Facebook – the new news source.


I would like to start off with a Special Shout-out to Facebook for keeping me informed about the world. Yesterday upon waking I was informed of Osama’s death. By lunchtime I was fully convinced that I needed to get out and complete my civic duty of voting in the Canadian election or apparently I would be banned from ever complaining about that state of affairs of the country. Just before bedtime I had already heard the full election outcome, including the NDP opposition and the elimination of the Bloc Quebecois. Seriously, if it weren’t for Facebook I wouldn’t have a clue what was going on in the world. Forget the news, all you need is angry young people’s status updates to find out everything you could possibly want to know.


Grateful Shout-outs to Andrea and Lipton Tea for sending me some of their newest Green Tea flavours to try. After my weeklong breakup with coffee, I switched to drinking green tea with breakfast every morning. I still do.

This morning, instead of my plain green tea I tried Lipton’s new Superfruit – Passion Fruit, Orange and Jasmine Green Tea. The subtle fruity hint was a nice change of flavour pace. I think I’m actually going to go brew some more to chill for iced tea.



Saver Shout-outs go to KW Surplus for stocking me up with three vegan cookbooks I’ve been wanting to check out for $5.99 each. I’ve considered buying EDBV before at the full price of $24.95. Instead I got all three for less than that. Now THAT’s a steal.


I’m not vegan, I just like cookbooks. And vegan food. And food in general.

Speaking of steals, I also scored a new mascara on sale for less than half price – L’Oreal’s Voluminous Million Lashes. This was a drugstore find, not a surplus store find. I highly doubt they’d sell current women’s makeup products.


Lately I’ve been using Maybelline Volum’ Express One by One…not overly impressed. It’s clumpy and flakes. This means I have high hopes on the Million Lashes. Unfortunately I just skimmed some less-than-thrilled reviews. My hopes have almost been shattered.


Tasteful Shout-outs go to oat bran and kale for providing me with solid breakfasts and lunches for three days in a row.

Oat bran #1 – Pumpkin oat bran topped with Greek yogurt and peanut flour paste


Oat bran #2 – Pumpkin oat bran topped with cottage cheese and banana


Oat bran #3 – Plain oat bran topped with Greek yogurt, banana and SF raspberry jam



Kale Salad #1 – Kale massaged with balsamic vinaigrette and nutritional yeast, topped with tomatoes, baked tofu and baked sweet potato chunks all coated in honey-dijon mustard.


Kale Salad #2 – Same as #1. I had a lot of leftovers.


Kale Salad #3 – Same as #1 and #2. I had a lot of leftovers. Clearly they dwindled by the end.020


Sympathetic Shout-outs to my incapacitated and accident-prone brother, who received a broken collarbone from a heroic dive into the ground during an intense game of Ultimate Frisbee…the day before he was supposed to start his full-time labour-heavy summer job. He’ll be finding out later this week whether he needs surgery. Poor Boo.



Time-Consuming Shout-outs to one of my new favourite sites: Pinterest. Don’t sign up for this if you need to actually get stuff done.


And Tuesday Shout-outs to everyone. Because, well, it’s Tuesday.


18 thoughts on “Shout-Outs

  1. I find out about bin Laden’s death because my husband get’s major news updates on his phone from CNN. It texts him big headlines. Traditional media is so over for our generation.

    Also, I really love Maybelline Volumax mascara. I’ve tried a lot of more expensive brands before but always go back to the Volumax.

    • Seriously eh, there are SO many alternate ways to find out the latest and greatest these days. I’ll have to remember to look out for that mascara next. I try a new one pretty much every time I run out haha

  2. Great post! I tend to rely a bit heavily on FB and Twitter to keep me informed of what’s happening in the world. Half the time that Christopher asks me where I heard something I have to admit, “Oh, social media…” :P

    I use that one-by-one mascara right now and I haven’t been super impressed, but I don’t hate it either. It’s not as good as the lash blast orange bottle… I should’ve just stuck with it, haha!

    Sad day for your bro! Hopefully he won’t need surgery!

  3. I found out about OBL through Facebook as well. I thought it was a joke at first then my FB freaking exploded!!! Crazy!!

    I make ghetto iced tea; but it works! I heat up a cup of water for 2 minutes and then steep it for 5 minutes. Grab a giant glass and fill it to the brim with ice cubes, after 5 minutes I pour the hot tea into the cup of ice and there ya go; iced tea :)

  4. shoutout to you for being food twins for lyfe. hahaha oat bran and kale are my as-of-late lazy girl staples. well that and smoothies on the go.

    word around town is that oat bran is the cure to collarbones..

  5. Hey love! How are u? I love vegan cookbooks too! I really enjoy them even though I’m not vegan either! Loving the oat bran bowls!

    And sorry about your brother :p

    Love ya! Xoxo

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