Convocation Day

Yesterday was my Convocation – I’ve officially graduated!

Side note: I was seriously considering not going to my convocation. I know, a little crazy right? Especially since I live right down the road from my university. I had no good excuses other than… nerves? I tend to overthink things and work myself up more than need be, and the idea of the attention that goes with walking across a stage in front of a crowd of people to be “hooded” and granted my diploma freaked me out a little. But after several mentions of “I’m not sure if I’m going to go,” followed by several replies along the lines of, “Are you crazy?” or “You’re going to regret missing your graduation!” I decided I’d suck it up and power through it.

And guess what?

It wasn’t even a pinch as awkward or nerve-wracking as I convinced myself it might be. And I’m glad I went.

Moral of the Story: Face Your Fears! – No matter how big or small they may be. Odds are that things will turn out just right


For those curious about my degree:
Bachelor of Arts Honours Communication Studies and Psychology.

My response to “And what are you going to do with that?”
A small chuckle, shoulder shrug and wide-eyed stare… It’s a work in progress ;)


The Final Affair


A day filled with:

Formal Gowns

091 - Copy

100 - Copy

Family Photos



Fancy Flowers

Thanks Dad


Thanks Mom


Free Food

No pictures but it was here, hidden amongst the masses. I was too late to get the fresh fruit skewers but of course I nabbed a slice of graduation cake.


Farmer’s Market Finds

The afternoon led to the first Farmer’s Market trip of the year. Alongside some apples, berries and fresh bread, we also grabbed a jar of red pepper jelly and delicious vidalia onion mustard (Big mustard fan right here).





a la sushi Rainbow Roll. My graduation dinner of choice. And a fabulous dinner it was.



Frozen Yogurt

We were going to go out for ice cream but the evening got chilly and clouded over and the sushi did a number on the hunger front so we decided to save it for another night. Instead? A container of caramel yogurt mixed with fresh and frozen berries, slightly frozen and then eaten in a cone.



The Finish

After all was said and done, with the end of the day came the official end of a chapter. And both a fabulous day and a fabulous chapter they were.

Farwell Undergrad, you taught me well.


And who says F’s have to stand for Failure?


Happy Friday!


18 thoughts on “Convocation Day

  1. Congrats, girl! That’s awesome, and I think it’s great that you went to your convocation… that’s one of those moments in life that you def. don’t wanna miss. I’m kinda going through the same thing right now in terms of not knowing what to do with my degree now that I’ve graduated, but you’ll figure it out :)

  2. Congratulations! That’s so cool that you go to walk across the stage. My undergrad class was so big, we would still be there had we each “walked”. I know a lot of communication majors with jobs, so don’t worry. In fact I have a lot of comm grad friends. I must like comm grads! :)

  3. Congratulations, on both your graduation, and overcoming your fears/nerves.

    I definitely know where you’re coming from, because I overthink and overanalyze pretty much everything, causing myself way more grief than necessary in the form of nerves. In the end though, it never is as bad as I make it out to be. I think I just try to psyche myself out to be prepared for the worst in every situation. Okay, ramble over…

    Congrats again, and you looked gorgeous :)

  4. Yayyy congratulations!! Sounds like it was well worth it to go to your convocation :) The family photos are so cute!

    And also YAY for farmers’ markets – which one is your favourite in KW? I’ve only ever been to St Jacobs, but I’m sure there are more that I don’t know about.

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  6. Congrats on graduation Kristie! What an accomplishment, and I’m so glad you chose to attend your convocation. It’s a once in a lifetime event (unless you are crazy like me, and go back for a 2nd degree), and you would regret not going later on in life. Here’s to a new chapter in your life :D

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