Plethora of Pictures: Plates Edition Part 2

Random food pictures part 1?

Here’s some more. No sentiments, just pics.

Breakfast Time

Fibre One cereal with frozen banana, cocoa powder and almond milk



Strawberry smoothie


Strawberry cocoa smoothie with Chocolate Cheerios and red toes


Strawberry spinach smoothie


Coffee cocoa spinach strawberry smoothie in a peanut butter jar


And since this peanut butter jar is clearly now empty, I am out of peanut butter. How to solve such a dilemma? Take the easy route and buy another jar? Or…

Make a fresh batch of almond butter –>Better plan.


This smoothie got coned. And then the cone got…smoothied? Smoothies are about 1.3x more fun when eaten out of a cone.



Greens and Misc Garb

Raw veg and cold potato morning snack with salsa ranch dressing and the end of Eat, Pray, Love


Greens salad topped with potoato bites, salsa, crumbled turkey burger and hummus


Spinach and slaw salad topped with sundried tomato tuna


Another random pile of vegetable junk.


Kale Salad Oh She Glows style


Turkcauli burgers with mustard, baked potatoes, greek salad


Baked potato stuffed with hummus, spinach, melty cheddar, and topped with sour cream


Sweet and white potatoes and broccoli roasted in sundried tomato vinaigrette


Couscous and mixed bean salad with red onion, red pepper, cucumber and the same sundried tomato vinaigrette as I roasted the above potatoes in. (I was using up the bottle since it was a little gag-worthy on top of salads but worked significantly better when tossed among other more substantial foods.)


Some of those earlier roasted potatoes on top of some kale dressed in balsamic vinegar.


Grilled chicken Petita from Pita Pit stuffed with a garden of veggies and honey mustard (I usually get baba ghanoush but I find it doesn’t hold me over very long so I thought chicken might do a better job. It didn’t really, and I missed my baba.)


Veggie burger salad: cabbage slaw, tomatoes and pickles topped with a grilled veggie burger and grilled potatoes, all of which were topped with ketchup and mustard latticework.


Raspberry almond butter cookies based off of Lauren’s cashew blueberry recipe. (like my appealing bitten and battered display?)


Aforementioned cookies with apple slices and black coffee



And to end it all on a simple summer note: a popsicle


Good times.


Back to slightly more regular/less giant food recap style posting…soon? As long as this food relationship of mine starts becoming a little less abusive. Food and I are really going through a rough patch right now. I’m very resentful of him and his taunting ways. Time to start laying down the law!

Or…something. I think a baking hiatus is in order. All of my half assed, half delicious attempts that no one else cares to touch are doing nothing more than finding their way into the garbage disposal that is my stomach, their then crushed and condensed remains housing themselves snuggly onto my thighs. And along a similar note, a sugar hiatus would also be very helpful, though likely less plausible. A sugar decrease, however, is not an entirely crazy idea.


**Recommendations for a desperate food addict needing to tone the insatiable sugar cravings down? Aside from a kick in the bum and a hefty dose of willpower, those are (sad) works in progress.


I can’t stop complaining about this relationship until Food and I are finally on the same page again, what can I say. It’s an arranged marriage with divorce as a non-option so somehow we’re gonna have to make it work.


Snug Shorts

Today I want to talk about my SHORTS.

Or shorts that kind of look like my shorts (weheartit)

More specifically, the fact that many of them don’t fit very well.


This summer has been a little less than eventful so far, leading to minimal adventure and quite a bit of hanging around at home.

Too much hanging around at home leads to too much snacking.

Too much snacking, well… that can lead to weight gain.

It’s real, it’s inevitable, yet it’s preventable. And I haven’t put in nearly enough effort trying to prevent it. To put it simply, I’ve gotten lazy. Not with physical exercise (I still do it nearly every day),  but with exercising my eating willpower. I haven’t been exercising my willpower much at all lately and it’s one “trouble zone” that needs regular workouts.

I’m not a naturally skinny person. I don’t have a skyrocketing metabolism. In order to stay fit and healthy I need to exercise regularly and watch what I eat. I will always have to watch what I eat to some extent. I’ve realized it (the hard way), I acknowledge it, and I generally try to put it into practice.


Salads and veggies will always be everyday staples.


But when I’m kind of bored, kind of lonely, and kind of in that lull space of “what’s next”, that darn willpower gets pretty sluggish.

As a consequence, I don’t think…I just eat.

