Friday Fiver

Testing…Testing… Is this thing on?



It’s Friday. It’s a Long Weekend. It’s the end of the month. It’s Been TEN Days since I was here last.

So let’s keep it sweet and simple with a Random Friday Fiver.


1. The Dress

Thanks knowledgeable Fashionistas for the wedding guest dress ideas and examples. I ended up finding a fairly simple yet fancy enough dress  (Thanks Winners) that I’m likely going to doll up in. It’s not quite as summery, flowy or colourful as might be ideal for a summer wedding but I like it.



2. Quiznos Honey Bourbon Chicken on Whole Wheat


Is delicious. Even moreso when you get it basically free because you had a WagJag coupon hanging out in your wallet. You bought it forever ago and it was expiring this week. Lunchtime! And even moreso when you haven’t had Quiznos in what is likely years now. I missed this sandwich.


3. The Diamond’s Demise


Sayonara Sucker. Apologies to Blue Diamond lovers but I did not like this almond butter. Obviously I tolerated it since I made it through the jar (a large chunk of that went into mediocre baking attempts that ended up getting the ol’ heave ho, though) but I won’t be buying it again. I need some good old fashioned peanut butter back in my life.

The end bits tasted pretty good in overnight oats mixed with Liberte Mango Orange Greek yogurt and strawberries though.



4. Job

And the fact that I finally got one!
Well, another one since I DO spend a wee bit of my time every week pretending I’m a badass biker chick while actually just sitting in an office entering information très important at zee motorcycle shop.

But I needed something else to supplement and fill my time until I figure out what this “real life” thing is all about and how to do it.
[Can I just say I kind of miss school already? All of the school supplies are popping up in stores already. It’s sad to think I’ll never really have to buy those (for myself at least) again. At least not for their intended (pencil case) purpose. But you can never have enough pens, highlighters and notebooks on hand. I love school writing creativity(!) supplies.]

Anyway, tangent over. Back to the job – This one is pretty neat. I’m sure some of you would agree. Cryptic Hint:


I haven’t officially started yet (tomorrow morning) but I’ve gone through most of the beginning training over the past several days. More on this later!


5. Crafty Cravings

I used to be obsessed with crafting when I was younger. I’d spend hours pouring over craft sites, t-shirt reconstruction journals, CRAFTSTER (<3!). Yet though I was obsessed with crafts in theory, I never carried through with many of them. Any I did try to do were always a little less than perfect… I guess I hadn’t quite taken into account the whole “practice makes perfect” concept.

[I was always a big fan of collages, though. You should SEE the stack of magazine pages I have hoarded in boxes under my bed. Madness, I tell you. I make quite a few reconstructed/homemade cards too. Any birthdays coming up? ;)]

Lately the crafting bug has been biting again. Pinterest has been helping that along a bit. I’m not quite sure where to start or what I want to make but I just want to MAKE. DO. Create. Rerrange. Paint. Decorate. Get crafty.


Cute AND thrifty (source)



Any Creative Craftsters in the house?


13 thoughts on “Friday Fiver

  1. I used to be really crafty when I was younger, but I don’t do nearly as much of it anymore. I kinda wish the crafty bug would bite me, though, especially now that I’ll be moving into a new place and I’ll be needing to decorate and all that. Actually, I guess it kinda has been biting me lately, since I’ve been pouring over interior decorating magazines and trying to pick paint colors and patterns, butttt I still wouldn’t consider myself crafty enough to make an earring holder out of a grater… That kinda stuff is still beyond me lol.

  2. Ohh I love the earring holder! So clever, and it’s the perfect shade of blue, too!

    I’m exciting to hear about your new job (congrats!) – are you perchance working at a tea emporium? Teahouse? Bird and tea sanctuary? Haha.

  3. I used to be a stamper. I made greeting cards and artist trading cards and participated in online swaps. I really ought to get back into it again once my life feels settled. I’m renovating my place right now and have a lot on my mind!
    And as a tea granny I want that tea mug desperately! (and now I’m off to enjoy a cup of tea…seriously!)

  4. Yay for finding a dress to wear, and I LOVE it! It is going to look beautiful on you!

    Hmmmmmm crafty? Not so much, well I was when it came to wedding planning, thats for sure!

    Happy Weekend! xoxo

    Your tweet about essie made my night!!! muah!

  5. Oh Quizno’s…every once in a while it is just damn tasty. I think my fave sandwich is the turkey bacon guac, simply because it’s covered in guac. Yum!

    And congrats on the job – are you working at a tea shop? Coffee shop?

  6. Winners can have some amazing pieces! and the prices can be unbeatable! that dress is a lovely example :) so pretty!

    ew jobs. haha well we all need them and getting one is always cause for celebration- especially when its one you like :) CONGRATS GIRL!

    XOXO <3

  7. oh!!! did you start your new job!? is it good?! i want the deeeeeeeeeeeeeeets lady!!

    also you need to get your paws on naturally more almond butter. it would put blue diamond to SHAME. blue diamond is child’s play. right now i’m dabbling with tjs raw unsalted which is pretttty damn tasty except next time i’m definitey getting saltaaay

  8. I graduated from college last December and I already miss school. I’ve always loved back-to-school shopping and brand new school supplies! I’ve always been a crafty person but lately I have been in an even “Craft-ier” mood but I’m not sure what to make. I need some new inspiration!

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