Snug Shorts

Today I want to talk about my SHORTS.

Or shorts that kind of look like my shorts (weheartit)

More specifically, the fact that many of them don’t fit very well.


This summer has been a little less than eventful so far, leading to minimal adventure and quite a bit of hanging around at home.

Too much hanging around at home leads to too much snacking.

Too much snacking, well… that can lead to weight gain.

It’s real, it’s inevitable, yet it’s preventable. And I haven’t put in nearly enough effort trying to prevent it. To put it simply, I’ve gotten lazy. Not with physical exercise (I still do it nearly every day),  but with exercising my eating willpower. I haven’t been exercising my willpower much at all lately and it’s one “trouble zone” that needs regular workouts.

I’m not a naturally skinny person. I don’t have a skyrocketing metabolism. In order to stay fit and healthy I need to exercise regularly and watch what I eat. I will always have to watch what I eat to some extent. I’ve realized it (the hard way), I acknowledge it, and I generally try to put it into practice.


Salads and veggies will always be everyday staples.


But when I’m kind of bored, kind of lonely, and kind of in that lull space of “what’s next”, that darn willpower gets pretty sluggish.

As a consequence, I don’t think…I just eat.

I’ve generally still been eating fairly healthy. But it’s QUANTITY that’s the issue. There is zero benefit to my body or my appetite by shoving my hand blindly time after time into the cereal box. By dunking uncountable amounts of tortilla chips blindly into the salsa jar(… or the guacamole, or the hummus, or heck, even the cream cheese). By eating fingerful after fingerful of oatmeal raisin cookie dough (okay, maybe that one gets an exemption, the occasional dose of cookie dough is quite lovely for sanity and nostalgia).


Those BLTs (Bites, Licks & Tastes) are the main culprits. And they’ve been overtaking my days, hours, and minutes.

(Yes, I’m looking at YOU cereal and random freezer goodies that I’ve been clearing out like it’s my job)



(*NOTE: these pictures are not representative of quantities consumed. Not even remotely)


I don’t like feeling like I’m carrying a food baby.

I don’t like not being able to just slip on and zip up my shorts without a second thought.

I don’t like my “cottage cheese thighs”.

Blah. Blah. Blah.


I know I’m not “fat”. I know I’m still fit and healthy. I exercise regularly, I fuel regularly, and my body can do plenty. For that, I love it.

What I don’t love is the fact that I’m not giving it the care and stability it deserves. It doesn’t want to be crammed with food to the point of being overfilled, tired and sluggish. I don’t want to feel bloated full of sugar, carbs and sodium. My body wants and craves balance and I’ve been denying it that. It’s rebelling, physically and mentally. It’s telling me that it’s about time to smarten up.

My weight is healthy. *I* am healthy. I don’t “live by the scale” or care a great amount about the numbers. That being said, I know I’d feel just slightly more confident if I could gain back some of the control and willpower to make choices that were smarter and more in tune with my body… and to slip my shorts on again without sucking in.

Each day is different. Some days are better, smarter, and more eating savvy than others. But I want to aim for every day to be a day I can be satisfied with. Those days can, and WILL, continue to include everything I enjoy eating. It will just be done more consciously, slower, and NOT standing at the fridge digging my hands into jars and containers (How sanitary is that anyway? I’m not a cave(wo)man!).

My “guidelines” are subject to many exemptions. Watermelon? Always edible in mass quantities straight from the container.



No diets. No “I’m going to eat three salads a day!”. Just paying attention and practicing the words “no”, “enough” and “it’ll still be there later” (unless I encounter the unfortunate scenario where I go back “later” to find out that my brother finished “it” off. Always disappointing).

In honour of Wasting Not, I finished up the last of my spaghetti squash “pizza” style: spaghetti squash mixed with liquid egg whites and cooked in a pan for the “crust”, topped with jarred pasta sauce mixed with Frank’s Buffalo sauce and some light mozzarella.


See, cheese is game, of course. The difference – this round I measured out one serving rather than estimating one and eating two more by the handful while prepping my meal. Will Power’s mini exercise #1 of the day. Gotta whip him into shape!

Oh and that mound on the side? The last bits of spaghetti squash mixed with a dollop of plain yogurt and…cheese powder. Sorry but this was GOOD. Just like KD!


I’m not perfect. I don’t want to be (No such thing anyway, lets be reasonable). I just want to enjoy my food again. It’s a simple enough desire and it’s gonna happen.  And now I have to keep myself accountable since I spelled it all out here. Oh the pressure. Hear that Will Power? Time to sweat!


What do you do when your shorts start feeling snug?
Which healthy habits make you feel your BEST?


16 thoughts on “Snug Shorts

  1. Umm all of this is my life right now? Especially the hand in the cereal box, AHHH I have NO control over cereal. Or frozen berries. Or fresh berries.