I’ve generally still been eating fairly healthy. But it’s QUANTITY that’s the issue. There is zero benefit to my body or my appetite by shoving my hand blindly time after time into the cereal box. By dunking uncountable amounts of tortilla chips blindly into the salsa jar(… or the guacamole, or the hummus, or heck, even the cream cheese). By eating fingerful after fingerful of oatmeal raisin cookie dough (okay, maybe that one gets an exemption, the occasional dose of cookie dough is quite lovely for sanity and nostalgia).


Those BLTs (Bites, Licks & Tastes) are the main culprits. And they’ve been overtaking my days, hours, and minutes.

(Yes, I’m looking at YOU cereal and random freezer goodies that I’ve been clearing out like it’s my job)



(*NOTE: these pictures are not representative of quantities consumed. Not even remotely)


I don’t like feeling like I’m carrying a food baby.

I don’t like not being able to just slip on and zip up my shorts without a second thought.

I don’t like my “cottage cheese thighs”.

Blah. Blah. Blah.


I know I’m not “fat”. I know I’m still fit and healthy. I exercise regularly, I fuel regularly, and my body can do plenty. For that, I love it.

What I don’t love is the fact that I’m not giving it the care and stability it deserves. It doesn’t want to be crammed with food to the point of being overfilled, tired and sluggish. I don’t want to feel bloated full of sugar, carbs and sodium. My body wants and craves balance and I’ve been denying it that. It’s rebelling, physically and mentally. It’s telling me that it’s about time to smarten up.

My weight is healthy. *I* am healthy. I don’t “live by the scale” or care a great amount about the numbers. That being said, I know I’d feel just slightly more confident if I could gain back some of the control and willpower to make choices that were smarter and more in tune with my body… and to slip my shorts on again without sucking in.

Each day is different. Some days are better, smarter, and more eating savvy than others. But I want to aim for every day to be a day I can be satisfied with. Those days can, and WILL, continue to include everything I enjoy eating. It will just be done more consciously, slower, and NOT standing at the fridge digging my hands into jars and containers (How sanitary is that anyway? I’m not a cave(wo)man!).

My “guidelines” are subject to many exemptions. Watermelon? Always edible in mass quantities straight from the container.



No diets. No “I’m going to eat three salads a day!”. Just paying attention and practicing the words “no”, “enough” and “it’ll still be there later” (unless I encounter the unfortunate scenario where I go back “later” to find out that my brother finished “it” off. Always disappointing).

In honour of Wasting Not, I finished up the last of my spaghetti squash “pizza” style: spaghetti squash mixed with liquid egg whites and cooked in a pan for the “crust”, topped with jarred pasta sauce mixed with Frank’s Buffalo sauce and some light mozzarella.


See, cheese is game, of course. The difference – this round I measured out one serving rather than estimating one and eating two more by the handful while prepping my meal. Will Power’s mini exercise #1 of the day. Gotta whip him into shape!

Oh and that mound on the side? The last bits of spaghetti squash mixed with a dollop of plain yogurt and…cheese powder. Sorry but this was GOOD. Just like KD!


I’m not perfect. I don’t want to be (No such thing anyway, lets be reasonable). I just want to enjoy my food again. It’s a simple enough desire and it’s gonna happen.  And now I have to keep myself accountable since I spelled it all out here. Oh the pressure. Hear that Will Power? Time to sweat!


What do you do when your shorts start feeling snug?
Which healthy habits make you feel your BEST?

Clear the Fog. Raid the Kitchen.

Life works in funny ways sometimes. I went from zero job prospects to suddenly hearing from four different places in one week, all coincidentally right after convocation. Something about the occurrence of the official graduation must have kick-started the trend eh? Coincidence? Strange.

No solid news on anything yet but it feels good to at least be finally getting some feedback. I’ve been hardly employed since school ended and it sure is draining on the psyche –> The post-grad fog sounds about right.


The “fog” has been leaving me a little drained, a little down. Nothing too extreme, but that unfortunately leaves little excitement to yap about.

What does one (ME) tend to do when feeling drained?


Raid kitchen.

Eat cereal.


Honey Nut Chex is addicting. And I thought I loved it…until I kept eating it. Today, as I was nearly finishing off the last bits of the bag I realized that, you know what, I don’t actually love it that much. It’s a tad too sweet. The crunch – bang on. But otherwise I was just eating it to eat. I like my cereals on the blander side. Unless of course they’re granola.


Sadly, my cupboard raiding also brought me to this:




NO! My Chocolate Amazing Grass powder has officially come to its end. When I first tried this stuff I wasn’t exactly wowed but eventually I came to love it! (Best = mixed into overnight oats) But alas, it is no more. And likely won’t be for a while (This stuff is pricey!).


Kitchen raiding helped me rediscover these gems I bought a little while ago at an Asian market.


