Busting out the Bike

You know that Groupon thing? My mom’s friend bought one good for a one-month membership at a small women’s gym just down the road. Then she decided she wouldn’t use it.

So as of bright and early this morning, I officially became a one-month gym member (thanks Katherine).

After drowning my banana boat breakfast in the deep murky depths of my stomach of course. (Priorities People! Banana + peanut butter + Greek yogurt. The first half I inhaled plain while prepping the second. I was hungry and it takes time to spread PB and spoon out yogurt)


The gym is tiny and was pretty empty when I went in but they have quite a few classes, including spin (which I’ve only tried a handful of times before but I’ve loved) so I’ll be hitting up some of those within the next month. The Groupon membership also includes 5 FREE Smoothies. Um… you bet I’ll be taking advantage of those.

After activating the membership I moved right on to getting my sweat on…just not at the gym. Yep, I joined the gym only to turn around and walk right out, heading straight home instead to go on my first BIKE ride of the year!


And a superb bike ride it was. One solid hour of chilly winds, slightly overcast skies, nearly empty streets and blasting tunes in my ears. I always seem to forget just how satisfying biking is until I get out there again.


You know your day is exciting when a bike ride is the highlight.

Well that and “Cookie Dough” aka Blondie Batter Dip aka why ever bother baking anything when the dough just tastes so. darn. good?

I made the regular (PB-loaded) and the light (applesauce) version. Both good in their own right but the peanut butter is the clear winner. Because since when is anything not better with peanut butter?


I also whipped up a chocolate version with a bit of leftover batter dip blended with cocoa powder.



Yesterday was a little more thrilling as I Budda Boom Budda Binged with Mario at the dinner table. Ever been to East Side Mario’s? They have unlimited soup or salad and WARM garlic loaf. Um yes please! My friend Christy (my partial name twin…except for the fact that we spell our names completely differently – C and y vs my K and ie. They sound the same though which is all that matters) is always thinking and always suggests going with the unlimited refills. I’m down! And their garden salad is awesome. As is their bread. I could eat just those two as a meal and be completely content. But because I’m not sure if that’s an option…I figured I might as well throw in a small cheese pizza too.


My dinner photography courtesy of Google:


Garlic Loaf


Thanks for the meal, Mario!

We also met up with a group of friends for beers and Taco Tuesday ($2 tacos!) but I had neither since I just downed a whole pizza and I was the DD. Responsibly Ricky over here. Instead I sipped on water. Man I’m lame.


I also finished the very last cupcake remaining from the long weekend celebrations yesterday. Okay, 2/3 of a cupcake. I ate the other 1/3 before breakfast.


THIS is only exciting enough to get airtime because a – it’s a cupcake and b – the only other food evidence I have from the past two days is yet another green smoothie and yet another salad with tuna.

Cold, quick and easy foods are the name of the game for summer, what can I say?


Do you find yourself gravitating towards easier (aka no cook) foods now that the early summertime has basically started? I can’t even think about cooking food 90% of the time right now. Fresh veg, fruit and liquids is where it’s at. Anything else makes me sweat just thinking about it. And it’s not even that hot out yet!


Ramble bamble.

The conclusions of this post:

  • Eat at East Side Mario’s – even if just for the unlimited warm bread
  • Bike – just do it. Though if you rarely (or never) bike, don’t choose a day that’s too hot or windy. You will regret it.
  • Don’t try to be nice and save the last cupcake for the rest of your family. For some reason they will ignore it and you will stare at it every time you open the fridge until you bite the bullet and inhale it, pretending nothing ever happened.
  • See The Hangover Part II – because I’m going to see it right now. I have high hopes!

25 thoughts on “Busting out the Bike

  1. I definitely have been craving easy/no cook foods! In fact my huge dessert was just ice cream..didn’t feel like making anything fancy!

  2. Haha your question of the day made me laugh… because I ALWAYS gravitate towards “lazy” foods. The less prep, the better!

    Love you, girl! And I’m so glad you tried the blondie batter!! :)

  3. what is this blondie batter dip that i’m clicking on right this minute.

    anyways why was i not invited to your pizza party date..i would have made the trip

    • Aw you’re SO close! But yep I totally know what you mean. Preparing gorgeous and colourful salads is such a summery thing to do. I need to stop hacking away at my veggies and make something a little nicer than a bunch of stuff thrown into a bowl once in a while!

  4. YAY early summer bike rides! I went for a great one yesterday too among the foothills of BC :)

    That’s awesome about the gym membership!! Oh and I’ve always wanted to go to Ethel’s for taco Tuesdays…I wonder if they have veggie ones!

    • Awww so you ARE getting to bike in BC already. So awesome!

      Actually, my friend doesn’t eat beef so she tried to order tacos with beans… apparently that costs $3 more?! For some reason bean processing is more expensive than beef… that’s a little scary. Oh Ethel’s. Needless to say, she ended up getting taco shells with just lettuce and cheese in them, side of guac for dipping. So they WILL do a veggiefied version (aka no beef) but it’ll cost ya.

  5. I LOVE bike rides in the summer time. I have to check my old contraption and see if it’s still alive. And I totes find myself relying on salads more in the summertime. They don’t heat up the house either!

  6. I love how you went to the gym and then back home to ride back haha Glad it was a good bike ride. I am pretty jealous of that cupcake, I want it :D
    And heck yea I’m so excited to see The Hangover 2!! :D

  7. Being outside beats the gym any day. Especially because you don’t have to worry about getting stuck working out beside someone who has some serious BO.

    I’m definitely getting lazier with my meal prep… I haven’t even wanted to bake anything lately! Who am I ?!

    • I haven’t been getting the baking itch much lately either. Anything with the blender or food processor is fair game though. Hence the bean dips! I think my desserts are going to start getting a lot more mushy and liquidy :)

  8. Looks like you’re keeping busy with lots of fun things lately! Hooray for the month free at the gym and for a lovely bike ride! And so much yummy food too! :)

  9. It is my mission to buy a bike! I am hoping to this summer!!!

    Loving the dips you made, they look AMAZING!!!!

    Groupon does rock, I should jump on a deal one day with groupon!

    Let me know how Hangover 2 is! I want to see it!!!

    Love u!!!

  10. Kristie,

    What does your workout regimen look like these days? Are you noticing improvements in definition? You were definitely getting toned when you were strength training regularly. Keep up the good work!

  11. I kind of what that cupcake in my mouth ASAP.

    Hooooray welcome to the gym hoodlum club, for a month, at least :D

    I want a bike pretty badly, especially in this weather. You rock. Just fyi.

    Happy Mem. day weekend :)

  12. free gym and free smoothies. Sign me up! With summer, I think salads and grilling are the best. Less time cooking meals but still same time prepping. Which I enjoy!

    • Yes for grilling! I haven’t done that yet this year (it’s been pretty rainy so far!) but that needs to happen asap. I’m getting pretty excited for some grilled corn on the cob!

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