How to Get Through That Essay

You know how you have that essay* (*insert relevant dreaded writing task here) just sitting there waiting to be written but you can’t seem to bring yourself to do it. You want nothing more than to just not do it at all. You will it to write itself…but it doesn’t happen. The one and only option left is to suck it up and do it. But it’s just so unappealing…


What to do, what to do…

How do I get through it?


Clear out the Google Reader. I took breaks between writing probably every…10 minutes? For the first time in what felt like months I finally managed to get mine to below 100 unread. That only lasted for about a day. But that aside, those little frequent breaks help me stay sane. Sometimes it’s great to just pound as much out as you can all in one go but for those tasks you’re really struggling with (This was the last essay of my undergrad career… I just was not feeling it!), little doses of blog sunshine make it a little less dreary. 



Greens, greens, the magical … vegetable. The more you eat the more you’re…stable. The more you’re stable the better you feel, so eat your greens at every meal.

Greens = Brain Power!

Mocha Green Smoothie. Love the addition of an instant coffee packet. This tastes like a liquid chocolate-covered coffee bean.



Hence why I had it two days in a row.

+ Lots of Sanitea


Feta makes all greens 10x better.



Taking last sips of leftover very green spinach smoothies and adding them to plain yogurt and frozen mango is also pretty darn good.


Greens topped with TUNA = super combo.



Fish Brain Fuel.


Clearly greens are the ultimate base. Seriously, what can’t you top them with?

Cottage cheese, mac & cheese, salsa…minus cheese.


And when you finally get sick of the greens…bake some Banana Pumpkin Muffins. A taste bud and essay break in one.



Along with some sanitea, add a hot water bottle into the mix to ensure maximum comfort and warmth while trying to write that darn essay.


Do NOT, however, attempt to let extra air out of the water bottle over top of your lap after you’ve just added the boiling water in mere minutes before. This is likely to result in massive leg burns, some sobbing and being stuck with a bag of frozen peas glued to your leg for the next hour, defeating the purpose of having the hot water bottle to warm you up in the first place.


Trust me on this one.


I also recommend cereal breaksif you have any willpower. If you’re like me and you don’t…burn your cereal boxes! If you think you see a lot of greens up above, they’ve got nothin’ on my cereal intake.


And when you’re done, you’re DONE.
Read it over, print it, hand it in, get that dirt of your shoulders. Celebrate!
Then start studying for exams.


Hope you’re all doing wonderfully with your essay writing, exam studying, working lives and/or whatever else might just have you all tied right now.



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