What’s New in January?

I think I’m about due for one of my two-a-year updates. Welcome 2013!

I could talk about the two main camps of New Years Resolutions – You’re either into them and writing up a whole laundry list of things to accomplish in this brand spankin’ New Year, or you don’t really do the resolution thing and you carry on with your fresh days of 2013 as you would have if they were still a part of 2012.

I don’t think I’ll get into that though. Everyone else has done it enough already. But for the record, I stand more in group #2.

That being said, I do like that fresh feeling a new year brings. Even if I don’t set any specific year-long resolutions to meet. And I did happen to introduce a few new mini challenges and activities to this first month of the new year.

1. SPIN – I had tried it before a couple years ago. Loved it but only tried it on a trial gym membership and that died after a month (21 days, $21!) so… so did my spin experience. Now that I have a real gym membership, I finally brought some spin back into my life a couple weeks ago and am I ever glad I did.

2. DODGEBALL – Oh yes.  A regular 6th grade pro (*cough*…or not), this game all but disappeared from my life well over ten years ago and with my recent joining of a dodgeball team, I’m bringing the skills back! …Now if I could only learn to throw…

3. PCS – Rotating sessions of 100 pushups, crunches or squats every day. I did this successfully a while back. Tried again last month (not quite as successfully) but now I’m in it for the haul!

4. Photo-a-day – As it sounds. One photo, every day. No topics or leading words. Just snapping a photo of something every single day. I’m sure not doing this to portray my glamourous life (especially considering every single photo has been taken in the comfort of my own home, of things directly in front of me – like my water bottle or an awkward figurine of a duck), nor to improve my photography skills (as is evidenced by the photos). It’s more of an exercise in discipline – Can I complete it?


And, well… I’ve already missed a couple days so if that’s considered a fail then I guess not. But fortunately for ME! the fact that I’ve managed to pull out the camera and take a picture of something non food-related almost every single day so far, especially considering my camera had been on vacation for a long while before this month, is a pass in my books. And this challenge is ruled 100% by my books. Win!

The rest of January’s in-home visuals so far?

Peering at the winter wonderland first thing in the morning.


Fruit platter in the making.


Bouquets at breakfast.


…Beer at breakfast? (Or rather just one of my brother’s many daily beers of Christmas break).


Christmas florals -poinsettia – as viewed through a tree (Aren’t I artsy).


The aftermath of my breakfast smoothie – Ninja’dIMG_1733

Black coffee and an article about the makers of Holy Crap! cereal (haven’t tried it yet but I’ve seen it on the shelves and sure am more tempted now). Great little startup!


This bulb hangs out in my fake bedroom tree year-round. Who said bulbs in trees were Christmas-exclusive?


My daily dose of apple cider vinegar and gummy multivitamins.


My keyboard is dazzling.


As is the decor atop my dresser. I heart glitter.


My saving grace on the days I work from home in the most ice-frigid room of the house.


Dinner anyone? (Oops. I was trying to avoid taking food pictures for my photo of the day. But food prep doesn’t count. As I’ve officially ruled right now.)


My sputtering Blackberry that likes to die on me at random after bare minimal use. New battery currently in the mail. New phone upgrade due… soon? Please?!


Chugging water all day, ‘er day.


How the heck am I going to find another two weeks worth of awkward household objects to take pictures of? The real challenge begins…


10 thoughts on “What’s New in January?

    • OH I’m a chronic shoe picture-taker. I just added a foot picture to my rounds (ew? ha!). I really need a get a pet (golden retriever puppy please!), if only for the photo-ops. Okay, mainly for the cuddles. But the photo subject matter would be a huge bonus :)

  1. Are you thinking of going to BB 10 when it’s time for a phone upgrade? Is BB still popular in Canada? I hear it’s doing well in the UK and in India, but it’s hurting badly here in the US. I’m a loyal BB user, but am concerned that BB 10 may lose some of the best features, like the QWERTY keyboard.

    • To be honest, I think I’m about ready to move away from the BB. It’s still semi-popular around here but it’s losing out quite a bit to the iPhone. And now that I’ve finally joined the Apple world and got a Macbook within the past year, I think my next phone might have to go the Apple route. I’ll see how the reviews for the new BB go once it’s released and decide for sure when the time for a new phone comes. I do still appreciate the BB for its keyboard feature so we’ll see how things go once it introduces the touch screen.

      • Yeah, I’ve heard similar things about BB in Canada.

        With the 100 PCS routine, do you take any days off? You do the 100 reps of PCS in addition to your normal workout for the day? Hope you reach your fitness goals for the year!

      • For the 100 reps, no I don’t take any days off. They aren’t consecutive reps though, usually sets of 25 or 50 at a time, sometimes spread throughout the day. They are in addition to my regular workouts, but really 700 added reps in a week isn’t all that much. I reguarly try to throw in added pushups, squats etc in to my day anyway, this little “challenge” just keeps me more structured and consistent with it. Thanks AJ!

  2. Also, I used to wake up every other morning when I lived in San Fran to spin and it’s amazing – I wish you lived closer to MD so we could take a class together and get our asses whoooooped!

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