Camp Times

I can’t quite put my finger on it, but something about the cottage (or as we like to call it – Camp) is so enlightening.

Maybe it’s the carefree relaxing, the lack of work, the mental rest.

Maybe it’s the fresh air, the water, the sunshine.

Maybe it’s the family company, the great food, the constant laughs.

Maybe it’s the memories. Maybe it’s not one thing. Maybe it’s everything.

It’s definitely everything. 

A weeklong stay at my grandparents’ cottage was the perfect way to wind down the summer. Now back to reality I feel a little sad that it’s over, but refreshed and renewed. And tanned, definitely more tanned.

The days were well spent reading, swimming and sauna-ing, eating, visiting and celebrating. My cousin’s wedding topped off the ending of one very lovely week. One is never quite enough, but I had a good fill.


One of the pluses of an early morning flight – Sunrises like this:



I dropped the ball on photographing most of this trip. I’ll chalk it up to just enjoying the moments as they happened, with my own two eyes. But that’s a bit of a cop out, I wish I had taken more. Guess that just means I’ll have to go back!

Obviously I couldn’t miss out on capturing early mornings on the dock, though. Lakeside coffee = bliss.


And we can’t forget “Halloween” on the lake. Trick or treating in boats? Genius. The little monster was all ready for his candy collection (and we slightly older kids may have reaped some of the benefits).


New baby love kept everyone quite entertained. There is little more adorable than a fresh cooing cousin getting bathed on the deck in a metal basin. Ohemgee. Clearly that is not a metal basin in the picture, but my brother was pretty fond of holding this little munchkin.


The main event of the trip fell on Friday – Wedding Time! Congrats Craig & Jackie!

They had a perfect day for it. The weather couldn’t have been better.



A party bus took them around the city for photographs after the ceremony. While the wedding party posed their poses, I let the professionals do their job and instead captured some brilliant surfing parasailers flying through the air and catching the waves. So. Awesome.



Then it was time to get our Party Rock on. And Party Rock was definitely in the house that night. All. Night. Long.

Last minute touch ups in the hotel room and then it was off to the gala!





Table 16 was a winner.


And it was there that we indulged in a menu (aka dancing fuel) of:

Creamy Mushroom Soup

An unidentifiable but tasty salad of asparagus, spring mix, feta, olives (I tried yet again to enjoy one of these but I couldn’t do it. No dice on the olive love) and a creamy dressing. Variation on Greek?


Chicken stuffed with asparagus and sun dried tomatoes, garlic mashed potatoes, gravy and green beans.


A luscious lemon tart with whipped cream, berries and custard…

IMG_2100… complete with hearts!


And then of course there were the ever-flowing drinks. Let’s not talk about how well that served me the next morning. Open bar + rarely drinking anymore = recipe for disaster.

But it sure was a blast that night. My sparkly dancing shoes were going full force.

And now with a fresh and rested mind, it’s time to use this mental energy to start thinking about some changes that need to be made. Let’s get a move on, Life.

Thanks TBay and my lovely Fam Jam for the great times and memories. Until next time!