Positivity Among Epic Failures

The quest to de-snug my shorts has not had the most successful of beginnings these past couple days. One could even say it has been nothing short of an epic fail.

But I’m avoiding the Negative Nancy syndrome and trying to embrace a mentality of positivity and “every day is a new day.” Even these “epic fail” days have their good moments and mini lessons to be learned.

For example:

Ordering a tuna salad plate for lunch.


Common nutritional knowledge says that tuna salad is not one of the most waist-friendly meals you could choose (snug shorts say what?). But in my defense, the tuna pile looked small and non-threatening in the picture.

Lesson: Don’t trust the picture.
Positive: Got the olive oil dressing on the side. Definitely not even needed. The tuna mountain was the dressing.
Positive #2: It tasted good!
Positive #3: There was enough tuna for TWO lunches. Economical!
BONUS Positive: They forgot to give me the side of panini bread. I had half a mind to ask for it (Hey, it’s supposed to be there!) but secretly my shorts were pretty relieved with that accidental omission (The tuna was plenty filling).


Continuing along with the so-called “epic failures” of the last couple days, our fridge and cupboards are looking pretty bare, leading me to do some major digging.

I accidentally dug up this gem – Yakisoba Four Cheese Flavour instant noodles.


Common nutritional knowledge says, “Put it down and step far, far away.”
Kristie says, “Hmm…this has been hiding in here for a while. No one is ever going to eat it. I better make sure it doesn’t feel neglected.”


I’m pretty sure it would have been just fine without me. Actually, it probably would have been even better in the trash. But alas, I tried some over spinach with Frank’s and then put the rest away.


Lesson: Four cheeses in powder form taste like plastic. Cheesy salty plastic.
Positive: I satisfied the curiousity that has gotten peaked every time I’ve seen that darn package sitting in the cupboard and now I’ll never have to be tempted by it again.


While noting the short food supply of my kitchen, the baking bug kicked in. Now my shorts were getting pretty irritated with me.

Banana Bread “light” style – made with stevia baking blend among other “healthier” (aka lower fat) ingredients.


Lesson: I’ve finally come to terms with the fact that faux sugar baking blends just can’t replace the real thing in baking classics. And banana bread should never be cheapened with faux sugar. It doesn’t work.
Positive: I won’t be inhaling this loaf all by myself in the next three days.


Among my kitchen escapades, I did manage to whip up a couple more palatable things, such as this peanut buttery chickpea dip: 1/2 cup chickpeas, 1/4 cup applesauce, 2 T sugar free maple syrup, 1 T peanut flour, splash almond milk.


I didn’t really expect much out of this but it was Good.
Lesson: Chickpeas are perfect. Always.

And when I discovered a jar of peanut butter that was on its way down to empty… well clearly I had to make flourless peanut butter cookies out of the remainders (my shorts continued to be very upset with me at this point).


Positive: Umm… I managed to walk away without eating the whole batch?


So you see, I may not have started out with the spryest of feet in my quest to hunker down on my snacking habits and questionable food choices (there were several more than pictured), but there are positives that can be dug up in any situation, and there’s always the next day, the next hour, and even the next moment to do it better.


And at the end of the day, when you feel like you’ve hit your peak of “epic failures”, hunker down, throw in some Jillian Michaels’s No More Trouble Zones and sweat it out until your arms turn to jelly. Then wind down and enjoy a hot and bubbly evening bath to wash away your sweat and troubles (This was my first in months. Might need to become a routine ritual).



Think about a negative or annoying moment that you had today. Got it?
Okay now twist it and find something positive about it. Just for fun. You’ll suddenly and magically feel better about it, I promise.


12 thoughts on “Positivity Among Epic Failures

  1. Oh my gosh it has been TOO long since I’ve taken a bubble bath– let alone with rubber duckies. That is just too cute.
    Also, my dear — don’t be so hard on yourself! I’m so proud of you for turning all those positives into negatives– but I really think that you’re being too hard on yourself. Just let yourself live and welcome the curiosities and rumblings that your stomach gives you :)

    • The rubber duckies weren’t mine (just a cute pic I found on the net) but they’d definitely make any bubble bath just that much better.

      And thanks for the sweet words! Do take a lot of what I say with a grain of salt though, I *can *be hard on myself but a lot of what I say is also in exaggerated good fun and I’m not quite as bent out of shape about some of the things as my words might suggest :) Though there was no exaggeration in how unawesome those noodles were.

  2. Eee I remember the days where I used to healthify all my muffins, breads, and cookies… to the point where they weren’t really desserts anymore, and the only reason I could stomach them was because I didn’t remember how good the real thing tasted.

    My day just started, so there hasn’t been enough time to find too many negatives in it lol. Butttt I did wake up to gray and cloudy skies today, which made me a little unhappy, but then I thought to myself “Pshaw… this just means I can do some cozy baking”.

  3. girl work that positivity! and send me a piece of that naner bread. haha whenever i make anything with stevia people want to puke it back all over me. i’ve just learned to not alter ingredients when making for the mass peoples.

    now you’ve got me craving tuna salad like a crazy tuna addict feign! its too bad i’ve already had it like 12,000 times this week haha

    • Never too much tuna, never. It’s pretty much the perfect summer lunch too. I just like it better when I make it myself :)

      The banana bread actually ended up being a lot better today! I should have known since it’s *always *way better the next day. I just needed to give it time and a good chill in the fridge ;) Next stevia-filled loaf has your name all over it! I never try to mess with goodies for others either, I wouldn’t dare do that to them or they’d probably never talk to me again haha.

    • Thanks Jess, you’re right and you have a great point. Putting a few pounds back on is NO big deal, don’t get me wrong. And when I started to put a few back on a while ago it was hardly an issue. It has just reached the point where it’s now a few beyond where I’m at my most comfortable and I know they’re solely due to poorer food choices. I AM okay where I’m at but it IS summer and I’ll admit that this is the main time when I’d really prefer those few extra “vanity pounds” not to be kicking around. It’s more the use of food as a boredom buster and loss of food as an enjoyment that is causing me the most frustration. That lack of control stems from a less healthy attitude that I’ve been carrying around lately, therefore leading to those few stubborn pounds that really need not be there and AREN’T there when I make the best choices for me. It’s not so much about numbers as it is feeling satisfied with my choices, body and life in general on a regular basis. Right now I really want to work on bringing back some of that satisfaction, you know? Just wanted to elaborate on that a little :)

  4. “Hmm…this has been hiding in here for a while. No one is ever going to eat it. I better make sure it doesn’t feel neglected.” <- I do the same thing, haha! I feel bad for the food that doesn't get eaten so I'll eat it. Glad you're seeing the positives! I tend to always look at the glass half full so even in the worst situations I'm the one who's like, "Well….at least we didn't die!"

  5. Sounds like you need a better banana bread recipe… just so you know, artificial sugars and “low-fat” ingredients don’t make it healthier. My all-time favorite banana bread recipe is here: http://heathereatsalmondbutter.com/2011/01/14/no-way-around-it/

    It’s insanely healthy, moist, delicious, amazing, indulgent,…. especially spead with almond butter. And since you care, it’s also very low fat and low calorie. Naturally. Enjoy.

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