Lackluster Eating

It’s amazing how our eating habits change over time, isn’t it? Most of them for the better! Though I do miss that carefree child consumption, guided by nothing more than taste buds and enjoyment. Calories, carbs, nutrients…what were those? All we wanted to do was eat food that tasted good. These days there is so much more thought, so many more stipulations that come along with eating a meal. Better for the body, (arguably) yes, but better for the mind? Not on some (or many) days.

Sometimes I just want to order the darn chicken fingers (with plum sauce!) without a second thought. Or a side salad.

Oh, the food ‘tude…


Case in point:

My smoothies have been a little lackluster lately. And not just because of their lovely hue.





So what do I do? Drink them down anyway. They’re good for me, right? All those greens…


Except then I’m scrounging for more (better tasting) food for the rest of the day.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy smoothies and they’re typically what I’ve been craving in the mornings lately. I guess I’m just not into my typical method anymore.


Barley grass powder, loads of spinach, a mostly chilled tea base… meh.

The last of my Green Magma ran out yesterday. Along with the last of my spinach…good riddance?


So today, my smoothie got a makeover. How much more luster-filled is this one?


Taste-wise…okay so it was still pretty meh. Too much tea, not enough almond milk, just watery and flavourless in general. I’m thinking bananas need to be re-introduced to smoothie time.

Handfuls of Kashi Honey Sunshine made things a little brighter though. Who doesn’t like crunchy bite-size tastes of french toast with their breakfast?



Some people like their smoothies with an all milk/almond milk base. I’ve done that in the past and found those too rich in the morning. Then again, it may have been a protein powder I was using in the past that was overkill. Either way, I’ve been going the mostly chilled tea route. I think more almond milk needs to make its way into my beverages.

Since I just discovered that Costco now carries a 6-pack of unsweetened Almond Breeze, this shouldn’t be an issue.



My other meals have been lackluster too.

I’ve been eating a bum ton of vegetables because – it’s hot. And it’s skin-revealing season. Whaddup.

Except that all those less-than-exciting vegetable meals leave me cramming in bread and cereal hour by the hour.




Hey Spinach, you better spice things up or we’re done.




I still LIKE my veggies. Just like I still LIKE my smoothies. But they might need to stop being the main focus of all my meals for a little bit. I rarely leave a meal feeling mentally satisfied lately.

Probably because I’m not doing much of anything to these veggies either. Chop, dress, chomp. Easy but boring. Where’s the creativity in that?


Now here’s a good way to eat your veggies.





Or rolled up in SUSHI (the most satisfying dinner I’ve had in days. Sushi never goes out of style).


Or maybe just hide a few in a salsa-stuffed and hummus-slathered omelette alongside some mac & cheese (boxed style!) and zucchini slices.



Or, you know, just forget about the veggies all together and eat your weight in:



Fish balls (found these gems at a local Asian supermarket. So good!)


Peanut Butter Frozen Hot Chocolate.


Chocolate-y overnight oats.



Chocolate-y cookies (even if they’re slightly burnt).



OR just go do something extra luster-filled to compensate for the lackluster meals.

Like swimming (or cliff-jumping if you’re lucky enough to have one nearby)


Buying summer dresses.


Washing some (very dirty) cars.




Luster-filled and fabulous.


Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s almost time to get my sweat on and hopefully enjoy some extra delicious lunch later on.


What are your favourite summery meals and eats?
The hot days leave me craving quick, simple and light meals filled with fruits and veggies, but I’m getting bored with my basics. I need to figure out how to spruce them up a bit!


38 thoughts on “Lackluster Eating

  1. Oh, hell no. Put down the Green Monster and Romaine and no one gets hurt.
    Dont make meals because you “should,” make exactly what you want! There are endless mentally satisfying dishes that arent going to ruin the bod or make you feel like crap. Its all about portioning. Basically everything I eat includes some kind of butter, nut butter, cream, cheese, something delicious to really satisfy me. Otherwise I’d probably just eat the house afterwards.

