Food Hog Backlog

Several weeks and several thousands of bites later, I have a photo or twenty that finally feel like making their way out into the open. I figured I’d help them along.

You know that whole Quest bar trend, and how everyone says they’re “omgbestbaryou’llevereatever!”?

Maybe not the best idea to buy an on sale, almost expired Quest bar online as your first attempt at jumping on that bandwagon. I nearly chipped two molars. These bars do not hold up well stale.

IMG_3725(For the record, I’ve tried a fresher variety with much better results, though not totally sold on their holy grail-ness just yet.)

This Perfect Fit Protein bar was also a new try, luckily with some easy on the teeth results. Tastes a lot like a chocolate chip Larabar.


Visible chocolate chips right in there, I’m sold.


I’ve had a few Greek salads this past month, a hardcore Kristie favourite, clearly. Minus the olives. ALWAYS minus the olives. Yet I still try to eat one every.single.time. Why? Apparently after a certain number of tries, you can learn to like a food. I’ve tried olives many many times. If it hasn’t happened by now, it ain’t gonna happen. 


Salads (non-Greek) that include pictures before I demolished them:




Sauteed kale, runny egg and squash with…. blackcurrant dijon mustard? What don’t they put in mustard these days?IMG_2295

Everything’s better with Greek yogurt.… except my skin. I’ve noticed a direct correlation between the state of my breakouts and the amount of yogurt I’m eating. That and throat clearing. Yep, I’m that annoying “ehem hem, HEM cough hem” person. Unfortunately this means I don’t buy it all that much anymore. Yet I still manage to crave it every day. EVERY day. Geez dairy, why you gotta be so mean?

IMG_3759IMG_3764 IMG_2303

Whey protein in smoothies seems to be hit or miss. Sometimes it destroys my stomach, sometimes it’s just dandy. So I still frequently experiment with different kinds/brands etc.

I ordered a few tasty protein samples online to try from (Still working through them).

IMG_3767 IMG_3777

I also heard great things about this North Coast Naturals Whey Protein Isolate so I’ve been having that in my breakfast smoothies a lot lately. Big fan of this one and it seems to be just fine on my stomach so we’re looking at a repeat purchase from this brand.

IMG_3793 IMG_3815

There was also a time, a couple weeks ago, when I ate only fruit for a few days (in this case, tomatoes + avocados = fruit).

IMG_2324 IMG_2344

Felt nice and clean at that particular moment, but ultimately didn’t do much for me other than make me eat my weight in peanut butter and pumpkin-shaped cheeseballs mere days later.

Banana Granola Peanut Butter? Come on, Kraft, you’re killing me. No one person needs to consume this much peanut butter in two days (it almost happened). I’ve currently enabled a temporary peanut butter ban. It hurts, but so does sitting in can’tbreathtight jeans all day. And I apparently have no self-control.  Cold turkey it is!

IMG_3804 IMG_3799

And yes I did make a cheeseball in the shape of a pumpkin on a spider webbed plate for Halloween. Oh you fancy huh.


And now I’m working at home alongside the scents of Cider Lane while trying to stay warm in my freezing cold household and contemplating how realistic it would be to attempt a sugar cut down right before the holiday season. My sweet tooth is taking over my sanity. It’s getting bad. Like “I just ate stale marshmallows and don’t even like marshmallows” bad. Whomp whomp.


At least it’s Friday!


What’s So Special About That?

Well well well. What do we have here?

IMG_3398“Alright, it’s a Clif bar. And?”

Just note the ‘NEW’. And the flavour name – Coconut Chocolate Chip. THAT…that is special.

IMG_3402THIS Vega Vanilla Almondilla protein powder? $10 bucks off at Rexall with an in-store coupon. Savvy shopping (or good in-store sign reading) ForTheWin.

IMG_3419THIS was my first roasted kabocha/buttercup (I’ll never truly figure out the difference between the two) of the Fall season. Massacred and thrown on top of a spinach bed. And boy, was it good.

IMG_3415THIS is just a plate of steamed broccoli and spinach, sweet potato and egg sautéed in coconut oil. However, it was my first time sautéing in coconut oil and that makes this an extra special dish.

