Clear the Fog. Raid the Kitchen.

Life works in funny ways sometimes. I went from zero job prospects to suddenly hearing from four different places in one week, all coincidentally right after convocation. Something about the occurrence of the official graduation must have kick-started the trend eh? Coincidence? Strange.

No solid news on anything yet but it feels good to at least be finally getting some feedback. I’ve been hardly employed since school ended and it sure is draining on the psyche –> The post-grad fog sounds about right.


The “fog” has been leaving me a little drained, a little down. Nothing too extreme, but that unfortunately leaves little excitement to yap about.

What does one (ME) tend to do when feeling drained?


Raid kitchen.

Eat cereal.


Honey Nut Chex is addicting. And I thought I loved it…until I kept eating it. Today, as I was nearly finishing off the last bits of the bag I realized that, you know what, I don’t actually love it that much. It’s a tad too sweet. The crunch – bang on. But otherwise I was just eating it to eat. I like my cereals on the blander side. Unless of course they’re granola.


Sadly, my cupboard raiding also brought me to this:




NO! My Chocolate Amazing Grass powder has officially come to its end. When I first tried this stuff I wasn’t exactly wowed but eventually I came to love it! (Best = mixed into overnight oats) But alas, it is no more. And likely won’t be for a while (This stuff is pricey!).


Kitchen raiding helped me rediscover these gems I bought a little while ago at an Asian market.


Vegetarian curry chicken. I know it says it’s vegetarian…and I know the ingredients say they’re made from soy… but I swear these HAVE to be chicken. They’re even pinkish on the inside!


Either way, they’re delicious. And I’m not a vegetarian so I wouldn’t be devastated if they secretly were chicken.

I’ve been eating them atop big bowls of kale… and just by the handful.




And when you’re at work and don’t have a kitchen to raid – eat sweets.

[So I said I’ve been hardly employed. That’s because I still work at a motorcycle shop. For my dad – I’m the pro bookkeeper. But it’s only once, maybe twice a week because I’m just so pro that I get everything done way too fast ;)]

Two-day old Timbits are fair game. The blueberry ones stay surprisingly fresh! I still haven’t decided if this is a good thing…


Clif bars are great in situations of desperate hunger. Luckily I keep one stashed in my car at all times. Or did. This was the emergency one. I guess I better restock or I’ll be plum of out of luck during my next gnaw arm off scenario.


Myoplex Lite bars are…less great.



Good in a pinch but let’s be honest, hardcore protein bars just aren’t that good in general. I have yet to try one that doesn’t taste at least somewhat fake and chalky. I’ll stick with Clif, Larabar or plain old granola bars for my emergency snacks.


But my ideal snacks come from the fridge rather than the depths of my purse or glove compartment. I’m not a huge bar eater if I’m at home.

But a smoothie in a cone?


Yes please. I’ll take two. Or five. Or just keep refilling the cone until the last drop of smoothie has been drunk.


(I saw this genius idea on some blog at some point during the past month or so. LOVE it.)

But if I’m not feeling the scoop and slurp, smoothie in a glass will always do.



And if I’m not feeling bars OR liquids –

Fruits, veggies, cheese…



…and mass handfuls of tortilla chips dunked into salsa and zucchini guacamole all make for excellent snacks as well.



Do you find that the less you’re doing, the less you tend to want to do?
I sure do. When I don’t have enough to fill my time, I get more drained and have less energy and motivation than when I’m keeping busy. It’s a vicious cycle and it sure isn’t very rewarding. Coffee, sunshine, long walks, long bike rides and good workouts in general definitely help though.

If you could pick only ONE snack to eat for the rest of the month, what would it be?
I’m thinking smoothies since they’re filling and summer appropriate. But I’ll cheat a little and say smoothie in a cone or smoothie topped with cereal since I need a little crunch in there too for optimal snacking satisfaction.


20 thoughts on “Clear the Fog. Raid the Kitchen.

