Food-Filled Roundup

Middle of April, here we are.

And that means… Exam Time!

I wrote my first exam yesterday and have three left to go, taking me right up until the 27th of April. Nice and late this year. I guess, on the positive side, they’re nice and spread out meaning I can study leisurely for each without having to cram. At least that’s the plan anyway.

Since exam time means sporadic updates, it also means this post is going to be…

A Food-Filled Roundup!

Saturday through to this (Wednesday) morning.

And GO.


Pumpkin overnight oats: 1/3 cup oats, 1/2 banana, pumpkin, chocolate Amazing Grass, almond milk and a blob of Greek yogurt.


Work lunch of champs: Flatout wrap with turkey, Laughing Cow, spinach, tomato, pickle, mustard; raw veggies; apple; half a leftover Gatorade (A necessity from a post late-night dancing frenzy, the one time Gatorade really does come in handy).



Another Flatout wrap, this time with a chicken kebob, dijon and buffalo sauce. Sides = cauliflower with vinegar, roasted potatoes, sauteed mushrooms.




Another Mocha Green Smoothie (addicting) with Corn Bran cereal to mix in + green tea.


A fully-loaded salad: spinach, cabbage slaw, carrots, mushrooms, tomatoes, pickles, balsamic dressing, feta + a slice of bread with tuna on the side.


TurkCauli Burgers with a side salad.


Seriously, if you happen to have the first Deceptively Delicious cookbook, I can’t praise the Turkey Burgers enough. I doubled the batch this time around and they were gone in a day. My fam can’t get enough of them. My brother even said he prefers them to most other burgers he’s had. They’ve officially been instated as a “regular rotation” meal.



They’re so good that I even ate one for breakfast the next day. Mostly out of fear that the leftovers would be gone by lunchtime before I had a chance at any.


Breakfast turkey burger wrap? Why not.


Turkey burger, goat cheese, roasted red pepper hummus, lettuce, mustard. OMmmmmG.


I also managed to save some scraps to doll up my lunch salad


After making those cauliflower-loaded turkey burgers, there was a bit of cauliflower puree left that I put to good use in another Deceptively Delicious recipe – Carrot Cake Muffins


Alterations: I bumped down the brown sugar and margarine, used carrot baby food, bumped up the cauliflower puree, omitted the orange juice concentrate and used whole wheat pastry flour.


They still got a stamp of approval.
Seriously, cauliflower puree is my new favourite food/baking add-in.

And then we had roasted squash.




Exam Day #1

I was feeling a snack plate for breakfast so I went with it.

1/2 grapefruit, strawberries, squash skin, a chunk of carrot cake muffin, 1/2 a banana, 1/4 toasted cinnamon raisin bagel thin with cheddar.


Random? Yup. Satisfying? Yup.

Lunch/pre-exam writing fuel = spinach, tomato, squash salad with a (much larger than pictured) serving of Cheddar Popchips.



Once in a blue moon we buy the Costco as-big-as-your-torso sized bag of Popchips. That happened again this weekend. It’s Wednesday today and the bag is long gone.


Post lunch = Exam

Post exam = Chillaxin time.

Chillaxin time =

Enjoying the sunshine that has finally arrived. ILY Spring.


Drinking 2 for 1 Aquafina Plus+ Vitamin Beverages


Eating ‘2 can dine for $9.99’ Harvey’s Veggie Burger Combos (heck yes coupon). My fast food of choice. Harvey’s makes darn good veggie burgers.



Followed by my first ever experience with Marble Slab. ‘Freshest Ice Cream on Earth’ with flavours like Cheesecake, Birthday Cake, Peanut Butter Banana…(mouth watering yet) + your choice of mix-ins mixed up right in front of you on the ‘slab’.



You bet I found happiness within my birthday cake ice cream with raspberries and Nestle Crunch mix-ins. But I opted for the kiddie size and let me tell you, that is not enough happiness. Next time, go big or go home.

You bet I had a coupon for this one too (this ice cream costs an arm & a leg).

My entire afternoon/evening was full of deals and steals! Fun on a budget is the only way to go. My friend and I were nearly going to hit up the cheap Tuesdays movie night too just to round out our deals and steals day but timing didn’t work out so we rented instead. Which was even cheaper. Score!


And to round out this round-up – Today’s Breakfast: a round cinnamon raisin bagel thin, toasted and topped with cream cheese, almond butter, banana and strawberries.




Are you a Deals & Steals Lover?

I’m a mad coupon clipper. Any of those little coupon booklets that come in the mail? I’m all over them. Coupons you can order online? They’re frequently showing up in my mailbox. Local deal sites like Groupon, WagJag, or TeamBuy? I’m subscribed to them all. And don’t even get me started on how excited I get when I find awesome sales at the mall.


13 thoughts on “Food-Filled Roundup

  1. i love your HUGE posts like this! things i took from it:
    1. i need to have a wrap (or seven) in my near future
    2. time to puree some cauliflower!
    3. i want to try cutting my grapefruit that way! CLEVER.
    4. i want ice cream

  2. i am SUCH a deals site whore haha. i need to not be but i just feel like getting a deal is so much fun!

    anyways did you use those popchips as salad topper crunchies! and why have i not made your turkey burgers and also why am i not eating muffins right now

  3. U seriously always have SO MUCH amazingness in one post!!

    I love Marble Slab! Just like Coldstone!!!!! I went to marble slab in chicago on my birthday before and got the birthday cake yum!! Loved it!!!!!

    I hope all is well with you love! Thanks for entering my giveaway!!!!

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