It’s a Cozy Kind of Day

A chilly, rainy weekend we’ve had at my neck of the woods. Upset, however, I am not as I’m soaking it up with stretchy pants, a muffin and a mug of hot tea.

Would someone care to join me?

How about Amanda and Heather, since they’re the winners of the Lipton Tuesday Tea Giveaway! Congrats Gals! I’ll be emailing to get your info.

Thanks to everyone who entered! A spot of virtual hot tea to all of you.


The few days preceding the weekend were hot and sunny. Perfect conditions for smoothies, salads and shopping.


Care for a little behind-the-scenes peak at smoothie making in action?

Lately I’ve been putting Barley Grass powder and cinnamon in almost all of my smoothies. An extra nutrient kick? Why not.


We haven’t reached the part where it looks appetizing (or even drinkable) yet.


How about now? Is it strange that I’ve considered topping a bowl of spinach with a spinach smoothie? I honestly don’t think it would be that bad…I’m now probably going to have to prove myself right. Stay tuned…


Voila. Alright so it’s still not exactly beautiful but at least it looks drinkable.


I also savoured a bowl of overnight oats one day in amongst the smoothie drinking – 1/3 cup oats, 1/2 cup almond, 1/4 cup Greek yogurt, 1 Tbsp chia seeds, frozen banana and frozen peanut flour chunks.


C’est l’amour du jour.


Sometimes I eat cabbage slaw salads in the backyard while still rocking my flannel pant pyjamas, no big deal.


And sometimes I spare the neighbours and keep my consumption indoors.


Salsa has also been making frequent appearances as my all-star condiment this week. What can’t it go on? (Maybe bananas. Or ice cream)


There’s that salsa again, alongside some tofu shirataki noodles I found hiding in the back of the fridge. If you rinse them well you can eliminate almost all of the fish smell. If you coat them with a mixture of hummus and pasta sauce, fish smell be gone.


You could also try coating them with avocado, though the sliminess of the tofu noodles paired with the creaminess of the avocado was almost too much even for me, and I’m all about the creamy.


Just make sure to have extra fresh and crunchy vegetables on the side to balance out the creaminess.


I eat my veggies, but I also never forget my fruits.

Especially when they’re berries, the most beautiful, juicy, sweet, flavourful fruits out there. Delicious on their own but decadent when paired with raspberry yogurt mixed with coconut flour and cocoa powder.


Dessert is served – strawberries, blueberries and blackberries topped with Greek yogurt and muffin slices.


I also mentioned having done some pre-weekend shopping. I saw a flyer for a big six-day sale event at a local arena and, being the sale junkie that I am, I obviously had to check it out.

Loaded with reduced price perfumes, makeup and beauty products, jewellery, household goods, candy and shoes, I was in my element.

I came home with a few goodies:

Genisoy treats


It didn’t take me long to dig into the Chocolate Mint Sweet Crisps. Minty, chocolate-y and crunchy, they get my compliments.


Revlon Nail Polish – I have a slight nail polish addiction and when you put large bins of nail polish bottles at 3 for $5 in my face, I am guaranteed to leave with a handful. Side note – I own a ridiculous number of pink shades.


Guess shoes – There was a rack of them for $40 each. The catch? Size 6 only. My feet are small but not that small. Luckily they fit quite nicely into this open-toed, open-backed pair.


A quick stop on the way home at my favourite home goods store, HomeSense, found me walking out with a bottle of Madagascar Vanilla Bean Paste, “a convenient, versatile alternative to whole vanilla beans.” I’ve seen it make a few appearances around the blog world (I know Janetha’s raved about it before) and I’m looking forward to giving it a try, especially since it’s apparently comparable to real vanilla beans, which I have yet to try out. Ever tried it? Any must-try ideas?


After all of the above was said and done, the sun faded, the weekend hit, and the clouds rolled in.

