Bake it ’til You Make it.

During the day I do this thing referred to as a desk job. You know, that ‘9-5 plug away in front of computer screen sitting in cubicle’ stint (mine’s 10-6:30 but that’s beside the point)…(*coughselloutcough*).

Often when I get home I’m simultaneously tired yet antsy (sitting all day really revs up those ants in the pants). Typically I’ve already done my workout for the day (6:45 AM baby!) and doubling up on dripping sweat sessions just isn’t likely (sorry mushy tushy).

Lately, with the lovely warm weather and the sunshine’s late bedtime hour, evening walks with my jams are my go-to to wind down the pant ants. There’s little more calming and therapeutic than a long evening walk with blasting tunes and setting sun. And if I really had a bad day, loud angry music and stomping steps are practically active meditation.

But on those nights when the clouds are heavy or I’m just extra hungry (or can’t ignore my rampant sweet tooth…so basically every night), nothing cures the post-work oxymoronic needs for calm yet stimulation like a good dose of baking. Soothing yet frantic. Relaxing yet chaotic.

I probably bake more than I should for sitting on my derrière for my entire day. But I use 98% “healthy” recipes so it’s okay, right? The poor derrière might not agree (especially since it’s rare that anyone else around here besides me will touch my “special” treats) but I’ll bet my nutrient load is spectacular.


I like really simple recipes that I can throw together and have baked and finished in no time flat. Really like. NO fuss = GOOD.

If your recipe includes pumpkin, egg whites, applesauce, yogurt or cocoa powder, I’ll probably try it (I never said my standards were high). If it’s a muffin, I’ll especially probably try it.

If it includes protein powder… I might not. I’ve had some pretty failed attempts at protein powder and baking. I know, I know, it depends on the type yada yada. But anyway, I gave protein powder baking another shot recently and I’m pleased to say, remakes might happen!

Banana Muffins  – My mom tried these… and LIKED them. They have protein powder and coconut flour… and she still liked them. I practically fell over.

I actually made two banana protein powder muffin recipes last week but do you think I can find the second one? Of course not. I do have a picture though. They collapsed in the middle but tasted like banana bliss.

There’s also this little “PowerCakes” craze going around that I’m pretty down with. I baked up this beauty but without the carrot … I was too lazy to shred it in the moment, what can I say (I did throw in plenty of spinach though). I captured just about the worst picture ever but don’t trust my photography skills, trust the recipe!

I say I bake a lot but I also mix even more. Mix, combine, meld, whatever you want to call it. I like throwing things together. They don’t necessarily have to come out of an oven.

Example: “Ice Cream” or something like it. Something like That Darn Ice Cream that Katie and Stuft Mama have made me crave for ages now.

So I finally caved and made it (here with cereal and frozen choco bits). I can’t say it goes head to head with a big classic cone of the real stuff, but it’s light and delicious in its own perfect way.

Where was I going with this? Basically I’ve just made a ridiculous amount of food-like things lately as the result of an overdone after work hobby and I felt like sharing a few. There will be more I’m sure.

But for now, it is time to cut off the rambling.

***Help? I also need to figure out a better way to blog. I used to be PC. Now I’ve gone over to the dark Macbook side. But I miss Windows Live Writer! I can’t lie, not a fan of blogging via WordPress. And my google research tells me nothing Mac-compatible even compares blogging software-wise… or $$-wise (free is unbeatable). Recommendations, anything?


2 thoughts on “Bake it ’til You Make it.

  1. I’m so happy your mom enjoyed the recipe!! :) I hope you did as well. Ohh man, I use a mac too so haven’t ever had to compare it to Windows Live Writer, but from what I hear I’m missing out big time. Unfortunately, I just stick to writing posts on wordpress.

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