Hello April!

So who got a prank played on them today?


My friend sent out a mass text late last night telling everyone he won a car in Tim Horton’s Roll Up the Rim gig. Everybody’s obsessed with Roll Up the Rim around here so this would be a big deal. I almost fell for it but I was skeptical. Not because it was April 1st (definitely didn’t even realize at that point) but because he’s just the type of person to say something like that to be funny. I demanded a proof pic. This was his Facebook picture today:


Hardy har har.

The only other prank I experienced today was People Style Watch magazine trying to tell me that Snakeskin is in this Spring. I’m down with my animal print but snakeskin is one trend I highly doubt I’ll be wearing on my body any time soon.


While reading about strange fashion trends this morning, I ate a Julie-fied egg white omelette (egg whites mixed with cinnamon, vanilla, pinch baking powder) stuffed with peanut butter hummus and SF raspberry jam.









So we’re here at Friday already. So we’re here at APRIL already!
This week flew by.
This MONTH flew by.
Heck, this whole SEMESTER flew by, this is the last full week of classes of winter term! I don’t believe it. I do have one last class Monday evening but other than that, dunzo. Well, minus the essay I have due next week (should probably get on that sometime soon…) and the 4 exams spread throughout the month.
But otherwise… Adios Undergrad?!? What?!


Aside from finishing up most of my classes, what else went down this week?

A bit of Hair Curling Action.
For those of you interested in how the Sultra curling iron works (just got it for my birthday), here’s what came out of my second hair curling attempt:



It does take some getting used to and I’m still no pro but the whole head of hair took about 10 minutes to do.

Word of advice though if you ever get one for yourself, or any high heat styling tool for that matter– Use as directed & BE Careful.

Aka if they give you a heat glove, use it. Not that that protects forearms…


I got this burn the first time I used it and it is still very much unhealed. That thing is HOT.

Along with unsightly burns, I also suffered a case of pink eye this week. I looked very much not at all like this.


It was much uglier and nastier. Who gets pink eye, seriously? I’ve been putting drops in all week but the whole top half of my eye is still a bit yellow and red. The never-ending pink eye? Or something worse… I don’t know if I want to know.


Now that we’ve got that nasty body talk out of the way, no better way to follow it than with some appetizing foods, am I right?

Along with trying out my birthday prezzie curling iron, I also tried out my new peanut flour…by making an Inside-Out Peanut Butter Cup Cake.


If you have access to a bag of peanut flour, you must make this right now. Just do it. I demolished half of this while it was still piping hot from the oven.

And somehow managed to save the rest for later.


And speaking of flours, I also played around with some coconut flour using this gluten and dairy free muffin recipe as a guide.

Except mine were definitely not muffins. Introducing the Coconut Blobs.

1 cup coconut flour
2 T coconut oil, melted
1 T agave nectar
1/2 cup unsweetened applesauce
1/4 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp cinnamon
2 egg whites
dash sea salt 
Roll into blobs. If you want to be like me, throw them into a muffin tin. Totally unnecessary though. Just a baking sheet would do.
Bake at 350 for ~15 minutes. Make 10-12 blobs.


Coconut flour is really hard to bake with. I think I’m sticking with pancakes for the remainder of the stash.


In order to try to fix my messed up eye, this week I’ve been eating my weight in roasted squash, cereal, and hummus.

Oh wait, that was just to fix my appetite.

I hate this cereal. It’s only in my life because my brother likes it so it has to be in the cupboard at all times. I do not like it but somehow my hand finds itself in this box nearly every day. Rude.


Costco hummus stash just about fully demolished.


I roasted the biggest buttercup squash of life this week and ate it at almost every meal. Along with a lot of spinach apparently.




I’ve been a bit squash deprived lately. So glad it’s back in my life.

What’s the Best April Fools Day prank you’ve ever played or experienced?
I don’t think I’ve ever actually played one. Goal for future years? Oooh yeah.

Would you wear Snakeskin? The fake stuff of course.

Do you LOVE April? Heck yeah Spring. Now if only the rest of the snow would take a hike…


18 thoughts on “Hello April!

  1. i used to have fake snake skin pants, WHY you ask? I DONT KNOW hahaha.
    the tim horton’s prank is a clever one, i didn’t pull any pranks today, or get any pulled on me.
    ouch that burn looks painful. my friend burnt her forehead once doing her hair!

  2. ahahah Love that prank! i played a little one on my blog today hehe!.. YAY for the insideout pb cake- you rock! aren’t they just AMAZEBALLS!?

  3. Love the peanutbutter cake thing yum!! It looks so good!!!

    True Stroy, I burnt my wrist too using the sultra iron, lol! The glove only goes so far, and yeah Im clumsy, and it was a big ouch!

    it makes your hair so pretty though! I love it!!

    Happy weekend love!!! xoxo <3

  4. Ah man! I totally need to try the sweet omelet!
    I still giggle when I think about the time I put a rubber band around the sink sprayer. My mom turned on the faucet and got totally nailed!

  5. Your hair looks awesome!! Love the curls!
    I neeeed to get some peanut flour in my life STAT.
    All of your meals look incredible! Even the little coconut blobs ;)

  6. I think the curls turned out great! My hair holds no curl when I use a curling iron. It always falls out! I wonder if this would be any different….??

  7. i once woke my brothers up at 4am, told them it was snowing (we lived at sea level, 12 miles from the beach, having had no snow in over 50 years!) and had them running outside in their boxer shorts just to get locked out there! was too freak’n hilarious.

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