Floating In

“Stranger. Who dares enter this wasteland after months upon months of desertion?”

This crazy gal.

I’m honest. I miss doing this blog thing, I really do. I have for a long time.

But I didn’t know how to explain where I went. Heck, I still don’t.
I didn’t know how to come back. Heck, I still don’t.

But I miss writing and rambling and all that jazz that comes along with having a blog. So I’m just going to come back without explanation, as truth be told, I really don’t have one. I didn’t sail off on a bold adventure or develop a daring and jam-packed lifestyle. I just got bored and uninspired and decided to trail off. For a while. Quite a while.

I put off writing again as I thought I needed the perfect way to come back.
I put off writing since I just could not come up with that perfect way.
But then I realized something… there is no perfect way. 

Well actually, there is one perfect way… and that’s to just do it (thanks Nike). Come back. Write. Jump in. Nothing else needed.

So here I am. Jumping in. Imperfectly perfect.
The belly flop on the way in was a little painful. But that discomfort fades fast and boy, is the water ever refreshing.

I don’t know exactly what I’ll come back with. Though it doesn’t matter really.  That’s far too many details. All I know is that I’ll be back in and keeping afloat in one way or another.


(found via http://mountainsandbuffalo.tumblr.com/)

Feel free to float alongside, share my paddle board! Just don’t pull it away…my swimming skills could use some work.

So if anybody is still out there… oh HEY!
And if not, no hard feelings (I would have deleted me from my Google Reader ages ago, trust me). I’ll probably just be haphazardly tossing out the ramblings from my head anyway and that could be dangerous to be near. Just kidding!

Or am I…

To conclude: I’m here! And I’m spent.


12 thoughts on “Floating In

  1. So happy you are posting again! I am still a big fan of your blog and wanna see some food pics!! Welcome back :)

  2. Hey Kristie! I hope you are doing OK! :) Missed you! ;) Believe me, you are just as crazy as all of us, so no worries, and — congratulations — you are a human! Looking forward to your posts, whatever they may be about!

  3. Hallo there! I don’t think I have posted comments under this name before, but I’ve been a fan of your blog for a couple of years. I finally started a blog and I’m so happy to read your new entry. And I’m enjoy the nice and cool water :)

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