What else is one to do on a rainy Saturday than head to work to staple, stamp, and eat Pita Pit?

026 - Copy026 - Copy (2)


Whole wheat (6 inch) ‘Petita’ with babaghanoush, honey mustard and a garden-load of vegetables = Lunch of Champions.

The rest of Saturday continued without a hitch, leading into sleep, wake, eat, run, eat, blog –> You Are Here. Now I’m still sitting, soaking up the rainy day in my stretchy pants, with an empty tea mug at my side and nary a muffin crumb in site. This scenario shall eventually conclude with either another round of sleep or a night out of dancing. I’m on the fence with this one, as I feel I’ve pretty much outgrown tonight’s site of choice. Decisions, decisions. Only the next few hours shall tell.

But first?

Dinner time.

Happy Sunday to all, and to all a good night.


16 thoughts on “It’s a Cozy Kind of Day

    • A little basement hole-in-the-wall place around here does a retro night every Sunday night. Think plenty of 80s and MJ. I’ve had plenty of good times there in the past. I haven’t been in a while though, the crowd is pretty young these days. Though I do love the tunes!

      With the noodles, it’s not so much the taste as the smell. Apparently it’s the smell of the Konjac plant that they’re made out of but as long as you rinse them well and microwave them for a minute or so, it mostly disappears.

  1. ahh i wnt a pita!!! i LOVEE your nail polish collection! I HAVE TONS and between my mom and I we could open up a manicure shop.. its embarrassing how many colors we have! and yet i still end up using a select few all the time!

    • I always want to buy the crazy colours but I know I’ll hardly end up wearing them! I guess that’s why I always get so many PINKS. Though I branched out a bit this round with a couple purples in there. Haven’t worn them yet, but my toes do need a repaint :)

  2. Wow awesome nail polish collection, I love wearing pink in the Summer. And those Genisoy treats looks amazing, I’ve never seen those before!! The chocolate must be delish :D

    • I had never seen them before either so I was pretty darn excited! The choco ARE delicious. I can’t wait to try the other ones either but clearly the ones coated with a chocolate drizzle had to be opened first ;)

  3. Haha! I have a ridiculous number of pink nail polishes as well. I see them in the store and think “omigosh that’s gorgeous!” only to come home and realize I have about 5 other bottles of a similar shade. Ahh well.

    And I would die if I came across $40 Guess shoes I couldn’t fit into! I adore anything Guess, and probably have waaaay too many of their bags…

    • Every time I’m shopping with my mom and go to pick out a new pink shade she’ll be like, “Don’t you have one like that already?” “No of course not! Silly Mother.” … Mother knows best. I’ve bought a few now that I did, in fact, have near duplicates of. Oh well, at least we don’t have to go out and restock when one runs out right?

      I rarely splurge on pricey brand name items so when I find cheap Guess shoes, you can bet I’m going to search through them ALL until I find the one that fits my foot.

  4. The night of dancing sounds like a win! Love it! If u go , have some fun for me! Those mint chocolate soy crisps look so good, I have seen those but never bought them, and why the hell have I not?!!

    Love ya girl!

    • It’s now night and I’m definitely still at home haha. The rain and chill was pretty demotivating but I have a birthday to go this week that will definitely involve some dancing so I’ll get my fix soon :) Now go and buy those crisps! You’d love em!

  5. youre so freaking adorable!!! hahah i lol-ed about those tofu noodles! they DO taste like fish omgahhh!!! and i love your eats. im loving salsa right now too! SO flippin good. where did you find that coconut flour again? i gota find some!

    • Even with the fishyness, I still love the noodles! And I JUST finished off some more salsa…on crackers, ohhh yum. The coconut flour I actually ordered from a giveaway I won on The one I have is Bob’s Red Mill brand, though I’ve also found it at a bulk food store around here. I’m sure you’ll be able to track some down, I’d check health food stores or health food sections of grocery stores! I kinda love it :)

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