Over the course of my new working stint so far (which I have still neglected to talk about – sorry about that. One of these days…soon…I hope… However, refer to #1), I have realized a few things:

1. I suck at blogging – Yeah really.
“Oh yeah, I’ll be back to regular blogging soon!”
“Oh yeah, I’ll write this, that, and the other thing about my new work scenario.”
Oh yeah… didn’t happen. I also apparently make false promises. MY BAD.


2. I suck at taking pictures of my food. – Yup, I essentially quit doing it. Once upon a time it was a fun hobby. And then everyone and their mother got a food blog, and a fancy schmancy camera with 10 different lenses, and fancy schmancy light box setups for optimal food photo lighting, and customized layouts to make their blogs sparkle and shine…etc etc etc.

And I did none of that. Hello simplicity. Hello tumbling downward into food blog oblivion. Hello not being excitable enough about the whole trend to do much else about it.

(Not knocking all of the stellar fancy schmancy food blogs out there. It’s pure admiration only, dears. I just don’t quite care enough to go that far myself… at least not right now!)

3. I CAN, in fact, become an early morning exercise superstar.Before, I never quite understood how people could drag their buns out of bed and find the energy enough to get a workout in before the sun rose. But it’s all mental, people. Mental and restful. Get a good night’s sleep (aka reduce your bedtime by an hour or two) and convince yourself that you want to work out in the morning (it’s ridiculously nice to have the workout DONE and the evenings completely FREE) and you’ll get the hang of it in no time. Early morning pre-workout coffee helps too.

(A beach to run on would also be nice)


4. How to make the easiest, fastest poached egg EVER. – I don’t remember where I learned the technique (I’ve read at least 12 internet tutorials for poached eggs over the last year) but here it is:

Take a small ramekin or glass bowl. Fill it halfway with water and add a splash of vinegar. Crack an egg in it and poke the yolk with a fork. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap. Put in the microwave for 45 seconds. Check it, then put it in for another 10-15 seconds. (If I put it in for a minute straight it gets too hard.). Remove from the water with a spoon. Break that egg seal and let the yolky goodness run free.

Voila Breakfast!


A good, ol’ flash in the pan runny egg does the trick too.



5. No amount of green smoothies or citrus fruits can cure my invincible cold. – I’m probably the most hated person at work. I’ve had an undying cough for over two weeks now. I don’t think that’s normal. If I laugh… it immediately turns into a coughing fit. Running… I stop every two minutes to clear out my lungs.


Why so many false promises, green drink of not-so-glory?


Why are you not working your magic, Mr. Orange?! Such a jip. Vitamin C my tushy.

I’m going to try to squeeze myself into the doctor’s tomorrow… by this point I think meds are my only option.


6. Baking is one of my favourite pastimes.Okay fine, so I had this realization a long time ago. But it has only been solidified by the fact that now, even though my free time has been reduced, a good chunk of it still goes towards whipping up some of the many (many) recipes bookmarked on my computer.



Chocococonut Style



Guess who got my brother to eat BEANS in his dessert…and LIKE it…Katie did! With her Deep-Dish Cookie Pie – a MUST make (I halved it and used a normal cake pan and it turned out perfectly…and was gone in a day).


Well folks, the fact that I actually updated this thing is PROGRESS. And in my opinion, any progress is a good thing. So here’s to progress… and hopes upon hopes for more even better progress to come.
(I do miss this but I also hate my suffering-from-senioritis laptop that I still have yet to upgrade. Goal for the next week or so – Buy a MAC!).




12 thoughts on “Realizations

  1. good to hear from you!! hope you’re doing well!! i’ve never heard of that method of poaching eggs but that’s pretty genius. i gotta try it. even in a college dorm room, i have all the tools!! and those muffins look pretty delicious too. i can exercise in the mornings but only after i eat a good breakfast, otherwise morning exercise feels like a total slog!

    take care girl xoxo

  2. Awwh yay glad you did some baking! :) Muffins are just the best things ever hehe!
    I can only exercise in the mornings actually because otherwise I’ll be too tired later in the day to do it or put it off by doing something like shopping haha. If I do it first thing I have the motivation to get it over with so I can do everything else I need to throughout the day :)

  3. lol ive contemplated photographing my food, but seeing as i use my less then stellar camera phone for all pictures.. well thats probably why i have all of 3 readers haha.

  4. Good to hear from you Kristie! You don’t suck at anything girl because it sounds like you are really happy. But yes, I am anxious to hear about your new jobby.

    I forgot about microwaved poached eggs! Thanks for the reminder.

  5. i love baking too!!

    and i totes agree! we have both had blogs for a LONG TIME… more than a lot of bloggers……… and we have always kept them simple….but I like that ! we stay real and true to who we are.


    love you and great job for waking up early and being productive with yo workouts!! :D

  6. Blogging isn’t all about the fancy cameras and shiny layouts – you’ve gotta have content as well. Or readers who want to read whatever you spew, even if it isn’t top notch. If you blog when you feel inspired, that’s what matters. Especially when you have other commitments like work or school – aka my life.

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