LARABAR Giveaway Winners

Hey guys, thank you for the birthday wishes!

And now…announcing the winners of the LARABAR Giveaway!


The US Winner of a box of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Larabars is:



The Canadian Winner of a box of Peanut Butter & Jelly Larabars is:



Congratulations to Stefanie and Jessica!
As soon as I get your info, your Larabars should be on their way :)

Thanks to everyone for entering. And a huge thanks again to Erica from LARABAR for setting this all up!


And for a little visual interests sake, a few foods of the week:

A reappearance of the frog bowl – This time loaded with oat bran topped with agave and Greek yogurt.


Runny eggs over sauteed spring mix – It was getting mushy but I hate chucking food if I can help it so I tried to work with it. This was way too mushy though. The egg was the only good part. Yeah I ate it anyway. Not happening again though.


Apple topped with some plain yogurt, cinnamon and a dollop of leftover birthday cheesecake.


Chicken cacciatore over steamed spinach and broccoli.


And a Costco Hummus Event! They had a whole bunch of flavours of this Fontaine Sante hummus that I’ve never even seen in grocery stores before. 2 for $7.50ish. I just had to grab the Roasted Artichoke & Spinach and the Carmelized Onion flavour. Though I kinda wish we’d got one of each…though ~8 tubs of hummus just wouldn’t fit in our fridge right now. They had better keep carrying this stuff! So so SO good.



Again, Congrats to the winners! Happy Wednesday!


10 thoughts on “LARABAR Giveaway Winners

  1. That caramalized onion hummus is to die for!!! I ploughed through half of the container last night dipping pretzels!

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