark chocolate.


Or crumbled muffins/whatever baked good I pull out of the freezer.



On another dessert note, after the great success of the peanut butter dessert hummus (which will now be made on the regular, guaranteed), I obviously had to try out Lauren’s black bean version too. Dessert is just sailing on whole new seas.


Since Lauren is pretty much an expert in the kitchen, I had to try out her Zesty Kale Chips too. I may have burnt them just a tad…doh. But the flavour… BOMB. I ate at least 1/3 of them before even sticking them in the oven.


Reading Week also called for a very special breakfast: My last Vitatop with the last bits of a plain Greek yogurt container with the last of my peanut butter dessert hummus + frozen raspberries (I have a TON of those left). Costco needs a visit from me.


I still have a couple containers of fruity Greek yogurt left over from my Costco stash. Yogurt-topped bowl of pumpkin oats and wheat bran anyone?



I’ve been a Multigrain Cheerio monster lately.

As a smoothie topper.


Or topped with Chocolate Amazing Grass. Don’t worry, I didn’t eat this DRY. Choco almond milk added post-pic for reduced sog effect :)


And a hummus monster as well. But that’s kind of an always thing. Hummus = BEST salad topper.


Second best might just be…


Ooey gooey runny eggs!



So that was Reading Week: The Quick and Hungry Version.

And now that it’s over and I’m back to the grind… it’s also time to get back to the studying. One (tough and stressful) midterm Thursday, then three more next Monday->Wednesday. Woo.

Luckily it’s MARCH and I love new month beginnings. Especially new ones that basically mark the end of winter.


What are you most looking forward to this month?
Aside from the warming temperatures and later, sunnier days, I’m thinking my birthday! It’s not until the end but that means I get something to look forward to for the whole month :)

Happy March!

21 thoughts on “Spring is Springing + Reading Week Recap

  1. a break up consoling party! i love it!- that must have been fun to cheer her up :D ahh its your bday month- woohoo!!!
    Im looking forward to good weather…hopefully!?

    • Of course there was plenty of ranting and a few tears going on but most of it was laughs and good times so it was for sure fun overall and she felt a lot better during it. Success! I’m counting on this month to bring the good weather full force. Fingers crossed!

  2. Good luck with midterms…I just finshed mine!

    Raspberries, greek yogurt and hummus cookie dough…perfect combo…I am trying that tonight!

    Thanks for the healthy and sweet ideas!

  3. ooooh i’m looking forward to finding time to make pb hummus and drippy eggs and POPCORNED SALADS!!!!!!!!!!

    can we talk about genius acts of genius right there?

  4. i love it when you post your marathon photos of all the deliciousness your life has included for the past little while! bummer those healthier bars didn’t turn out, i was like “ohhhh” then i read they were a flop and said “awwww”. ha.

    good luck with your tests! yay birthday month!

    • Haha they were pumpkin “blondies”…without any added sugar. Or much else for that matter. I was being daring. It didn’t work out so well. Of course I’ve still be eating them anyway :)

  5. WOW so many great food pics – I have been loving on kale chips lately – the are also amazing if you add nutritional yeast to them before you make them = yum to cheesy kale chips

  6. So many yummy eats! Sorry your blondies were a fail :( Hate when that happens. To be honest there isn’t much I look forward to in March lol February is my bday month so nothing fun for now :( Your egg looks delicious!

  7. YAy!! I am so flattered you made TWO of my recipes!! Were the recipes alright? I always worry that they work for me but I type them out wrong or something and wont work for other people!

    It looks like your break was lovely :) I am so glad! Did your friend get back together with the idiot- I mean.. guy?

  8. Hey I think the healthified blondies look GOOD! Haha.

    Sounds like you had a solid break! I love girl nights.

    I am also stoked for spring and was so happy to see sunshine today while walking to campus!!

  9. It’s been WAY too long since I’ve made kale chips!!

    My kids pretty much demolished that case of Greek yogurt from Costco. I think I only got my hands on 3 of them! *sigh* ;)

    • I was beyond happy that my fam wasn’t too down with the greek yogurt. “Too thick” for their liking… perfect. More for me! Hiding them in the back of the fridge also helps ;)

  10. Glad u enjoyed your little vacay girl!! Ahh i just went home and seriously soaked it allllll in, aka ate out like every meal and ceased all vegetable intake ;D Good luck getting back into the routine! xo

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