Kristie’s Guide to Iced Coffee

1. Take a cooled pot of coffee.
You could also use hotter coffee and just set it in the fridge or freezer until it cools down a bit but I usually don’t make my iced coffees until later in the day so I just use the last bits of cold coffee that remain in the pot from the morning


2. Pour the coffee into a Magic Bullet cup 041 043 045

3. Pour skim milk into the coffee
Any milk or milk alternative will do, I just prefer skim because I find it froths up the most and the milky froth is my favourite part.



4. Sweeten with your choice of sweetener
I usually use Splenda but use whatever you prefer. Cinnamon is a tasty addition as well.
049 050

5. Add a couple large cubes of ice
I add more or less depending on how much coffee I’m using. If I’m making a big iced coffee with more liquid then I’ll use more ice.

056 060 061

6. Twist on the Bullet lid, place the cup onto the base and grind it all up until you no longer hear little ice chunks bumping around.


7. Taste it. Add more ice or sweetener and blend again if needed.


8. Enjoy, preferable outside on a hot and sunny day.


One thought on “Kristie’s Guide to Iced Coffee

  1. this is SUCH a smart way to make iced coffee! i literally survive on iced coffee and am always looking for new ways to make it – your *recipe* officially tops my list. so smart and so easy! i can’t wait to make it. and i *might* have to make some rainbow cake to go along with it! ahh looks SO delish.

    p.s. i just stumbled upon your blog and absolutely LOVE it. i feel like we have such similar outlooks on eating. i can’t wait to keep reading. hopefully my blog will be as fabulous as yours is one day!

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