Bunny Spawn and Green Sludge

I am not going to talk about the Royal Wedding. I’m sure there’s plenty too much talk about it already.

And I only watched a few snippets of it.

And I only did that because for some complete unknown reason I happened to wake up at 6:20 am and couldn’t for the life of me fall back to sleep. I had absolutely no need to be awake that early. Apparently that darn Royal family has so much power that they’re able to drag me out of bed even when I am virtually indifferent to the kerfuffle in the first place.


So despite my intentions, I sort of took interest in this morning’s “historical moment”. It was…formal. But cute. And her dress WAS pretty lovely.


Oops. I started talking about it after all. CUT.


To other lovely things this week:

Like fresh flowers with breakfast.


And grand amounts of chocolate bunny spawn…


Aka Cream Eggs.


Best consumed with coffee.


Seriously. BEST with coffee. Chocolate + Coffee = perfect love match.



I also successfully made it through a week of drinking green sludge every single morning for breakfast.

Okay fine, it was actually only four days since I started on Tuesday. Monday was still Easter time. And I wanted bread with leftover Easter chicken and cheddar. Rolled with it.


But by Tuesday I was right into the green sludge. And by green sludge I mean delicious smoothies with spinach. It was hardly suffering. Except visually. These aren’t that pretty.

The first two were mocha-style. Cocoa powder and instant coffee do not one vibrant smoothie make.



We eventually got prettier when mango and strawberry protein powder were used.


Then we got uglier again when cocoa powder and chocolate instead of strawberry protein powder got added back into the mix. If you think you like banana in your smoothies though, try frozen mango.
Best one of the week: 1/2 cup water, 1/2 cup almond milk, cocoa powder, chocolate protein powder, frozen mango, ice, spinach, dash of cinnamon, dash of barley grass powder, and the gums.


I know, four mornings of smoothies in a row, I’m so hardcore right?

I was really just aiming to set out some structure to my breakfasts since they’ve been pretty all over the place lately. I wanted to see if I could follow through with the same(ish) breakfast every day. It kind of worked. I’m looking forward to some chew again tomorrow though. Hellooooo oatmeal.


Aside from smoothies there was plenty more chocolate.


A lot of studying…and study snacking.


Pumpkin, yogurt, frozen berries, random cereal, random crumbles of whatever else is dug out of the depths of the fridge & freezer…solid snack I’d say.


There were some veg somewhere in there too.

Sometimes with falafel balls added in.


And sometimes dipped in delicious mixes of barbecue sauce and mustard. Don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it.


How about some microwaved sweet tater with sour cream, salsa and feta?


Or a giant bottle of liquid chemicals?


Not gonna lie, I used to drink these a lot. And not really care. I don’t very often anymore but I bought one today out of thirst and…they’re cheap. Like a whole litre of fizzy sweet sparkling beverage for half the price of half the amount of a normal diet pop. And I needed a big bottle for big water refills later. So I bought this. And downed it all in not much more than an hour.

1 hour, 1L of pure chemicals. This time I felt a little guilty about it. I’m no food saint and I have nothing against the occasional diet pop. But I feel like this is a diet pop on crack.


That was hours ago though. I’m still alive. I think we’re good to go. But next time maybe I’ll just buy plain water. Or just not chug a whole litre of this stuff in one sitting? Hmph.


And on the topic of finishing things… I also finished that whole university thing. I had my last two exams ever of undergrad this week. Yikes? Where to go from here? Perhaps more on that one a bit later.

But for now… a granny-esque Friday night bed time pour moi. I lost all semblance of a social life this past month…heck this past TERM. So I’m banished to nothing more than blogging and sleeping tonight. Anybody out there? Life? Come back?


Back briefly to the topic of the day week month… were YOU all up on the Royal Wedding hype? What did you think?


9 thoughts on “Bunny Spawn and Green Sludge

  1. Kristie! I miss your posts! Good job on those daily green smoothies! :) Unfortunately, I am now in a big meal confusion since I got a job that provides the meals (at ecological kindergarten), but I miss my salads and green smoothies so much! So, I am trying to figure this whole thing out! A big hug to you. :) Seriously, I missed your posts and you made me happy! Thank you!!! :)

  2. Wow, congratulations on finishing university, that’s an amazing accomplishment! Did you have graduation yet?

    I didn’t watch the royal wedding live..but I saw a picture later! The new princess (?) looked very pretty!

  3. Damn it I think I should have consumed my cream egg with coffee!! The fro-yo was pretty good but now you have me convinced that coffee was the way to go ;)

  4. There was a point last summer I was drinking green monsters every morning, I miss that, but it’s so freaking ass cold here; I can’t bring myself to do it yet!!!
    As for the wedding, I watched it and was in my glory!!! I loved every minutes I was able to watch :)

  5. Ohh my gosh CONGRATS!! You must be so happy!!! I am so jealous. I cant wait until I can say the same thing.
    And no, Im not up on the royal wedding at all. I am so disconnected that I haven’t even seen photos yet… However I have heard about Osama? After tomorrow midterm, I will turn my attention to catching up with this world.

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