“You Know I Like My Dessert First”

Thanks for all the kind words and insight on yesterday’s post. Ending school and figuring out where to go next is a tricky time for everyone. Each day is a new day with new possibilities though, and I’m going to do my best to work on one day at a time and concentrate on each little step rather than spending too much energy worrying about exactly where all those little steps will eventually lead. I’m sure that will get clearer along the way. I’m counting on it.

If anyone else has any stories or similar worries to share, please feel free to still do so!

I actually read a lovely post today – On Changing My Life – by Andrea of Can You Stay For Dinner? about the many changes and uncertainties she’s gone through just within the past several years. Very helpful and highly recommended.



Today has been a little more positive. No more sessions with the Stress Reduction in a Jar. Progress!

Instead, over the past few days, there has been plenty of roasted buttercup squash.



Tuna mixed with light sour cream and dijonnaise


And tuna mixed with Laughing Cow cheese, lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce


Egg whites on toast with spinach and ketchup


And runny eggs with ketchup over cabbage slaw salad.


Greens with feta and Mmmm sauce


And Greens with mustard and crumbled turkcauli burger.



Boy do I look like a… rabbit?

Let’s correct this.

I’ve eaten about 10lbs of strawberries and grapes over the past couple days. Some were paired with ‘coconut yogurt spread’ – aka a container of raspberry yogurt mixed with a Tbsp of coconut flour. I need to try this spread on toast or a waffle!


Sometimes I don’t even bother to mix the coconut flour into the yogurt.


I’ve enjoyed my fair share (coughx10cough) of Tostitos dunked in copious amounts of salsa.


Is it weird that I dig to the bottom of the bag just so I can eat all of the Tostitos crumbs…out of a bowl…with a spoon?


I also made something that looked kind of like a doughnut but was actually a Microwave Protein Fudge Muffin gone wrong in appearance but right in taste. I used liquid egg whites, applesauce and cocoa powder but could not get that cocoa powder to mix in properly. So I cooked it up anyway. Chocolate-y on top, plain on the bottom – best of both worlds!



To remove myself from my woes last night, I reluctantly went out to the movies. You know how sometimes when you feel like bum you just don’t want to go anywhere? A lot of the times going anyway is a much better decision.

I ate sour keys and got to watch Vinny and the Rock duke it out in Fast Five.

Sour keys



You know I like my dessert first.”

Now gimme the damn veggies.”

Please see this movie. And stay for the spoiler after the credits!


If you don’t feel like boosting your mood with the Rock’s cheesy lines…how about with some green tea? I might be able to help you out with that one… ;) Stay tuned this weekend. And have a good one!


8 thoughts on ““You Know I Like My Dessert First”

  1. YUM – your protein fudge muffin looks divineeee! I am the same… I kind of like my dessert first (even though I know I shouldn’t)! :)

  2. Mmmmm…all of your eats look delicious! I’ve been addicted to strawberries lately. I go through 4 pints a week! :-P

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