Decisions, Decisions

I’m indecisive.

Horribly indecisive.

It goes hand in hand with being The Overthinker.

As such, it takes me about 12 days to make a choice about nearly anything.


What do you want to wear today?
Please grant me an additional 20 minutes to pull 10 different shirts from my closets and drawers before I get frustrated and end up settling on whatever I happened to throw on during the first round of outfit do-si-do.

Only in my dreams is my closet this organized and lovely.



What do you want to eat for dinner?
Are you kidding me? Might as well pull everything out of the fridge and shove it all on a plate. Anything that wouldn’t work well on the plate can be consumed during the process of arranging the plate so as to ensure it’s not missed out on.

Veggies = spinach, slaw, orange pepper, yellow squash, steamed yellow beans
Additions = chicken, pasta noodles, hummus, artichoke dip, greek dressing
Sides that didn’t work on the plate = bread chunks, pasta salad…who knows.


What should you make with that large package of phyllo dough that’s been chilling in the freezer for 6 months?
Fortunately phyllo recipes aren’t AS abundant as some others, but narrowing it down to a savoury or sweet recipe? It just can’t be done.

Both it is.

Spinach Phyllo Pie aka easy experimental spanakopita:
1. Lay a few phyllo sheets into a pan (I used a cake pan) 
2. Meanwhile, cook 1 package frozen spinach with 1 cup steamed mashed cauliflower, 1/2 cup light feta, garlic, and a generous sprinkling of parmesan.
3. Once heated through, spoon the spinach mixture onto the phyllo sheets and add more phyllo on top.
4. Bake at 350 for ~30 minutes.


And for dessert – Choco Banana Phyllo Delight
1. Lay out 3 phyllo sheets
2. Mix together 1 container (~1/2 cup) flavoured yogurt with ~1T cocoa powder. Spread it onto the phyllo sheets
3. Slice up 1/2 a banana and lay the slices on top of the yogurt mixture
4. Wrap the phyllo sheets up into a roll and bake at 350 for ~20 minutes.



You need nut butter. Which one to buy?
I could have been simple and gone with the cheap, grocery brand peanut butter that’s nothing but peanuts and nothing but delicious. But I wanted to be different. I wanted to switch it up. In summary, I apparently wanted to torture myself with more decisions.

I stood in front of at least 3 peanut butter displays in at least 3 different stores over the course of at least a few days before I finally restocked with this new-to-me… not-so gem. Blue Diamond Crunchy Almond Butter? So far I do not love.



You need a wedding dress. Which one to buy?
No no, not MY wedding. I’d need a fiancé for that. But I do have to be at my uncle’s wedding in slightly less than a month and thus far I have nothing to wear. To spare the guests my nude bottom, I tried to dress shop yesterday.


With my pro decision skills, I’m sure you can guess how well that went.

After a couple hours and a stack of dresses, I did leave with one…but it’s not for the wedding. I just could NOT decide. I had two I was ready to buy. Two I was ready to work with. And then I got so stressed about making the decision that I scrapped all plans and decided to start back at square one of the dress search on a new day with fresh eyes.

What I really need is advice: What do you wear as a wedding guest?! I know it’s hardly the most complicated wardrobe addition but I want it to be a good one.

A little much.


A lot much…


Way too much?


(All found by searching ‘prom dresses’ on weheartit. Enlightening.)


One thing I was able to decide on fairly quickly?
This bowl of pumpkin overnight oats with yogurt, wheat bran and strawberry rhubarb jam for breakfast yesterday. But only because it was already prepared the night before, leaving me almost obligated to eat it. And even with this obligation, I still hummed and hawed for a few minutes, deciding if I truly did feel like eating this bran-y bowl or wanted to perhaps go with my tried and true summer staple smoothie instead.

I went with the oat bowl.
And went back to the smoothie today.



Calling all Fashionistas…or just females who have recently attended weddings:
What have you worn as a wedding guest?
I’m thinking slightly more sophistiqué than a summer dress but definitely more casual than a prom dress… All styling tips, accessory ideas etc. welcome!

