Food ‘tude: A Transition

When I was wee, I had ‘tude.

017 - Copy

Attitude, yes.

But also FOOD ‘tude.

When I was little, I was also a little picky

  • I didn’t like most real meat (aka steak, pork, ham…you get the picture. And I picked it apart meticulously. No fat or gristle would get near these chops. But hey, not like that’s a bad thing.)
  • I couldn’t do cheese overload (big stringy bites of excess cheese on pizza made me gag. McDonald’s pizza? Traumatizing)
  • I did not eat bananas. OR peanut butter (who was I?!)
  • Tuna? Forget it, I was all about the canned salmon sandwiches.
  • Restaurants? Give me chicken fingers. ALWAYS chicken fingers (though nuggets were best). With sweet and sour sauce.
  • Kraft Dinner all the way. Who needs real cheese when you can eat neon orange powdered cheese? (But not if it was mixed the wrong way. Only my parents knew how to make it right. Friends’ parents made it clumpy and weird. Yep, I gagged)
  • Bologna. Yep, I said it. And ate it. Lots of it. Always on white bread with mustard :)

“Oh I wish I were an Oscar Mayer Weiner…”



I’ve been through many a taste bud transition over the years. My palette has expanded. My pickiness has nearly disappeared (though I still don’t like most real meat. And please do not pass the olives).

  • I eat more non-meat (veggie burgers, tofu, hummus, beans) than meat, though I’m not a vegetarian – so far.
  • Cheese? Yes PLEASE. Cheddar, mozzarella, goat, feta – I like it all.
  • Bananas and Peanut Butter are daily staples. I can’t imagine living without them.
  • I still like canned salmon on occasion but I love canned tuna. Any any fish is fair game when it comes in sushi form.
  • I haven’t eaten a chicken finger in years. YEARS. My chicken is usually a little less battered and deep fried these days.
  • Umm… Kraft Dinner is still beautiful in all its radioactive orange glory, though I haven’t had some real deal KD in a while. These days any form of mac & cheese fits the bill though.
  • Bologna…no thanks. Thinly sliced deli turkey? You bet. Usually eaten straight up, but still with the good ol’ mustard.


My food has also become significantly more fresh and green. Many of my today foods are similar to those of yesteryear, just with a little reconstruction (and a lot more vegetables). I’m pretty sure this is a transition many of us bologna sandwich kids can relate to.


Instead of bologna and mustard on white bread, how about tofu and mustard on spring mix greens? (Though the white bread is still kickin’ around on the side :))





Instead of nuggets with a side of fries, I’ll take my salad with a side of fries.




Though want to do it one better? How about a side of Holy Moly Guacamole (aka the best protein-packed guacamole ever) and a Crystal Light Froster?



My pasta plates are usually more green than orange (though sometimes you just gotta go with the plain old mac&cheese).





My canned fish lies more often on leaves than bread.





Even my sweets have been switched up.

Instead of bright goopy Gushers, I’m more into bright goopy jams (It’s rhubarb! It’s homemade. It’s delicious. Though I’ll admit, so are Gushers…even though I’m pretty sure their “real fruit” isn’t quite as real as the rhubarb in my jam)





Twinkies in my lunch? Naw, today I’ll take some Genisoy multigrain Cinnamon Streusel Sweet Crisps instead (which are insanely delicious FYI).




I’m also pretty content with yogurt and berries. Perhaps with a cookie on the side.



I may no longer eat mad amounts of bologna or drive ‘Lamborghinis’ but I still have plenty of ‘tude.

Don’t mess with the muscles! (I only wish I were tough)


And definitely don’t mess with the meals.  They pack some POWER.


Side note: I let my mom try my Great Greens breakfast smoothie the other day.

Her reaction?

Cough, gag, *face remarkably similar to that of someone having just taken a hefty dose of Buckley’s*

“I think…it’s an acquired taste…”


I swear green smoothies CAN taste good. I just like them nice and earthy. Guess I should have eased her in with much one heavier on the fruit and much lighter on the straight cocoa powder, barley grass powder and thick handfuls of collard greens. Oops. Next time, Mom.


What food did you HATE as a child that you LOVE now?
What food did you LOVE as a child that you HATE now?


30 thoughts on “Food ‘tude: A Transition

    • Thank you! :) I might have eaten a salad here and there as a child…but if I did they sure weren’t memorable. I was pretty big into caesar salads as I started growing up though. As long as they were doused in creamy dressing of course.

  1. LOVE this post! Its fun to learn more about you and your love and hate foods! ha!

    I used to LOVE bologna sandwiches with mustard! I do not now!

    I loved ramen noodles! SO bad for you! ha! I do not now!

    I loved ice cream, ALWAYS will! ha! Any flavor is good with me!

    I loved cheetos, still do!

    Your guns are rocking!! Love it! U go girl!

    U are lucky your mom even tried your smoothie! My mom would NEVER! lol!

    Love you!!

    • Oh ramen noodles. Totally ate those all the time. Cheetos too! Ice cream, on the other hand, will NEVER go away :) I was actually surprised my mom was willing to try the smoothie. She didn’t even hesitate. Though I doubt she’ll try one again for a little while haha. You’re the sweetest! xo

  2. Congrats on the diet transition. You definitely earned your amazing physique. Do you lift weights regularly these days? Keep up the good work, Kristie!

