Once Upon a TIME

Dearest All of You.

My name is Kristie.


Once Upon a Time I would write here in this very space about the things I ate. Usually I’d post pictures. Sometimes they looked appetizing, other times they did not. But more often than not they satisfied my undying cravings for good eats.

This Once Upon a Time time was characterized by one main premise: Idle Time. Much Idle Time.

But then all of a sudden, from nowhere apparent, this little thing called Life appeared in a cloud of dust, filling the room. It grew and it grew until it consumed Idle Time as I knew it.


With Idle Time’s rapid disappearance I was suddenly transported into a new world, one enveloped by this thing called Work. Time was there too, but not Time as I knew it, not Idle Time. Idle Time was gone. In its place – Filled Time.


This new world with Filled Time was confusing at first. It took some getting used to. It is still taking some getting used to. It is quite a bit different than Idle Time. At first it may seem a little stressful or draining, especially after spending so much time with Idle Time. But you soon come to realize that Filled Time has many benefits.

Filled Time brings productivity. It brings responsibility. It brings social acts. It brings pocket change. It brings a sense of self. And it brings a much greater appreciation of that lost Idle Time that pops its head in every now and again when you seek it out. Idle Time is easily taken for granted when you have too much of it. Lessen the doses and its impact is much more effective.


In going from hardly employed to 3x employed in the past couple months, I’ve come to understand Time a bit better. To understand the great benefits of Filled Time. To budget, savour and appreciate the smaller splashes of Idle Time.

Time is inherently good. Time is your ally, not your enemy. Understand it, treat it well, and use it wisely and it will work in your favour no matter what ratio of Filled to Idle Time you might be experiencing, no matter how much or little of it you might feel that you have.

“Time is on your side.”       ;)



Now for Old Time’s sake, let’s bring in some FOOD.

Starting off with a little Pita Pit Paradise – One fine day a while back I mentioned the beauty of Pita Pita. A fellow blogging companion, Marianne, mentioned a winning combo that I needed to try: The FALAFEL (falafel, feta, tzaziki, hot sauce, pickles and plenty o’ veg). I jotted it down and vowed to try it during my next pita run. Well guess what I ordered the other day when the local Pita Pit had a Customer Appreciation Day (ALL pitas, ANY size for $3.99. OH yeah.)

Check out the goods.




I’ve also been doing the egg thing on these chillier fall mornings.



Egg white omelette with spinach, salsa and swiss on a toasted english muffin? Don’t mind if I do.

Or how about hardboiled style with Frank’s and ketchup?


Along with a glass of sludge here and there (a spinach and blueberry smoothie makes one mean mouth-staining drink).




And of course we wouldn’t truly have fall without some form of fruit crisp, now would we. That would be peach crisp. (We can ignore the fact that this was made when it was actually technically still summer. I couldn’t wait for the official fall season to eat official fall desserts.)



The next Time I’m here I’ll tell you all about Tea, Texans and sore Tushies (all attributable to this new world in the land of Filled Time).

For now, enjoy your Time in the best way you can think up.


Until next Time.


14 thoughts on “Once Upon a TIME

  1. Wow, it’s like you are in my head. I have been really hating on time lately, feeling like it just won’t be my friend. I realize I haven’t been working with it. And, any good relationship takes effort. I will try to be nicer to time, and realize that there are better ways to spend it that won’t make it seem so overwhelming. Beautiful food, by the way. Exactly everything I am craving right now :)

  2. Woooo three jobs! Nicely done! I really like what you said about appreciating idle time when you have a whole lot less of it…there’s nothing like lounging around after a work-filled day with tea and a stack of magazines :)

  3. lovin’ that egg love. it’s so single girl of me to do that haha so i’m lovin’ that lately. i’ve been finding my time filled with not-so-blog things lately too. it’s kind of glorious haha

  4. time…i have the same problem! but it’s a good one to have i think. much better to be too busy with life to blog than have nothing to do but kill free hours with being on the computer. good luck with managing the THREE jobs!

  5. Heck yeah falafel pita from Pita Pit! So good eh? I almost had one for lunch on Thursday. I even walked into Pita Pit on campus and got in line, but they only had one person working and they were moving slower than a sloth, so I gave up and left. But now I want one.

    3 jobs is crazy. But if you are enjoying it, keep doing it :)

  6. That’s a really great perspective on time! I have found myself really hating a lot of the jobs i have done in the past because the filled time was hardly existent and i spent more time doing things that didnt allow me the chance to zone out/focus in on the task. i think i really need that to feel like im being productive uno?

    xoxo <3

  7. kristie, i loved this post! i can totally relate to this, and i think it’s GREAT (and you’re right) that FILLED TIME really helps develop a sense of self. i like busyness and productivity, and while its good to have a balance where i’m not too stressed out, i think i’d rather be too busy than too bored!

  8. I really enjoyed reading this post, especially the filled time versus the idle time comparison. Congrats on being able to juggle the time for 3 jobs and manage to have time to enjoy the good things in life! :)

  9. I love ya girl! I get SO excited when I see a comment from you! I missed you!

    Time does go fast, and life goes fast, so we need to enjoy it to the fullest : )

    I love Pita Pit!! We have one about 20 minutes from us, have not been there in a long time though.

    Happy almost weekend!

  10. mmm peach crisp. pass a plate over here, pretty mama, would you? :)

    ugh! time is right!! I dont even know how I am commenting right now!! life feels like it is moving SOO FAST. October has ZOOMED on by…… and once again I am always thinking about Friday!

    Oh well, as you say…. def. appreciate the time I do have now! :)

    Love you so and good luck with the craziness.


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