Keep Calm and Hug Your Mom

It may have just been Mother’s Day but the lady that I like to call “Mom” (most prefer Bev but I have special naming privileges) is so darn special that she gets to celebrate being awesome twice this month…

Happy Birthday Mom!



The birthday prep started last night with some serious squares baking.

My mom needed to bring some birthday treats into work for the staff. It’s protocol. Naturally I stepped up to the plate.

Giant pan of squares #1 = Toffee Squares. Think cake mix, toffee bits and  chocolate chips. Think deadly. The only thing that would make these better would be one big, thick drizzle of caramel.


Giant pan of squares #2 = Top Secret (ahem…meaning I forgot to take a picture. But they were strawberry cheesecake squares)

I figured, with two giant pans of ooey gooey desserts being brought in, there would be tons of leftovers trailing back home at the end of the day.

Nope…just these. And only because my mom nabbed a few to sneak back home for us. Otherwise, demolished.


And there look, evidence of the cheesecake squares.

I also baked up some Momnola (aka Mom’s Granola) since she likes to sprinkle it on her oatmeal every morning.


The label says, “No experiments. Just good old fashioned oats, butter and brown sugar. Enjoy!”

Explanation: Every time she requests granola, I try out a new recipe. Sometimes they use pumpkin, applesauce, different oils, nut butters and other random ingredients. Often times they just don’t turn out that well . The basic butter/brown sugar combo is spot on. I wouldn’t dare mess around with her birthday batch.  (Hint: It was Averie’s recipe I’ve already tried and loved)

Let me just tell you, baking giant pans of pure sugary goodness mere hours before bed is not the best idea. Obviously I had to sample (to make sure they were edible of course!) while cutting them up. I was wired. ‘Sleepy’ took a long time to kick in, and even when it did my mind was still running at top speed.


And then I woke up to do it all over again in order to make a Carrot Birthday Cake!

But first I took a break from the sugar-laden treats and opted for some greens.

Hello Green Liquid Breakfast. Green tea, almond milk, chocolate protein powder, cocoa powder, spinach, frozen strawberries, cinnamon, barley grass powder, vanilla stevia, ice and gums. Topped with Fibre One for good measure.


Run Run Run. Abs Abs Abs. Lunch Lunch Lunch.


THEN the baking re-ensued.

It was carrot cake. It was a beautiful process.
But the taste test had to wait until after dinner.

Swiss Chalet anyone? “Life should taste as good as Swiss Chalet.” Is this just a Canadian thing? They have the best dipping sauce.

How about some free appetizer perogies? (Gotta love coupons!)


For the actual meal, we all ordered the Quarter Chicken Dinner – mine was white meat chicken with a roll and side garden salad. I also stole a few of my mom’s fries, hence the lovely ketchup blob on the bottom of the plate.
(Spot the delish dipping sauce in the upper right corner)



Okay okay THEN it was Cake Time.

Drum roll please…



I’ve made THIS carrot cake a couple times before and it has always been a ‘this is so good I can’t help but ‘mmm’ after every bite’ hit, so it was once again a no-brainer.

We tried to get some nice, normal pre-cake portraiture (*Note the fact that my brother’s hand is almost as big as my mom’s face. Freak).

072 - Copy

085 - Copy

Yeah we don’t do normal. Or at least he doesn’t. Clearly he was just a little too excited for cake time.

087 - Copy




Dig in.




Happy Birthday dearest Mom. You da Bomb!


24 thoughts on “Keep Calm and Hug Your Mom

  1. You are lovely, and I love that first pic of you and your mom! too cute :)))

    Um, also highly jealous of all the baking you’ve been doing because I have not baked in, like, over a week. That’s a long time for me ;)

    It all looks terribly delicious too!!


    • I hadn’t baked too much in a while either. At least not any “real” (aka sugar/butter/deliciousness) baking. I’ve been on a baking frenzy! You need to get your bake on :)

  2. Happy Birthday to your mommy!! I love seeing all the fun family pictures. Those toffee squares look insanely yummy and carrot cake? Yes please :D

  3. Your cake is beautiful! I can’t speak for all of America (there are quite a few of us) but I’ve never heard of Swiss Chalet. I think you get to claim it all for yourself (and Canada). :)

  4. Swiss Chalet totally has the best dipping sauce, and I do think it is a Canadian thing :)

    The Swiss Chalet sauce is also sold in stores. You just add water to the powder mix and it tastes almost exactly like the sauce you get at the restaurant.

    • I actually think we have some of the powdered mix in the cupboard riiiiight now. Funny enough we hardly eve use it. Something about having it already made and delivered in little ceramic bowls right to your table at the restaurant is just infinitely more satisfying. That being said, I think we also just forget about the packaged stuff. I’m thinking a Swiss Chalet-inspired dinner complete with packaged dipping sauce will be in the works next week.

  5. Wishing there were some recipes for those first 2 bars! My birthday is next week and those look like an awesome treat to take to my coworkers! :)

    • I didn’t post the bar recipes since they’re not mine (one was actually my mom’s friend’s recipe and the other I pulled out of a magazine) but I can type them up and send them to you if you want! Just let me know :)

  6. So I was on another blog that you had left a comment on and was so surprised to see someone else whose first name is spelled the same way that my real first name … That “K” and “ie” combination is such a rarity I had to pop on over. I do only to discover your mother was born in May too?? Mine was born May 17th.

    Sorry, I know that was incredibly random, but anyways… I also wanted to say that your carrot cake looks really lovely and your chicken dinner lush!

    • Hey Kat! aka Kristie?! That’s so cool! It’s definitely rare to see someone spell their name our way isn’t it? I always get a little too excited when I find someone with the same spelling. And since our mom’s have practically the same birthday (my mom’s exact day is the 18th) I’d say we’re practically twins. Haha. Thanks for popping by to say hi!

  7. Im sorry Im late : ( Happy belated Birthday to your mommy!!!! I was so hectic last week, I missed out on blogs : p

    Love the cake you made her, it looks amazing!! I am drooling over here, and Im hungry as ever now for something sweet!

    The pics are classic of you, so funny! Love your face, you crack me up!

    Have a goodnight beautiful!!!

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  9. I tried the toffee bars. The only cake mix I had was a Funfetti mix. It added colored specs to the final product. Took them to work today and they were gone! So good, and so easy (but I wont tell)! :) Thanks a bunch!

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