Day of Dough

It all started out with breakfast.

Does this look like a smoothie to you? It sure doesn’t look like a smoothie to me. And yet, believe it or not, it was based on a smoothie.


Or should I say a smoathie? When I saw Heather’s Cookie Dough Smoothie breakfast the other day, inspired by Kath’s Dough Boy Smoothie, I knew without a doubt what my next breakfast was going to be.

So I whipped out the Bullet and made the magic happen. Rather than blending the oat base at night and adding the rest of the ingredients plus extra liquid in the morning, I just blended everything up last night and stuck it in the fridge, knowing I’d be in for one very thick treat the next day. I didn’t dare thin it out with any extra liquid in the morning.


In my mock ‘Cookie Dough’ breakfast bowl:

1/2 cup oats
1/2 cup almond milk
1 T chia seeds
40g frozen banana
1 T peanut flour
pinch of cinnamon + splash of vanilla

Blended all up and stuck in the fridge overnight. Topped with fresh berries in the morning. Now that’s a bowl of overnight oats if I’ve ever tasted one.

And it will be eaten again, and again, and again. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant.


Oh but that’s not all.

Feast your peepers on some REAL cookie dough. Ten pounds of butter, sugar, and flour to tickle your taste buds.


Last year I made a million and one cookies for my mom to bring to the kiddies participating in a reading contest at the elementary school where she works.

Well it’s that time of year again and I stepped up to the plate, getting down and dirty with a whole lot of cookie dough.


Five dozen cookies, five pounds of Smarties and a whole pot of chamomile lemon tea later (to prevent dough snackage… it only half worked) and I was doughed out.



Big Batch Baking Prerequisites:

Healthy Breakfast: CHECK – mock oat-based ‘cookie dough’ is totally healthy)
Super Sweat Session: CHECK – 5.65 mile treadmill run and incline power walk, followed by planks, followed by 15-20 minutes weights. Sweaty biz.
Healthy Lunch: CHECK – Spinach+ tomato salad with buffalo sauce-coated tofu and crackers dipped in salsa.025

Chic Baking Attire: CHECK – I rocked some blue plaid, eventually accessorized with splotches of flour.


Tea and Water: CHECK CHECK – definitely filled my liquid quota for the day.
Healthy Dinner (a post-requisite): CHECK – Runny egg, spinach and slightly crispy english muffin.



I miraculously survived the baking spree without a cookie dough hangover. Three cheers!

Though I did just put myself into a Crack Bran Corn Bran coma.

My study buddy cereal.



And now my cookie dough day is done.

Though there might just be another batch of mock dough waiting for me tomorrow morning.


Are you a dough dipper? Or do you manage to keep your fingers out of the cookie dough bowl? And if so… how do you do it?
Reminding myself that salmonella wouldn’t be a pleasant experience didn’t help one bit.




21 thoughts on “Day of Dough

  1. Oh wow that is thick! I never bothered to make the breakfast smoothie before because I thought it was more of a liquid base. I gotta give this one a try. Yummy cookies :D

  2. I love that you love your oats THICK. I’m always disappointed when I add to much liquid. The thicker, the better, and so much more filling. I need to try your blend everything together the night before, and I won’t dare thin it out. However, I’m sure it would be quite as good without the frog bowl. ;)

    So sweet of you to bake all those cookies for the kiddos. I’m either all or nothing with the cookie dough. One bite, and I’m doomed.

    Love runny eggs. They make me happy.

  3. Your dough boy oats look amazing! I made those last week too!!! I will have to try your way! I love thickness!!!!!! That might of sounded dirty! eeeeeek!

    I love cookie dough, me and cookie dough are best friends ; ) those cookies look amazing! What a sweetie you are to make all those!!!

    Have a great night! xoxo <3

  4. YOU HAVE WHITE NAIL POLISH TOO!!? YAAYYAAYAY your the first gali have found that wears that color too!
    …. i think gabriela made that same breakki today!! i restrain myself from dough dippin!

    • I loooove white polish too. It’s a fun one that I never bust out as much as I should! Reminds me of the good old days in middle school where we’d paint our nails with whiteout and highlighters…no wonder I dont remember any of the things we were supposed to have learned ;)

  5. I like cookie dough but I LOVE the cookie. But I’ll take cookie dough for breakfast any day (if it’s healthy, of course).

    Your pile of cookies look FAB! Yum!

    p.s. I love that frog bowl.

  6. oh my gaaawdd that smoothie looks BOMB! I’m totally drying it! I’ve seen kath’s doughboy one before but this is unreal-love the thickness! thanks for the recipe;)

  7. I’ve been seeing that cookie dough smoothie recipe everywhere! I think it’s a sign :) And I love actual cookie dough as well. Although I usually am not a dipper. If I’m going to eat cookie dough then there are no intentions of actually every baking any of it hehe


  8. oh my godd should i should i should i make cookie dough oats!? gah i feel like i’m not okay with chia anymore though so maybs i should decrease the chianess.. but i LOVE a good n hearty bowl of oat lovin.

    i kind of really think i might be going drip egg tonight kudos to your lovelyness. if not tonight then TOTES tomorrow

  9. Isn’t it a rule to eat at least as much raw dough as you plan to eat in baked form?? At least, that’s how I see it! Chocolate chip cherry oatmeal batter is my all time fave :)

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