Vegetarian curry chicken. I know it says it’s vegetarian…and I know the ingredients say they’re made from soy… but I swear these HAVE to be chicken. They’re even pinkish on the inside!


Either way, they’re delicious. And I’m not a vegetarian so I wouldn’t be devastated if they secretly were chicken.

I’ve been eating them atop big bowls of kale… and just by the handful.




And when you’re at work and don’t have a kitchen to raid – eat sweets.

[So I said I’ve been hardly employed. That’s because I still work at a motorcycle shop. For my dad – I’m the pro bookkeeper. But it’s only once, maybe twice a week because I’m just so pro that I get everything done way too fast ;)]

Two-day old Timbits are fair game. The blueberry ones stay surprisingly fresh! I still haven’t decided if this is a good thing…


Clif bars are great in situations of desperate hunger. Luckily I keep one stashed in my car at all times. Or did. This was the emergency one. I guess I better restock or I’ll be plum of out of luck during my next gnaw arm off scenario.


Myoplex Lite bars are…less great.



Good in a pinch but let’s be honest, hardcore protein bars just aren’t that good in general. I have yet to try one that doesn’t taste at least somewhat fake and chalky. I’ll stick with Clif, Larabar or plain old granola bars for my emergency snacks.


But my ideal snacks come from the fridge rather than the depths of my purse or glove compartment. I’m not a huge bar eater if I’m at home.

But a smoothie in a cone?


Yes please. I’ll take two. Or five. Or just keep refilling the cone until the last drop of smoothie has been drunk.


(I saw this genius idea on some blog at some point during the past month or so. LOVE it.)

But if I’m not feeling the scoop and slurp, smoothie in a glass will always do.



And if I’m not feeling bars OR liquids –

Fruits, veggies, cheese…



…and mass handfuls of tortilla chips dunked into salsa and zucchini guacamole all make for excellent snacks as well.



Do you find that the less you’re doing, the less you tend to want to do?
I sure do. When I don’t have enough to fill my time, I get more drained and have less energy and motivation than when I’m keeping busy. It’s a vicious cycle and it sure isn’t very rewarding. Coffee, sunshine, long walks, long bike rides and good workouts in general definitely help though.

If you could pick only ONE snack to eat for the rest of the month, what would it be?
I’m thinking smoothies since they’re filling and summer appropriate. But I’ll cheat a little and say smoothie in a cone or smoothie topped with cereal since I need a little crunch in there too for optimal snacking satisfaction.

Fun Facts Friday

A little while ago Allison passed along the One Lovely Blog Award to me.


Thanks Gal!

So since it’s Friday (and I have a thing for alliterations), it seems like the perfect time to honour this with:


Fun Facts Friday

But instead of all 7 facts specifically about moi, here’s 7 random tidbits of the moment that are connected to me in some way, shape, or form.


1. The seeds of morning glories contain the psychoactive alkaloid d-lysergic acid amide that can be modified into LSD. Taken in large doses, they act as serotonin-like hallucinogens that can induce religious/spiritual experiences


(Right now I’m studying for my psychology Drugs & Behaviour exam on Monday. Anything you could ever want to know about drugs…I learned in this class. I feel a little too informed)


2. As if you’re not pumped up enough for summer already, this prescription will make you fall asleep dreaming about beaches, sandals, and sunshine.


This also happens to come from one of my favourite pep-me-up sites. Miss Gala Darling has such a zest for life.


3. The best breakfast accompaniment? Natural sunlight.



And if you look closely, that would be two different mornings of breakfast sitting atop the exact same magazine page. Guess I didn’t make any progress with that magazine these past couple days.

[#1 = chopped apple + strawberries, Corn Bran cereal + puffed rice, plain yogurt]
[#2 = overnight oats: oats, banana, almond milk, chocolate Amazing Grass, crumbled muffin, peanut flour paste a la Julie]


4. The second best breakfast accompaniment, especially on Fridays? Flyers. Am I the only dork that gets excited to read the newest flyers with breakfast at the end of every week? They’re always virtually the same and yet I always look through them. You never know when some spectacular deal just might pop up (ehemconsumerwhoreehem).



5. I could run for hours listening to this song – It will make you sweat.


6. Speaking of sweating…a sweat session, a shower and a spot of makeup are key ingredients in my daily sanity. Without them, I suffer.




7. Yes I am in fact 23, even though half the time I look 17. I still get excited on the rare instances when I don’t get ID’d.



I’m sure everyone and their mother has featured 7 fun-filled facts about themselves by now but if you haven’t, please do it up!

And with that,

Whaddup Weekend! Have a good one!