23 thoughts on “Decisions, Decisions

  1. That dream closet looks fantastic.
    I’ve never tried Blue Diamond Almond Butter, but now I probably wont.
    For the wedding, what about just a lavender or light colored dress? Keep it simple

  2. That is exactly me…when I’m hungry and the “what do you want?” option comes out I just shove everything on so I don’t miss out on something..haha.

  3. Haha I thought that WAS your closet, and I’m like holy moly… that girl’s super organized. Don’t worry… mine is pretty chaotic too ;) And I face teh same indecision all. the. time. If I get too hungry, I have no idea what to eat. When I want to bake, I have no idea what I want to bake. When in the store, I can browse for HOURS before deciding on something to buy. And when it comes to buying clothes? Eesh, usually I get so overwhelmed by all of the options that I just end up walking away empty handed lol.

  4. Hot damn those phyllo creations look delicious. I have a crap ton of feta and a big tub o’ spinach I need to do something with. I now know they will be combined in some form.

    And I can be rather indecisive at times…especially if none of my options actually seem that great.

  5. I feel you on indecisiveness. When it takes me ten minutes and a few trips to decide on my nut butter we have a problem. Ironically I love to plan, but I can be so indecisive..what book to read…what do I make for dinner? When should I call x place.

    Haha, I’m actualy going to a wedding on Friday and have the same dilmena-I have no idea what to wear. I have a blue dress I’m planning on wearing, but what if its not fancy enough.

    • Oh yeah, I’ve asked myself ALL of those questions so many times over. As for the dress, I figure as long as it doesn’t outshine the bride then it should be good to go ;)

  6. man I want my closet to look like that toooooooo!

    As for a dress for a wedding…….. since it’s summer, I’d just go with a cocktail style dress- or a flower print…about knee length, and some pumps or heeled sandals! easy peasey.

    forever21 has some great cheap options like this:

    or this:

    Id stay away from strapless dresses, or straps that are too thin. Also, don’t wear anything too short, too pale, and DONT WEAR WHITE.

  7. i have the same problem! i could spend an hour mulling over a $20 tee shirt. or walk the aisles of a grocery store for 30 minutes debating over something added to my cart that wasn’t on the list. and then i will usually end up putting it back! while i love shopping on my own because i am so indecisive and need time, i’ve realized friends (who are patient) are invaluable simply because they can give me a yay or nay!!

  8. I LOVE that first dress you posted. I would wear that all day e’eryday if I could.

    I am indecisive as well, but only in the presence of other people. If I am by myself, I have no problem making all the decisions, and with speed!

    To my step sisters wedding I wore a cream colored long dress with spaghetti straps and it had some (classy) sequined designs on it. It probably wasnt very appropriate because it was a bit too similar to a wedding dress… merh!

  9. All my friends and family make fun of me because I am horribly indecisive and an over thinker to boot! Soul sisters???!?! I recently went to a summer wedding and wore a maxi dress, you can try that.

  10. I went to my uncles wedding last February. His new wife is eat indian, however, so it was a traditional indian wedding. If you think shopping for a dress is hard, try shopping for a sari. Luckily I found one that ended up making me feel like a goddess.

    I guess that my number one tip is to avoid stress as much as possible. Everybody will be looking at the bride, anyways :p

  11. Choco Banana Phyllo Delight?! Oh my gracious, yes please! Haha!

    As for what I wear to a wedding – it really depends on the season and time of day of the wedding. If it’s a spring/summer afternoon wedding (and especially outside) then I’ll be in a sundress. If it’s an evening spring/summer wedding, the dress will be more formal. If it’s a winter wedding, I’ll be in a parka. Just kidding. But seriously, I’ll be wearing something more formal than in the summer, but something I can wear a wrap with. :) Most of the weddings I attend are summer afternoon weddings so the sundress is my most common choice. :) Good luck shopping!

  12. I love blue diamond almond butter! So yummy, cant believe you are not a fan!
    And thanks for the phyllo dough Ideas! :) I bought some a while ago and have had no idea what to do with it.

  13. I don’t really like Almond Butter I still prefer Peanut butter. I’m only indesicive when it comes to eating, I can never decide which restaurant or what I want to order, I don’t want to order the wrong thing! :)

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