IMG_3456THIS is a smoothie. But not just any smoothie, a smoothie made with… Frozen strawberries, red bell pepper, apple, lemon and a pinch of cayenne.

I get the green/vegetable juice thing, and the green juice with fruit added thing. That’s not new, and as much as the body might love it, it’s not really that special. But something about strawberries red pepper seemed extra strange. And in this glass, strange is special. We like strawberry and red pepper strange. Strawberry and red pepper is a refreshing, good strange.

IMG_3460THIS? This is a wrap. But not just any wrap. (Aside from the fact that it looks like a murder scene…) It’s a wrap that contains egg whites, salsa, sriracha and “cheese”. But not just any cheese (I feel like I’m getting repetitive…), nacho-flavoured fake cheese made from tofu! I’d never dabbled in the faux vegan cheese world before, but when it hits me in the face with a bright pink 50% sticker, I will take the plunge, expiry date looming or not.

IMG_3467And the taste? Quite like a firm, cheesy flavoured tofu? It’s interesting, but I’m kinda digging it.

IMG_3376It was also made on these new-to-me Joseph’s Flax, Oat Bran and Whole Wheat Tortillas. For a good-sized tortilla with only 70 calories a pop, I’d buy these on the regular if they were sold in grocery stores (But alas, they are not, and I ordered them online).

And that was the Monday edition of special eats, sure not to become a repeat Monday special, but special enough for this particular Monday.

What’s on the menu for tomorrow?
A big, heaping plate of fresh OCTOBER! #newmonthlove

Plethora of Pictures: Products Edition

A Plethora of Pictures Post coming at you.

The maximal amount of food (etc) pictures I have just chillin’ in my “Camera” folder from the last ten days is causing me stress sweats. The minimal amount of thoughts of a unique, dynamic and thrilling nature roaming my mind is also causing me stress sweats. I’m gently knocking to the ground these two birds with this one stone post by throwing down a lot of pictures from the past weekish without too much (or any) deep, insightful thought to accompany them. Bare with me.

Today we’ll start with the product pictures edition. Next post will be the plates edition so as to break up the insanity and not completely overwhelm you. I tend to be a little overwhelming.

And GO!



I’ll never stop loving on Mr. PC and his presidential choices.

Such as this new awesome salad dressing. Take ranch. Combine it with SALSA. What’s not to like?


(No I did not put the Salsa Ranch dressing on the peanut butter cookies behind it. Nor on the kiwis. It’s good but I do have boundaries)

Instead – Salsa Ranch on my salad. That seems about right.


This dressing may single-handedly be the reason my shorts are snug. Though it probably had a little help from Mr. Peanut Butter Jar.

I don’t think it was his white corn & black bean salsa that made it into the salsa ranch dressing since there were no bean nor corn chunks to be found in said dressing. There were plenty in this jar though, making it an incredibly satisfying topping for my rice crackers and tortilla chips…and also making it disappear in one day. This house likes its salsa.



Back in the day (maybe two years ago now) I used to buy this PC Vanilla Soy Protein Powder. Then I eventually accumulated others to try and stopped buying this one. I recently remembered its deliciousness and let it into my life once again. This stuff is so good it can be eaten dry and straight from the container. Not that I’d ever do that or anything…ehem.


It’s also excellent in PUMPKIN. So good stirred into pumpkin.

But mainly it does a mighty fine job in smoothies (duh) – Chilled tea, almond milk, ice, gums, stevia, vanilla soy protein powder and some poor teddy grahams crumbled to their doom.



Products You (Probably) Don’t Want To Eat

My new purple shirt from Costco (they always have some great cheap workout swag) and my new shades from Winners. Both noteworthy because I’m kind of in love with this purple hue and because I’ve been (casually) looking for new sunglasses forever and I finally found a pair that don’t make me look like a dork. First pair I tried on too. Win!


223 - Copy(I’m happier about the purple than I pretend to be)

NEW SHOES. Oh how overdue I was for a new pair of running shoes.
Out with the old (Left), in with the NEW (Right). I don’t even want to talk about how overdue these were. But let’s just say it’s been a while… and considering I run most days… my poor little Asics sure didn’t have much “kick” left in them.


