Mother’s Day

Here’s to a special day dedicated to honouring some very special women:


Happy Mother’s Day

to my dearest Mom & best friend,

and to all the wonderful mothers of the world. You have the most important job there is :)

032 - Copy

[Last year pic. I think we need an update!]


We had a nice little day of quality family time, starting with French toast babies for breakfast.


Mumsy insisted on adding a strawberry for a visually aesthetic pop. Mom gets what Mom wants on Mother’s Day!




Mom and the Bro reheated their wee toasts after my drawn-out photo session. Apparently they’re not quite as accustomed to the food photographing ways of consuming cooled off meals.

Post-toast food coma, Mom and I headed to Costco – the highlight of the day, of course. Our fridge is now jam-packed with spinach, tomatoes, snap peas, apples, hummus and Greek yogurt.

My lunch was jam-packed with some of the same plus cabbage slaw, carrots, mushrooms and leftover rice and chicken, compliments of the plain old grocery store, only half as exciting as Costco/food heaven. This meal is noteworthy, though, in that it was the first meal of the year enjoyed outdoor-style!


Today was gorgeous – sunny and warm, the perfect gift for sun-loving mothers. We all spent a bit of time this afternoon soaking up some rays and Vitamin D, and I experienced the most relaxing moment I’ve had in a long time during a short but perfectly perfect backyard half-nap. Oh my gosh I never wanted to get up again. It was glorious.

But alas, a sweat session and some homemade pizza dough were calling.

We’ve been wanting to try pizza from scratch for ages. Considering Mom had mentioned wanting pizza for dinner only a couple nights before, seemed like an opportune time to make it happen.

So decorate-your-own-pizza night it was!

This recipe served as our dough.
Never mind the fact that I used one year expired yeast.
It was good regardless. Fresh yeast likely would have made it awesome. A very first attempt at homemade dough that turns out ‘good’ is a-okay in my books…

…and I will be picking up fresh yeast next round.

My lovely little pizza pie was topped with pizza sauce, garlic powder, oregano, a sprinkling of mozzarella and feta, baby and sundried tomatoes, and a few dabs of pesto.


Mom and Bro eagerly cut into their pizzas.



Check it out, Mom’s on the left is a <3. Cute.

We finished up the day with an evening jaunt to soak up the last rays of the day and to help settle the pizza stomachs.

It’s now about time to conk out and my stomach is still pizza-stuffed. Now that’s a pizza!


Happy Mother’s Day!

I hope all of you mothers out there enjoyed your special day :)


9 thoughts on “Mother’s Day

  1. Your french toast is cute AND yummy looking! I haven’t had any in ages, but I just bought a jug of really delicious all natural organic maple syrup and now all I can think of is using it on french toast, pancakes, and waffles!

    And what lovely pizza! Homemade pizza is a staple around here, I love that I can top it with all of our leftover veggies.

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