  1. Bahahah your snack plate looks like a face with mushroom eyeballs :P

    I always stash bars in my car/purse/room/closet…I mean you never know when there’s gonna be an emergency, duh! I agree – smoothies are my current go-to – Chex is baller on top of em.

    • I noticed the face too! Totally unintentional, which makes it even better.

      I have a bar stashed in every spot too. They always come in handy eventually!

  2. If I don’t get my butt up and moving first thing in the morning, then I’ll be a bum for pretty much the whole day… and it definitely leaves me feeling more tired than if I spent a busy day running around. No idea how that works. But yeah, not that I don’t have to run out of the house for classes or work, the laziness is starting to kick in a little too much for my liking… def gotta get on that job hunt.

    And only one snack for the rest of the month? Eee that’s kind of a tough one. I’d have to go with cookie dough balls, though. Im kind of addicted…

    • It’s SO much harder to get up and moving if I don’t exercise first. But lately it’s hard to get my butt moving first thing. Like this morning… I had every intention to exercise… now it’s early afternoon and I still haven’t done it. Bah. I’m thinking I’m going to kick myself into it right after lunch.

      I still need to try those cookie dough balls of yours! Maybe I’d replace the cereal in my snack with those instead :)

    • Haha of course yours would be bananas and pb… pretty much the perfect snack right there. Amazing Grass definitely IS weird but I acquired a taste for it pretty quickly! And I kind of like things that taste a little grassy, as strange as that is!

  3. Cereal would be my snack forever! love it! Dry or with almond milk!!

    Love the smoothie in a cone! such a great idea! I would want mine in a chocolate covered waffle cone!!!

    Congrats again on graduating!!

    Thanks for still reading even though my blogging has been all over!

    love u!!!

    • Cereal never ever gets old. And a chocolate covered waffle cone would be right about perfect. I’ll be on the lookout for a box of them to buy for my smoothies :)

      Always always reading! SO excited for you.

  4. Im so bad for reaching into the cereal boxes for a handful of cereal here and there…especially Quaker Oatmeal Squares maple and brown sugar! I always buy a couple boxes on sale and have to have a few extra on hand at all times. Sad!
    Lately my favorite snack has been Astro Original fruit bottom yogurt with a bit of that Costco Heritage granola or Quaker Harvest Crunch. Funny how I used to hate yogurt and now I eat it for breakfast (plain Bles-Wold, made on a local farm or else Liberte Greek), and an Astro Orginal at lunch.
    I’m surprized the two day old timbit was still edible…usually they aren’t good after a day!

    • Quaker Oatmeal Squares are amazing. I’ve only tried the original but I can imagine the maple and brown sugar would be even more deadly… in the best of ways. And I’m such a fan of yogurt and granola, that used to be the only thing I’d eat for breakfast for a long time! As for the timbit, I was a little surprised too but then I tried another flavour (the plain ones) and it was definitely stale as anything. I think the blueberry are a special breed.

  5. i used to loooooove p-bars but then i realized for the same amount of calories i could have like 5 protein smoothies hahaha and so if for the rest of the month i could have only one snack? umm i would choose SMOOOTHIES hahaaha and smoothie in a cone? genius. and so simple. who are you?????

    • I’m a thief, I stole the idea! I just don’t remember where from :( I saw it a while ago! You’re so right though, you can get SO much more bang for your buck going the smoothie route! Too bad they can’t be made everywhere at any time. That’s when those darn bars come in handy I guess. Portable purse-sized blenders anyone? Or more importantly, traveling, non-melting yet blendable ice?!

  6. I love how you eat ! it is totally my style, and I know ive said that a mill times on here before!!

    that faux chicken looks esp great, and I totally need to give kale a shot, instead of only having it when mama gc makes it!

    adore you and congrats on graduating too!!


  7. 1. You and your mass smoothie consumption makes me sad my blending devices are all broken. All I’ve been craving lately are smoothies, and I can’t make them. Total fail.

    2. I’ve seen a bunch of those vegetarian chicken type things at my local Asian market, and totally wanted to try them out. Might have to make a trip down there to test a few.

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