Plethora of Pictures: Plates Edition Part 2

Random food pictures part 1?

Here’s some more. No sentiments, just pics.

Breakfast Time

Fibre One cereal with frozen banana, cocoa powder and almond milk



Strawberry smoothie


Strawberry cocoa smoothie with Chocolate Cheerios and red toes


Strawberry spinach smoothie


Coffee cocoa spinach strawberry smoothie in a peanut butter jar


And since this peanut butter jar is clearly now empty, I am out of peanut butter. How to solve such a dilemma? Take the easy route and buy another jar? Or…

Make a fresh batch of almond butter –>Better plan.


This smoothie got coned. And then the cone got…smoothied? Smoothies are about 1.3x more fun when eaten out of a cone.



Greens and Misc Garb

Raw veg and cold potato morning snack with salsa ranch dressing and the end of Eat, Pray, Love


Greens salad topped with potoato bites, salsa, crumbled turkey burger and hummus


Spinach and slaw salad topped with sundried tomato tuna


Another random pile of vegetable junk.


Kale Salad Oh She Glows style


Turkcauli burgers with mustard, baked potatoes, greek salad


Baked potato stuffed with hummus, spinach, melty cheddar, and topped with sour cream


Sweet and white potatoes and broccoli roasted in sundried tomato vinaigrette


Couscous and mixed bean salad with red onion, red pepper, cucumber and the same sundried tomato vinaigrette as I roasted the above potatoes in. (I was using up the bottle since it was a little gag-worthy on top of salads but worked significantly better when tossed among other more substantial foods.)


Some of those earlier roasted potatoes on top of some kale dressed in balsamic vinegar.


Grilled chicken Petita from Pita Pit stuffed with a garden of veggies and honey mustard (I usually get baba ghanoush but I find it doesn’t hold me over very long so I thought chicken might do a better job. It didn’t really, and I missed my baba.)


Veggie burger salad: cabbage slaw, tomatoes and pickles topped with a grilled veggie burger and grilled potatoes, all of which were topped with ketchup and mustard latticework.


Raspberry almond butter cookies based off of Lauren’s cashew blueberry recipe. (like my appealing bitten and battered display?)


Aforementioned cookies with apple slices and black coffee



And to end it all on a simple summer note: a popsicle


Good times.


Back to slightly more regular/less giant food recap style posting…soon? As long as this food relationship of mine starts becoming a little less abusive. Food and I are really going through a rough patch right now. I’m very resentful of him and his taunting ways. Time to start laying down the law!

Or…something. I think a baking hiatus is in order. All of my half assed, half delicious attempts that no one else cares to touch are doing nothing more than finding their way into the garbage disposal that is my stomach, their then crushed and condensed remains housing themselves snuggly onto my thighs. And along a similar note, a sugar hiatus would also be very helpful, though likely less plausible. A sugar decrease, however, is not an entirely crazy idea.


**Recommendations for a desperate food addict needing to tone the insatiable sugar cravings down? Aside from a kick in the bum and a hefty dose of willpower, those are (sad) works in progress.


I can’t stop complaining about this relationship until Food and I are finally on the same page again, what can I say. It’s an arranged marriage with divorce as a non-option so somehow we’re gonna have to make it work.


13 thoughts on “Plethora of Pictures: Plates Edition Part 2

  1. You gotta get the falafel pita from Pita Pit…because it’s falafelly awesome. Oh yes, I just said it. Seriously though, it’s my fave – I can’t go in there and order anything else, as I only have eyes for falafel.

    Also, I kinda want a baked potato stuffed with hummus, spinach, and cheese now. Yum!

    • GOOD to know, thanks! I’ve considered the falafel a few times but have yet to try it. Pretty sure that’s happening next Pita Pit stop (ha) now. What do you get with it though? I’m not a seasoned falafel eater, I’m not sure what pairs well. Tzaziki?

  2. i’m really full from dinner but somehow your mass picture upload just made me hungry haha. i never understand the whole massaged kale thing! i think i wouldn’t be good at it because i buy my kale dirty aka on the stem not in a bag so i never think it would work all massaged if its not bought out of the bag. mmm plus i always nix washing it because i fully believe that cooking it burns all of the germs i fail tow ash off haha

    • I buy my kale dirty too. I don’t even think they sell it in a bag around here, never seen lazy style kale for sale. I never bother washing it if I’m burning off the germies in the oven haha but to satisfy my massaged kale craving I busted out the salad spinner and destemmed it all. It was a task and a half but massaged kale is honestly pretty darn delicious if you’re adding some good stuff in there. And you can massage it with basically anything. Hummus and nooch massage sauce? Incredible.

  3. Looks wonderful!

    I’ve been refined sugar free for over a year now; I love it. Honestly. I stopped craving sugar after the first couple of weeks, and I have a MASSIVE sweet tooth.

    If you start by replacing refined sugars with natural sweets like fruit, agave nectar, or honey, it is easier. You can do it!

    • Ahh thanks, I love hearing people who have had success with cutting down sugar, especially those of us with a crazy sweet tooth :) I’d say a lot of the sugars I do have lately are more natural but those refined ones just sneak themselves into everything! I just need to start paying a bit more attention I guess! Not always the easiest task haha

  4. Love the fiber one cereal action, I do love that cereal even though most think its gross ; )

    All these pics of food look delish, and love the ice cream cone in the smoothie, I still have to try that!

    Ahhhhh sugar, I really don’t know the answer for this one ; ) but Im hoping you find what works for you!

    xoxo <3

  5. Fabulously tasty eats. I especially love the ice cream cone in the smoothie… Lol I thought I was the only one who randomly craved ice cream cones without the ice cream sometimes. As for the sugar thing… that’s a toughie. To help with cravings, it’s usually good to go cold turkey for a little while so that your taste buds can adjust. It’ll be hard for the first little bit, but you’ll get used to it eventually and then maybe you won’t crave it as much. I used to have a huge sweet tooth too, and even though I still do, it got a lot better after I didn’t eat refined sugar for a while. Try reaching for a sweet fruit (mango, banana, cherries, grapes) when you’re craving something sweet, and it should help.

    • The abundance of fresh fruit right now definitely helps. I’ve been trying to get rid of all of my freezer stash baked goods (by eating them of course) and weening myself off of sessions with the cereal box. Cheerios are fair game :) Though you’re right, cold turkey even just for a brief bit might be the way to go with those refined little buggers. I’ll see what I can do…and stock up on plenty of fruit in the meantime!

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