Fun Facts Friday

A little while ago Allison passed along the One Lovely Blog Award to me.


Thanks Gal!

So since it’s Friday (and I have a thing for alliterations), it seems like the perfect time to honour this with:


Fun Facts Friday

But instead of all 7 facts specifically about moi, here’s 7 random tidbits of the moment that are connected to me in some way, shape, or form.


1. The seeds of morning glories contain the psychoactive alkaloid d-lysergic acid amide that can be modified into LSD. Taken in large doses, they act as serotonin-like hallucinogens that can induce religious/spiritual experiences


(Right now I’m studying for my psychology Drugs & Behaviour exam on Monday. Anything you could ever want to know about drugs…I learned in this class. I feel a little too informed)


2. As if you’re not pumped up enough for summer already, this prescription will make you fall asleep dreaming about beaches, sandals, and sunshine.


This also happens to come from one of my favourite pep-me-up sites. Miss Gala Darling has such a zest for life.


3. The best breakfast accompaniment? Natural sunlight.



And if you look closely, that would be two different mornings of breakfast sitting atop the exact same magazine page. Guess I didn’t make any progress with that magazine these past couple days.

[#1 = chopped apple + strawberries, Corn Bran cereal + puffed rice, plain yogurt]
[#2 = overnight oats: oats, banana, almond milk, chocolate Amazing Grass, crumbled muffin, peanut flour paste a la Julie]


4. The second best breakfast accompaniment, especially on Fridays? Flyers. Am I the only dork that gets excited to read the newest flyers with breakfast at the end of every week? They’re always virtually the same and yet I always look through them. You never know when some spectacular deal just might pop up (ehemconsumerwhoreehem).



5. I could run for hours listening to this song – It will make you sweat.


6. Speaking of sweating…a sweat session, a shower and a spot of makeup are key ingredients in my daily sanity. Without them, I suffer.




7. Yes I am in fact 23, even though half the time I look 17. I still get excited on the rare instances when I don’t get ID’d.



I’m sure everyone and their mother has featured 7 fun-filled facts about themselves by now but if you haven’t, please do it up!

And with that,

Whaddup Weekend! Have a good one!

15 thoughts on “Fun Facts Friday

  1. Lol you do look 17 :) Haha how funny. I look younger than I am too but I take it as a total compliment :D Gonna listen to that Snoop Song now :D

  2. i am 23, almost 24 and i get that i look about 18 years old. No one ever believes that i am the age i really am. I guess it can be a good thing in a few years if i look younger! we may just be lucky that way.

    ps: that is one nice lookin award :P
    have a great weekend

    • Precisely! It’s mildly embarassing now, especially when you get the people that refuse to believe you when you tell them that you’re actually over the age of 20, but it’ll be a gift down the road most definitely.

  3. haha! i just made some froz peanut flour candy to eat on tomorrow’s bowl of gloriousness. great minds think alike

    great minds ALSO check the circulars ONLINE on thursday nights. that way you can be the first person to get the sale goods on FRIDAY MORNING. ;)

  4. :) Kristie! Don’t get rushed to look older. You have the lifetime for that. :D You look beautiful and there is a secret for that – people who smile a ton and have a loving child in their hearts always look younger and more beautiful! Have a lovely weekend and smile a lot!

  5. hahah umm i look 12 and i am 17.. its BAD! but honestly you will appreciate it when your older and you look so young!! at lleast.. thats what my momma tells me :D

  6. People assume I’m like 15! LOL. I’ve had people say, “YOUR the nurse?? You look 14!” It’s pretty funny. But my mom looks about 10 years younger than she really is so I know in the future I’ll enjoy that!

  7. Haha! Girl I hear ya. I’m 23 too and most of the time people think I’m 14-17. Every rare now and then someone thinks I’m in college, but normally I get “what grade are you in?” and I’m like, “Oh… I graduated college 3 years ago…” :P

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