Chugging Vinegar

So. Where to begin…

How about right in the middle?
My middle.

I just drank some ACV (or Apple Cider Vinegar for all you non-informed) and it’s currently sitting a little unsoundly in middle so it’s on my mind.

There’s some hype around this stuff (just Pinterest-search it, you’ll see)

Apparently if you drink it, it does amazing things for your digestion and immune system (de-bloat!).
Apparently if you wipe it on your face, it’s the best toner on the block.
Apparently if you rinse your hair with it, your hair will shine for days.

I’m sure there have been many positive and negative experiences with all of the above options.

I can only vouch for myself and so far I’ve only tried drinking the stuff. And I drink it almost every day. About a Tbsp plus a dash of cayenne pepper and a dash of cinnamon mixed into a large  glass of cold water.

How does it taste? Like watered down vinegar. Which I kind of like, some (many?) might disagree with me there. Just add more water  though and you’ll be fine. I’ve also mixed it into carbonated lime water and chilled tea.
How does it feel? Kind of awkward. My middle does some flip flops and bizarre churns after every glass. It kind of feels like it’s burning up and there’s a fever in my stomach. I just assume that means it’s working. Maybe it means it’s actually eating my stomach away. If that’s the case, I guess I’ll find out the hard way!
How long have I been doing this? On and off for a few months. Currently on for a month or so…whenever it was that I finally restocked my stash.
So…does it work? Umm…I have no idea. Maybe I’m just not in tune enough with my body to notice what it might have done? Maybe I need to keep at it longer to really know if it’s working its super powers on my insides? On some occasions I do feel de-bloated after drinking it. And I just had a glass after experiencing some coffee-induced stomach churning and I can tell you, the ACV-induced burning is much more pleasant than the coffee nausea so that might mean something.

Whether or not it’s actually doing something, I’m going to keep at it for now. Word on the street sounds promising and I figure it can’t hurt…well, unless it actually is eating away at my stomach. But let’s just say it’s not and go with that. Next step is trying it topically… my Clinique toner just isn’t satisfying my skin’s needs.

What do you think… ACV – Yay or Nay?
And if you’re absolutely opposed to drinking it or splashing it all over your face, you could always just make a salad dressing. 
(Disclaimer: This is an example of false advertising. There is no ACV to be found in this salad. There is store-bought balsamic vinaigrette and salsa, also great salad toppers. I don’t generally use ACV in my salads. Just in my beverages. Though now I feel inclined to make a salad dressing out of ACV. Stay tuned.)

2 thoughts on “Chugging Vinegar

  1. I swear by ACV and I do all of the things mentioned in this post, except make salad dressing! I totally feel the difference after a hair rinse, it’s the cheapest and least irritating toner I’ve found, and it resets my stomach if I need it. I like the Bragg’s brand too because it’s super concentrated, so when you dilute it with water you get twice as much!

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