Vroom Vroom

How do you jump casually back into a blog that’s been neglected for months at a time, sustained by hardly a bi-yearly crumb?

Just like this…

So it was a weekend. A three-day weekend to be exact. What a deal!
Friday was right about the perfect day to be free of the indoor work world. Warm but fresh temperatures, clear blue skies, wispy, picturesque clouds (aren’t I visual?) – conditions that could only be soaked up properly with a nice long trail walk to start off the day.
 Post walk “glow” and some al fresco fuelling, then mission #2 of the day – Car shopping.

Can’t lie… car shopping is a chore! Especially when you’re used to driving decade-old vehicles. Oh my precious clunkers… this whole process has made me a stress ball. Then again, let’s be honest…that’s nothing out of the ordinary.

Played with a few photo effects along the country roads while heading to my car browsing destination. Who needs $$$ camera lenses when your point-and-shoot can do the FISH EYE?


IMG_1790While car browsing, I found myself a cute little peppy ride that I kind of loved and kind of hemmed and hawed over… a lot. Decisions, decisions.

My brain worked hard and all that thinking activity needed some re-energization via Costco’s chicken fajita thin crust pizza (and by thin I mean thin. This was essentially on a tortilla. Fitting with the fajita theme I suppose)  and kale salad.

The rest of the weekend was a non-threatening and non-destructive whirlwind of working at my “side gig” (Hi Dad :)), gym time, clothes shopping, car test driving, and wearing my vocal cords thin with incessant chatter about car choice pros and cons. I had two final, neck and neck contenders who were both throwing a mighty series of punches. My family is likely already dreading the next time I have to make some moderately large life decision. Sorry fam!
IMG_1826 - Version 2
Naturally there was lots of smoothie action in the long weekend mix. Two protein powders in one shake….living on the wild side.
IMG_2901 IMG_2908 IMG_2911 IMG_2915
So my long weekend came and went, I changed my mind 2074 times, and after many a sleepless night (Okay just one. And it was more like a sleepless hour, but it felt long), I finally purchased a car and finished up the million other steps that went along with it. If all goes well, I should have it pedal to the medalled by tomorrow evening, and I’ll no longer have to drive around fearing that the whole bottom of my car is going to fall out upon every hit pothole.

So why does my chest still feel like it’s being crushed by a large concrete block?! Introducing some kind of mediation routine into my life might not be the worst thing I could do for myself…

This week, I also happened to start a seven day “cleanse” that involves a lot of fruit, vegetables and protein. I’ve done it before and felt great. Not been feeling so great lately, so no time like the present to see what kind of magic bucketloads of nutrients can do again.

That being said, last time I was all about sticking to it to a T. This time I’m much (much) more lax.
Monday was fruit day. So I ate 2x my weight in fruit….
…and some leftover egg noodles at lunch. And some roasted chicken at dinner. Wait…chicken’s not a fruit?! My mistake…
Whoever thought starting a cleanse the same week as making a large decision was a good idea (umm…I guess that’d be me) is severely cracked. Chicken becomes fruit, french fries become vegetables (hey, at least they were baked), and little chocolatey balls made of dried fruit and nuts become… shoved down pie hole with reckless abandon.

But even with chocolate balls, and french fries…and sugary peanut butter…. I’m still eating ridiculous amounts of fresh stuff for the majority of my intake. At least Monday to Wednesday so far.

Drive along and cleanse on!


4 thoughts on “Vroom Vroom

  1. Love your blog and I’m glad I keep you in my reader for your random updates! :)

    What’s the cleanse you were doing? Sounds interesting. I need something to kick me in the butt cuz I keep eating things that I know give me indigestion need to give my digestive tract a break!

    • Aw thanks! It’s nice to know that someone’s still kicking around even with all my sporadic-ness ;)

      The cleanse was a 7 day thing that I followed based on these: http://www.my7daydiet.com/before_7_day_diet.html http://health-heaven.tumblr.com/post/17089615944/what-do-you-think-of-gms-diet But adapted a bit to my liking (eg. I’m not huge on beef so day 5+6 were just protein in general instead (chicken, fish, eggs).

      I found it worked really well for me the first time I did it and I felt great going a week with no added sugars, dairy, wheat etc etc. This time though I finished about 5 days at 75% effort and then just scrapped it. I found out that I really have to have the ‘oomph’ and motivation to do it in order to follow through. It’s easy enough to do when you really WANT to do it. But this time around I wasn’t really feeling it and just doing it cause I felt like I “needed” it. That mentality didn’t get me very far! So maybe sometime in the near future I’ll give it another go when I’m actually genuinely motivated towards it :)

  2. Welcome back :). It’s a funny coincidence I decided to update my long-not-used Newsfox [I switched to Bloglovin’] and you just happened to have posted. Well, a while back again already now but still.
    Congrats on finding a car! “My family is likely already dreading the next time I have to make some moderately large life decision” <- story of my life. Our poor families ;).
    I hope everything's going well in your life!
    Oh, in case you're wondering: I might not have commented before but had been reading your blog for while until you stopped.

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