High on Coconut and Sunshine

After days of clouds, rain and reclusion, Summer is FINALLY here. 

Today was Hot. Humid. Sunny. Gorgeous.

It began with a bowl of oats and berries.


And what luscious oats and berries they were.


Oats + water + chocolate Amazing Grass to meld overnight.
Greek yogurt + rhubarb jam + fresh raspberries added in the morning.

It continued with a hasty jaunt on the treadmill. Why I opted for the basement over the fresh air on a perfectly lovely May day I could not tell you.

But all was redeemed with patio beers. Oh the cool, smooth first sip of the bubble in the hot summer sun. Is there anything more refreshing? Perhaps a dive into the lake on a sweltering afternoon but when there is no lake in sight, an ice cold Bud Light will do the trick.


Follow it with a nice leisurely walk Uptown and your afternoon will be complete. The blisters on the bottoms of your feet from your cheap flat sandals and the warmth and mild sting still remaining hours later on your bright red skin are simply the reminders of a lovely sunny day.

And to polish it all off?

How about some Organic Teddy Grahams (Big bag on sale for $0.99! Come on, I’m a sucker for ALL sale items)…


…dipped in Blondie Batter Dip?!


Good…but just not quite enough.



Alright seriously, who bakes on a sticky hot day?

Only those with an unquenchable thirst for coconut. Coconut water likely would have been a more appropriate choice but coconut flour was the most readily available and Coconut Banana Chocolate Carob Chip Cookies were calling my name.

I’d made them once before last summer. Since they got a remake they’re clearly worth raving about.


Why the duo colours? I also made a half batch with peanut flour. Same ingredients, less milk. Good in their own special way but the coconut flour batch definitely take the cake cookie!


And now I’m all cookied and sunned out. I hear the rest of the week is supposed to be pretty warm and sunny too. Now if someone would kindly bring me a beach I’d be on cloud 9.


Curious What is your beer (or drink if you’re not a big beer fan) of choice?
I usually opt for Bud Light or Coors Light though I’m no beer snob and I’ll drink pretty much anything. I have yet to try a beer I can’t stomach, though some begin to get more questionable as they warm up… Ice cold beer all the way.


20 thoughts on “High on Coconut and Sunshine

  1. deeej pretty much forbids me to use the stove in the summer but i steal a few moments here and there usually though i make a pretty stellar transition to the barbie ;)

    i heart me a solid mich ultra in the summer! so refreshingly dewishious <3

  2. YUM! These cookies look amazing. I definitely miss baking since summer hit. Maybe I will start baking in the middle of the night to beat the heat :)

  3. Hi, I’ve been reading your blog for a bit, but never commented. I really like your blog in general! I just recently graduated and moved back home. I’m just wondering, how do you eat healthy at home? Do you make your own meals and get your own groceries? I’m finding it hard to transition. Thanks :) And congrats on recently graduating yourself!

  4. Sounds like an amazing day! Ugh I wish it would never end. Memorial Day Weekend is one of my favorites of the year- what’s better than knowing that we have a few months of summer stretched out before us?

    My beer of choice is Bass Ale. Guys make fun of me for it (not exactly the girliest choice out there), but I have no shame when it comes to the beers I like. And now that summer’s here, it’s beer (and margarita) season! Love love love.

  5. Those cookies look SO good right now…yum!!! Glad you liked ’em!! :) I’ll definitely have to try them with peanut flour – such a great idea!

  6. I love beer. Unfortunately. I like good beer though, none of this light crap. ;) My bf loves Coors Light…

    My favorites are Eye of the Hawk, anything from Maui Brewing Co., Blue Moon, etc. Beers like that. Mmm.

    Ok, those cookies look awesome. As does the Blondie Batter Dip!

  7. Nice, glad to hear summer has finally arrived in KW! Both of those cookie variations sounds delicious.

    I am definitely a beer person – my fave is Mill St Tank House Ale, but I also like Rickard’s white for summertime cause it’s nice and citrusy!

  8. I love the oats! Mmmmmm!

    I am not a beer girl! I never was, and mike does not like beer either! I love wine! Or a damn good appletini !!

    It was so hot here today too!! Yay for summer!!

  9. i like bud lights and bud light limes!! or coronas or dos equis……. or any pale ale/light beer……..or hard cider..or sangria, or diet orange soda vodka, or rum and cokes, or wine, orrrrrrrrrr mojitos.

    okay i officially look like an alcoholic.

    love yo eaaaaaaaats
    love you!

    (p.s. can u believe how longgggggggggg i’ve known you through blogging?! time flies!! i have been reading lighter portions FAEVA tho! nuts!)

  10. It’s officially summer here too! Super scorchin’

    Did you ever play with your teddy grahams and make them into cheerleaders (based on how their arms were positioned)? That was my favorite!

    • I was more barbaric and “drowned” my teddies in milk. Or shed a tiny tear before biting their limbs off, one agonizing limb at a time. Hahah. Ehem. Poor teddies. They sure were delicious though!

  11. Haha, I’m a sale whore myself. But a big bag of graham teddies for just 99 cents? That’s a steal! I would have gotten like 10 bags.

    I’m not a beer or alcohol person. I have a bottle of vodka I bought on a whim and now I don’t know what to do with it…

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