    For example. I had a phase in high school where I thought ‘fat was bad’ and basically didnt eat any fat. I WAS ALWAYS HUNGRY. Even when my belly was stuffed from veggies and protein and didnt want more food, my MIND wanted more food. Fat (and some carb) is key.

    You can always look to my blogsky for some ideas ;)
    Anddd PS – you are already ready for bikini season. You are GORGEOUS. (Dont think I havent looked at your fbook!)

    • You’re way too wise (and sweet!) Miss Lauren. My bod isn’t quiiiite as bikini fab right now as it has been but I’m working on it ;)

      And I’m definitely always “hungry” when I’m not eating meals that are satisfying. I feel like I never stop eating! It gets really annoying actually. I think it’s part laziness too though, lately I just don’t feel like taking a lot of time to prep and wait for things to cook, so I basically grab whatever can be eaten right away with little to no effort. I need to just slow things down a tad so I can actually prep enjoyable meals. You’re always loaded with great ideas so I’ll for sure be writing more of yours down asap!

    • Haha I’m definitely down with simplicity, but I think my version of simplicity needs some switching up. I’m going TOO simple… with very little prep, thought or deliciousness. I need some simplicity worth savouring!

  2. I found a great recipe in How it All Vegan (my favorite cookbook), for a lighter version of potato salad. I don’t think there’s any mayo in it at all! It’s pretty much mustard, olive oil, fingerling potatoes, cucumber, tomatoes, and dill. I just remember it being ridiculously delicious!

    Another summertime favorite: fish or shrimp tacos. I get a stack of those little corn tortillas, then stuff them with the lightly cooked fish, fresh chopped cabbage or lettuce, corn, avocado, tomato, and hot sauce. :)

    • That potato salad sounds incredible! I’ll have to see if I can seek it or something similar out on the internet ;)

      I’ve actually never had a fish taco though, funny enough, I was just talking the other day about how I wanted to try them. Plus they sound like the perfect summer dinner. No time like the present!

  3. Though I do miss that carefree child consumption, guided by nothing more than taste buds and enjoyment. Calories, carbs, nutrients…what were those? All we wanted to do was eat food that tasted good. These days there is so much more thought, so many more stipulations that come along with eating a meal. Better for the body, (arguably) yes, but better for the mind? Not on some (or many) days.
    THIS. I love healthy eating and what it does for me, and I’m glad I’ve changed my lifestyle for better, but I do not like that it has also made me think about food that much. I mean, I don’t stress about it at all, but it’s still on my mind, and I don’t think people should spend too much energy on food.

    My favourite food for summer is definitely fruit. Especially if paired with yogurt. <3

    • You’re so right. It’s exhausting thinking about it way too much. I go through ups and downs, sometimes I really don’t worry about it at all. Unfortunately right now is one of those times when it’s on my mind way too much. I’m trying to stop that, it’s definitely NOT worth the energy or brain drain. Eat, enjoy and move on, right? Life is so much more than that!

      Fruits, now THOSE I do want to think about 24/7. Just can’t get enough ;)

    • Actually no, not nearly enough! I’ve made a couple bean salads here and there but I always forget about them. And yet they’re awesome. Thanks for the reminder, I’ll have to try some with lentils too!

  4. I definitely go through food phases…..otherwise I’d probably go crazy! :D
    Some favorite warm weather snacks of mine are banana soft serve w/ cocoa powder (just put a frozen banana in the food processor and process until creamy) and apples w/ peanut butter! :D

    • Apples with peanut butter used to be a DAILY habit for me. That’s actually THE combo that got me starting to like peanut butter. I didn’t touch the stuff before discovering the beauty of pairing it with apples. I need to bring this snack back into my life way more often.

  5. I love Kashi Sunshine! And Almond Milk too! YUM! Also I love those shots of the summer dress!

  6. I’m glad you got to my post! I was going to comment earlier telling you to check it out and that you can spruce up your salad ;) I just roasted the roots veggies and let them cool down. I can’t wait to get down to Florida though and make some awesome smoothies! You should try almond milk + medjool date + frozen banana + avocado (and maybe a white tea would be good with that since you like to use teas). I think you’d like it :)


  7. My eats have been so boring and random, but they make me happy! lol! After the wedding I hope to get more creative with my meals, right now, all my creativity is going to wedding stuff ; )

    Love the honey sunshine, have you tried the kashi berry blossoms cereal? its good too!!!