    • Aw thanks AJ! I wouldn’t say I “lift weights” regularly but I do do some form of strength training most days. Usually it’s pretty basic stuff though – body weight exercises, strength-based DVDs (Jillian Michaels and P90X), brief weight sessions after runs (just upgraded to 15lb weights. NOW we’re into the big ones…hahah). I’m not hardcore into strength by any means (maybe someday if I ever get an actual big gym membership I’ll try out the big weight stuff) but I do seem to gain muscle fairly easily with basic strength training workouts. I’ve definitely tried to balance out a bit more strength stuff with my running these days and I can certainly feel more muscle. I kinda dig it!

      • Some of those strength exercises (like p90X) are not that basic. If you keep strength tranining, then pushups, Jillian M, etc may become less challenging and, thus, less beneficial.

        I’m glad you’re seeing and feeling results. Are you trying to gain more muscle mass and strength? It looks like it’s not that difficult for you, which is good!

  3. What food did you HATE as a child that you LOVE now?
    – I also hated bananas! I hated yogurt and oatmeal too. So hard to believe that.
    What food did you LOVE as a child that you HATE now?
    – I loooved soda. The weirder the color, the better (see grape pop!). Now it tastes like drinking something I should be cleaning with!

    May I ask your Great Greens smoothie recipe? My green smoothies are so plain jane these days. :/

    • I don’t remember ever eating yogurt or oatmeal as a really young child. Though I was definitely into FROZEN yogurt… raspberry froyo all the way!

      I don’t remember exactly what went into that particular smoothie but I’m pretty sure it was made up of: chilled green tea with a few splashes of almond milk, cinnamon, barley grass powder, cocoa powder, chocolate protein powder, a packet of stevia, a HUGE handful or three of collard greens, a few HUGE frozen strawberries, lots of ice, and xanthan and guar gum.

      I don’t really measure anything I put into my smoothies, just kind of throw it all in, but they’re generally made pretty similarly. Mine are more on the watery/icy side because of the liquid base being mostly chilled tea (sometimes I find all almond milk too rich in the mornings) but if you like yours sweeter and creamier, I’d suggest more almond milk than tea. And more fruit or sweetener if you don’t like them too earthy ;)

  4. haha, how we have changed as children. i think my diet as a kid was actually pretty good, healthy chinese food. then as a teen, not so great – american foods, big portions (yet i was still a stick) then college, UGH, not great. now…i try to balance the good with the bad.

    holler at your muscle!!!

  5. I hate most foods I loved as a child. Super-sugary breakfast cereals, bright orange mac & cheese, gooey candies, Little Debbie oatmeal cream pies…they make me kind of sick now. And I swear that’s not because I trained myself out of it; the artificial stuff just doesn’t appeal when you get older I guess. The few favorite foods that survived are peanut butter, broccoli (yes, I loved broccoli, even in elementary school), and ice cream. But now my ice creams are soy or coconut-based because I’m lactose intolerant :p

    • Oh the Little Debbie desserts… pretty sure I loved them all. I don’t think I’d enjoy them quite as much now, though if you handed me a swiss roll I wouldn’t say no :) I’m impressed you loved broccoli. I’m sure I ate my fair share of broccoli when I was younger too…though it was probably covered in Velveeta ;)

  6. Sometimes it’s hard for me to believe I’m the same person with how much my tastes have changed. As a kid, I pretty much hated all veggies, beans, hummus, avocado… lol basically everything I love now. And I don’t know if I’d say that I hate the junk food I ate as a kid, but it doesn’t appeal to me anymore these days. One thing that’s always remained constant, though, is oats and chocolate :D

  7. hilarious!! i was disgustingly picky as a kid!! my Mom worried about me a lot because I barely had any variety!

    i definitely loved chicken nuggets, quesadillas, bagels, bread and butter, pizza, etc., but hated cereal, oatmeal, most meat, etc.

    I ate veggies as a kid and still do, so somethings never change!!

    hugs and have a great wwwwwwweeek!

  8. Heh I love this post! I can’t believe how picky I was as a kid. I remember asking for PLAIN BREAD and an apple for lunch at elementary school…I bet I would’ve cringed at the hummus and avocado sandwiches I devour these days!

    And WHOA MUSCLES – you look like a tough cookie!

  9. We had a lot of similar dislikes! I hated peanut butter, cheese, salads, tuna, hard boiled eggs…….
    Now I freakin love all of those things! And I dont like a lot of the shiz I used to eat on a daily basis. AKA poptarts, frosted flakes, doritos, and Marie Callendars frozen meals. My tastes have upgraded to vanilla bean gelato and salt and vinegar Boulders ;)

  10. I always ordered chicken fingers when I went to restaurants. My parents always said I was going to turn into a chicken finger :). While I don’t hate them now, I don’t really order them anymore. I also used to love apple juice when I was little, but I don’t really like any kind of juice now!

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  12. So I see you have a magic bullet, but I have to ask – HOW do you get that good smoothie consistency? I have one and I haven’t mastered that yet! Thanks, love the blog. :)

    • It can be tricky with the Bullet! Honestly, I think the main thing is the gums. Xanthan and guar gums do wonders for smoothie consistency. If you can’t find them or aren’t willing to shell out the cash (I think xanthan is pretty pricey), then I’d say you really have to go by trial and error with good liquid to ice ratios. If the ice isn’t blending, bump up the liquid a bit. And if you’re stuck with a few ice chunks at the end, instead of just letting the Bullet run, pulse it and shake it around a bunch until you finally get all that ice to blend. I probably yell at my Bullet at least once during every smoothie making experience until it cooperates ;)

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  14. I’ll refrain from going into a huge long list of foods I liked as a kid I don’t eat now and visa versa, but can I just say – the only way to eat bologna (and I ate my fair share – my grandpa made sammies for me) is on white bread with mustard? To do anything else is just weird and wrong!

    And now I have a strange craving for a bologna sandwich…

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