Here’s a Toast

I AM alive.

I AM well.

I just spent a week out here:

Doing things like this:

(intense game of Scattergories on the dock)

And watching people like this:

(my uncle)

Do things like this:

(pretty self explanatory but… getting married!)

At places like this:

(gorgeous outdoor ceremony and stunningly decorated reception in a lovely hotel in Northern Ontario)

With people like this:

(my brother (top), cousins (bottom) and entire family (unpictured but very present and very awesome)


We posed:

We laughed:

We drank:

We danced:

And we had one incredible, memorable, heck of a great time.

Congrats to my uncle and my now “official” aunt, and shout outs to the whole entire fam jam for contributing to and taking part in the best moments of the summer.  Love ’em all.


Back soon!


13 thoughts on “Here’s a Toast

    • Thank you! Yep it’s new, I bought it just for the wedding. It’s from Winners! I got it almost a month ago now so odds of some still kicking around there are pretty slim but can’t hurt to look :)

  1. aww i love weddings!! that lake looks like so fun too! I’ve been spending tons of time by a lake the past few days on a mini vacay that just ended! And i remember you picking out that dress- it looks FAB ON YOU!! ow ow!! love love love

    hope you have a great Thursday, K!! :)

  2. You looked so beautiful! I knew that dress was going to look amazing on you!!!

    I have missed you!

    Congrats to the newlyweds! Weddings are so much fun!

    AND I say you get some more use out of your boots ; ) no reason to buy new boots if other ones are still durable!

    xoxo <3

  3. Kristie, you look gorgeous! Of course! :) It looks like you had a nice time! I hope your last weekend of Summer is great! ;) Although I experienced the Fall in Toronto and it was amazing too! :)

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