Plethora of Pictures: Products Edition

A Plethora of Pictures Post coming at you.

The maximal amount of food (etc) pictures I have just chillin’ in my “Camera” folder from the last ten days is causing me stress sweats. The minimal amount of thoughts of a unique, dynamic and thrilling nature roaming my mind is also causing me stress sweats. I’m gently knocking to the ground these two birds with this one stone post by throwing down a lot of pictures from the past weekish without too much (or any) deep, insightful thought to accompany them. Bare with me.

Today we’ll start with the product pictures edition. Next post will be the plates edition so as to break up the insanity and not completely overwhelm you. I tend to be a little overwhelming.

And GO!



I’ll never stop loving on Mr. PC and his presidential choices.

Such as this new awesome salad dressing. Take ranch. Combine it with SALSA. What’s not to like?


(No I did not put the Salsa Ranch dressing on the peanut butter cookies behind it. Nor on the kiwis. It’s good but I do have boundaries)

Instead – Salsa Ranch on my salad. That seems about right.


This dressing may single-handedly be the reason my shorts are snug. Though it probably had a little help from Mr. Peanut Butter Jar.

I don’t think it was his white corn & black bean salsa that made it into the salsa ranch dressing since there were no bean nor corn chunks to be found in said dressing. There were plenty in this jar though, making it an incredibly satisfying topping for my rice crackers and tortilla chips…and also making it disappear in one day. This house likes its salsa.



Back in the day (maybe two years ago now) I used to buy this PC Vanilla Soy Protein Powder. Then I eventually accumulated others to try and stopped buying this one. I recently remembered its deliciousness and let it into my life once again. This stuff is so good it can be eaten dry and straight from the container. Not that I’d ever do that or anything…ehem.


It’s also excellent in PUMPKIN. So good stirred into pumpkin.

But mainly it does a mighty fine job in smoothies (duh) – Chilled tea, almond milk, ice, gums, stevia, vanilla soy protein powder and some poor teddy grahams crumbled to their doom.



Products You (Probably) Don’t Want To Eat

My new purple shirt from Costco (they always have some great cheap workout swag) and my new shades from Winners. Both noteworthy because I’m kind of in love with this purple hue and because I’ve been (casually) looking for new sunglasses forever and I finally found a pair that don’t make me look like a dork. First pair I tried on too. Win!


223 - Copy(I’m happier about the purple than I pretend to be)

NEW SHOES. Oh how overdue I was for a new pair of running shoes.
Out with the old (Left), in with the NEW (Right). I don’t even want to talk about how overdue these were. But let’s just say it’s been a while… and considering I run most days… my poor little Asics sure didn’t have much “kick” left in them.


Might partially explain why my runs have been so. darn. exhausting. lately. I have high hopes for my new babies.

I also bought about 900 other things in the past two days and now my wallet aches. The main NEED was the running shoes though, so checking that off my list dried up a small patch of my stress sweats.


Barney. Okay so he’s not quite a product but I have been catching up on the most recent season of How I Met Your Mother since it’s one of my favourite shows and I so rudely threw it to the wayside during school. And then forgot about it.



So that was only a mini plethora. I spared you a hundred pictures of raw vegetables covered in salsa ranch and me looking rough and tough flexing in my new hot pink workout top (one of those other 900 purchases I mentioned above). The former you will get to see in my next post though. I know you’re excited.


What is your most recent purchase?
And your favourite salad dressing?


11 thoughts on “Plethora of Pictures: Products Edition

  1. That purple looks great on you :D I’m a big lover of anything purple/pink with gray, black, and white – those are def my colors. And it’s awesome that you were able to pick up a new pair of shades so quickly. Shopping for sunglasses is such a pain in the butt for me, and it takes forever to find anything that looks good on my face -.- The last thing I bought wassss… errr… oh! A pair of Run Swiftly shorts from Lululemon.

  2. I just bought the same pair of shoes that you did! It has been four years since I bought new shoes and they are so comfy :)

  3. You look gorgeous in purple! Now I want to go buy something purple; I don’t think I have anything…hmm.
    The last purchase I made was some baby arugula and lilies for my sister’s feast day today. As for salads, I’m a lemon juice-EVOO kinda gal. :D

  4. Woohoo for new purchases!! I’m so bad at buying shoes.. I know your supposed to replace them like every few months but I’ll go years! LOL

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  6. So, I can’t even remember the last time I made and ate a salad. How embarrassing is that? I’ve been so anti-salad lately it’s not even funny. But the thought of eating one makes me nauseous. So I have no idea what my fave salad dressing would even be. But I can see how a salsa ranch would be delicious. PC does have some interesting products – too bad I refuse to shop at any of the stores that sell them.

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