    I’m still working on how I’m going to solve this problem; I know logically that I”m not even remotely fat but I would very much like to not feel like I’m constantly eating when I clearly do not NEED to be, and toning up would be QUITE nice.

    I think I feel my best when I make a point of exercising somewhat vigorously every single day (which I haven’t been) and drinking lots of water (which I’ve replaced with diet soda. no bueno).

    Thank you for the kick in the pants! :)

  2. Cereal is such a weakness along with bananas, berries oh and carob chips. I’m a grazer and not fat, but I do want to do some toning. Its harder during the summer because you want to lay around and its different when you’re out and not snacking versus being at home and getting bored and reaching for the hummus.

    Usually I’m fairly active with Yoga, soccer, rollerblading etc, but lately its been mainly light exercises (crunches more than anything) and lots of long walks. I’m ready for something more intensive.

  3. Shorts are NO ONE’s friend in my opinion. Major complaint: they fit when you’re standing (and are even loose sometimes), yet they “dig in” when you sit down. Who designed these things?

    Anyways, I’m glad to hear you’re so relaxed about this. A few pounds come on sometimes, but I bet if you follow your “healthy habits” they will creep away just as silently. And knowing that you are still you and you are still beautiful no matter what!

  4. Love your honesty and attitude towards this. Snug shorts are no one’s friend, but they’re not the end of the world either. Lazy weight gain isn’t pleasant, for sure, but neither is it permanent and that’s always comforting to keep in mind :)

    I feel my best when I get enough sleep, drink enough water, eat enough fresh food, and get some exercise in. Not always the easiest to do, but at least I know what I gotta do :D

  5. Thank you for this! I’ve been struggling with laziness, too, and the pounds have definitely gone up. I’m a sucker for all those freezer treats that I keep for my hubby’s lunches. I don’t want to not have them in the house because he deserves a treat, but I definitely have to practice willpower and moderation.

    For me, fruits and veggies are fair game and can be eaten whenever, and I’m trying to make sure that, when I’m hungry, I’m reaching for a protein and not a carb that just looks good at the time. I’ve had one day and it went very well! I also like to make sure I get plenty of sleep and do something during the day that requires movement (walking, mowing the lawn, weeding, housecleaning, yoga, biking, etc.), and make sure I’m drinking enough water!

    My shorts definitely don’t fit, but hopefully by the time we go on vacation in December they will!

  6. I pretty much react just as you do when my pants start to feel a little snug. Dieting does not work for me. It just makes me crazy. Besides, I know what a healthy balance looks like. I know when I’m full. I know when I’m treating my body well and I know when I’m not. Being healthy isn’t a guessing game or a “losing weight” game for me, like it used to be. So I just trust myself to give me the “I’m full” signal and try to really listen for it. I also try to amp up my veggie intake because typically when I’m gaining weight, I’m not eating as many veggies as I should be. Good luck getting back into a healthy balance and thank you for promoting such a positive message and self-love.

  7. I’ve been trying to give myself a break, and let myself enjoy treats more. And also try to eat smaller meals throughout the day. Far too often, I go too long without eating, and then end up stuffing myself way too full.

    Tips for me are are drinking more water, keeping fresh fruits, veggies, and lean protein on hand…..and getting SLEEP.

    love your motivation girl!

  8. Ahh I feel ya! Cereal is DANGEROUS around me. I also have a problem with tasting/nibbling on random ingredients while cooking and baking…booo. And it makes me appreciate the end product so much less :(

    That’s awesome that you’re so committed to exercise – I’m sure if you focus on eating more mindfully, you’ll be feelin’ better and rocking those shorts in no time!!

  9. for me the summer ALWAYS brings snug shorts! i hate it haha because its the worst time to get sss (snug shorts syndrome) haha. for me its just taking control of the blts and mass chocolate bites i take that i consider non calories haha. but you’ve got your shiznat together mama and the spag squash pizze is amaze

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  11. I feel ya girl. I talked to my mom about my “snug shorts” frustration and she reassured me that I still look beautiful, and that it’s just a little bit. We’re young and we can bounce back in no time! Especially if you’re respectful to your body, mind, and soul :) When I have insecurities like that, I think to myself that I’m blessed to have those insecurities because it shows that my life must be pretty good if that’s what I’m worried about lol. But you can do it! Just remind yourself of the point that you brought up “it will be there later.” So when you’re actually hungry, and if you’re still wanting whatever you wanted at the time.. it’ll still be there :)


  12. I am totally right there with you. Except I’ve had a perpetual food baby for the past 2 years. Something I’m going to talk about in my next (and 2nd ever!!) blog post tomorrow!! Don’t sweat it, you have the healthy mentality and healthy routines to make it all naturally correct itself. Its usually the overobsessing that ends up doing us in.

    I’d be thrilled if you’d take a look at my first ever blog post! :)

    Keep inspiring!

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