    Have a great day love! xoxo <3

    • As it should! The wedding is going to be completely amazing, I can already tell with all of the cute stuff you’ve been showing off :)

      We actually don’t have the Kashi berry blossoms in Canada as far as I know! We JUST got the sunshine. We’re always behind on getting the next great Kashi cereal!

  8. I just finished reading that book! What did you think?
    I totally go through food phases….like every other week! I find it soo hard to be creative sometimes when it’s just the same old same old. I find that getting my veggies from the farmers market (and hopefully soon from the garden) helps because they just taste so much better!
    Do you have a bbq?? BBQ veggies are the best!!

    • I really liked it! I don’t always have the most patience through novels but The Glass Castle had me intrigued throughout! What did you think of it?

      I just went to the farmer’s market for the first time this year today! Didn’t pick up any produce really since our fridge is overflowing right now but we nabbed some SUPER fresh strawberries. Mmm.

      Definitely have a BBQ. Definitely plan on making some BBQ veggies very soon!

  9. Can I hug you for this? I feel like I can relate in SO many ways. I’ve definitely changed my “diet” and “lifestyle” to be “healthier” but for awhile I was focusing WAY too much on it, I’m glad there’s a balance now between just being totally carefree and bit stricter about being healthy. I think everything in moderation is the best approach and when unhealthy things happen, they happen; ultimately life goes on and if I’m enjoying life, that’s all that matters – HAPPINESS is the definition of HEALTH! :)

  10. stop thissssssss costco carrys an almond breeze 6 pack!? i need to get that asap, although i do really wish they carried a keg haha because i’d hook that shiznat up asap to my kitchen and pump that keg of almond milk ALL day. i’m a smoothie fanatic these days and just can’t get enouuuuugh hahaha

    • Umm YA! I almost did a happy dance in the aisle. Almost. If they came out with an AB keg I wouldn’t even hesitate with my happy dancing though. I need to make smoothies YOUR way… aka 7/11 iced cawf style ;)

  11. you call dinner 5 pieces of sushi and a few baby carrots? … im concerned youre way overdoing it. healthy eating, sure, but youre limiting your intake way too much and should seek help if you can’t make that assessment yourself.

    • I appreciate the concern but I can more than assure you my intake is plenty enough. I don’t take pictures of at LEAST 50% of what I eat… if not more. And no, that was not all I had for dinner. That was just one plate of it. There were two large containers of sushi that I had a good share of, among many other eats that just didn’t happen to make it onto a plate. Confession: Much of the time I’m too lazy to put things on plates and/or make it nice enough to bother photographing. Therefore you don’t see it. Most of the pictures of my meals do not show the entire meal. And most meals are followed by a dessert or something sweet. In other words, lots of food.

      Thanks again for the concern but therein lies one of the problems of food blogging, assuming that what we see is what we get. My blog is not a bite-by-bite documentary. I want everyone to know that so no is feels mislead or concerned. If they do, feel free to discuss it with me via email.

  12. I am going to have to try that Kashi cereal….crunchy bite sized tastes of french toast? Yes, please!

    I remember I was in Canada a few years ago (pre-veg days) and ordered chicken fingers but I was surprised at the plum sauce side…it was SO GOOD! The USA should take note of our friends from the north’s genius combo. It was different, at least to me, from the sweet and sour sauce we had here. I was in heaven!

    • I know, right?! I’m surprised you guys aren’t plum saucing it up. Just like you don’t ketchup chip it up.. what’s up with that? But seriously, I love me some plum sauce.

  13. Ain’t no reason why you can’t eat with childlike carefree abandon still – go out, and order those chicken fingers and enjoy them. Then move on :) You and spinach might become friends again.

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