Might partially explain why my runs have been so. darn. exhausting. lately. I have high hopes for my new babies.

I also bought about 900 other things in the past two days and now my wallet aches. The main NEED was the running shoes though, so checking that off my list dried up a small patch of my stress sweats.


Barney. Okay so he’s not quite a product but I have been catching up on the most recent season of How I Met Your Mother since it’s one of my favourite shows and I so rudely threw it to the wayside during school. And then forgot about it.



So that was only a mini plethora. I spared you a hundred pictures of raw vegetables covered in salsa ranch and me looking rough and tough flexing in my new hot pink workout top (one of those other 900 purchases I mentioned above). The former you will get to see in my next post though. I know you’re excited.


What is your most recent purchase?
And your favourite salad dressing?

Minimal Labour

How was everyone’s fine long Labour Day weekend… aka basically the final weekend of summer?!

Shock gasp horror

baby,child,shocked,surprise-050a14799191fe35f573375de5b059de_h20081023132745 tumblr_l4aq62TA4T1qcsae1o1_500_large

I still can’t get over the fact that it’s already September… and a week in already at that.

And that I start back to classes in a week. Welcome Fourth and Final Year oh boy. I think I’m ready for it though… bring it on books.



My weekend wasn’t terribly adventurous.

It involved chilly and peaceful mornings.


Accompanied by warm and comforting breakfasts.

Simple stovetop banana oats with peanut butter and raspberries

027 028

Soft and chewy whole wheat pbjb waffles with fresh cantaloupe

002 010


The weekend was actually quite laden with peanut butter.


As well as vast amounts of roasted buttercup squash. I just can’t get enough, I just can’t get enough. I cooked up a big sucker yesterday… and not a trace remains.


It was less laden with other vegetables, though I tried to stomach them where I could. I think I’m in a vegetable rut. I’m just not loving them as much lately. Sigh!

015 061 023


There was a bit of shopping (along with some sweet deal scores!) that happened.

I found this Living Raw Food book in the book section of an antique marketplace at our farmer’s market. Perfection condition $12. Done! I’m clearly not a raw foodist but I find it to be an interesting way of eating and this book seems to have some great recipes as well as a whole slew of good clean food information, so I couldn’t pass it by.


Not so raw but an equally good deal, Designer Whey Double Chocolate Protein Powder for $8 on clearance. I love Winners.


And a retro bar night of drinks and 80s tunes probably happened last night. Black Sunday, busiest night of the year at this particular hole in the wall bar. Can’t miss it.

tumblr_l1bgacwvVA1qzm0c5o1_400_large tumblr_l58cfcyKif1qaab0to1_500_large


And of course, a little recipe testing had to happen as well.

Vegan with a Vengeance (which first introduced me to TVP) delivered my TVP-filled dinner tonight in the form of TVP Veggie Burgers.



This probably would have been much more successful with tiny TVP chunks (mine were the large ones) and much more finely diced vegetables. They barely held together so the whole “burger” concept was basically shot.

I managed to get one lone burger to stay together.


(The left white blob is mashed potato and the right white blob is mashed cauliflower mixed with laughing cow, dijon mustard and ff sour cream… mmm)


The taste is still, well… tasty, so the remainders shall be eaten fork style. Or maybe wrap style! Endless possibilities. Ish.


I also had a request for da mom for fresh baked granola. So of course I delivered. And this batch got a standing ovation.

Welcome home Averie’s Vegan Gluten & Soy-Free Granola.


I completely de-veganized it by using normal butter. That is what we’ve got. And I threw in a handful of pumpkin seeds and raisins. Cooked it for 15 minutes.
And I halved it. You know, just in case it didn’t turn out…

What was I thinking? This one took over first place as favourite homemade granola recipe so far!


Perfectly crunchy, satisfyingly sweet.

How do you spruce up your veggies and make them more exciting when you’re just not feeling them?

Highlight of your long weekend?


              Have a terrific