How to Fix Mother Nature–LARABAR Giveaway!

See that pure white blanket behind the swamp water smoothie I just finished drinking? It wasn’t there yesterday. There was grass. So much grass. I think Mother Nature is having some issues right now.


But just what can we do to fix this, dearest Mother Nature?

Would you like some fresh fruit topped with cinnamon and Barley Grass powder?


No? Okay, how about a big ol’ plate of veggies and hummus?


That won’t do either you say? Hmm… well what about a Carrot Cake Cookie sandwich stuffed with cream cheese frosting?!


Oh so NOW we’re getting closer.


Wait, I know!

What Mother Nature really needs is a Giveaway!

A LARABAR Giveaway will take that snow away!

Erica from LARABAR has been awesome, hooking me up with not one but TWO LARABAR Giveaway Prizes: One for a U.S. Winner and one for a Canadian Winner!


The U.S Winner will receive a box of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough LARABARs.


The Canadian Winner will receive a box of Peanut Butter & Jelly LARABARs.




Leave a comment telling me your favourite LARABAR flavour and whether you live in the U.S. or CANADA.


The Giveaway will be open for one week, until next Wednesday, March 30th!
It’s open to U.S. and Canadian residents only, sorry everyone else!


Alright Mother Nature, now that we’ve got that settled, all that snow is guaranteed to be gone by tomorrow right? ;)

Good luck everyone!


102 thoughts on “How to Fix Mother Nature–LARABAR Giveaway!

  1. I love the PB&J Larabars and the PB and Coconut Cookie. I wanted to love the Carrot Cake but I hate pineapple!

    Oh and I’m Canadian!! I get so excited when giveaways are actually open to Canadians so thanks for having one!

  2. i love giveaways!
    Im sick of this snow, yesterday we got a bunch. so over it.

    I am from Canada! and I LOOOVE the peanut butter chocolate chip larabar, never tried the PB&J or the cookie dough, so thatd be sweet to win. I love larabar :)

  3. I feel your pain on the snow! Um, hasn’t Mother Nature gotten the memo that we SPRUNG forward and SPRING has officially begun?!!

    Favorite larabar flavor? Peanut butter and jelly – too bad I’m in the U.S. and not Canada, eh? lol

  4. Yay!!!! No better way to beat the cold than drinking an icy smoothie… that’s what I’m doing right now. ;)

    I’d love to win the Lara bars!! Mmm! My favorite is the ginger snap or lemon or chocolate chip cookie… ok, I love all of them. :)

  5. OOO tough choice between chocolate chip cookie dough or the peanut butter and jelly. I don’t know what I would do without Larabars, I probably eat one everyday! nomnomnom

    PS I live in Canada!

  6. My favourite is chocolate chocolate chip. I have yet to try the PB&J, so I really hope I win!

    I’m from Canada! Yeah for giveaways that Canadians can enter!!!

  7. AHH my fav if pb and jelly- i live in the Uk right now but i have a house in the US and live there half of the year so ill be there soon and I definitely can still enter since i got an address :D

  8. AHH my fave larabar is pb and jelly- i live in the Uk right now but i have a house in the US and live there half of the year so ill be there soon and I definitely can still enter since i got an address :D

  9. MMMM carrot cake cookie looks delicious!!!
    Mother nature must be mad at Michigan as well, she dumped a nice mixture of snow and ice on us, I’m not impressed!

    I live in the U.S. My favorite Larabar is Cherry Pie, but Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough is a close 2nd!

  10. I live in the US. Ahh, favorite flavor is too hard! But if I had to pick I think I would go with the chocolate chip cookie dough :)! (Followed closely by cashew cookie)

  11. Larabar is the BEST snack!! My favourite flavour would have to be the Cashew Cookie, but Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip gives it some tough competition. I’ve always wanted to try the PB&J flavour – hopefully I’ll have a chance now! :)

    Thanks for offering the giveaway!!

    And, I live in Canada :)

  12. I am a fellow Canuck :)

    I love the Coconut Cream Pie, PB&J, and PB Cookie flavours all equally.

    Thanks for this contest!

  13. Omg that carrot cake cookie sandwich stuffed with cream cheese frosting looks insane!! My favorite Larabar flavor is the chocolate chip cookie :) I’m in the U.S btw :D

  14. ooh awesome giveaway!
    i love the coconut cream pie larabar. although admittedly i haven’t tried many flavors, they’re hard to come by where i am.
    i’m in canada :)

  15. My favorite is definitely peanut butter cookie! I love all of them though, and I’m not ashamed to say that I eat one everyday! ;)
    I’m in the U.S.!

  16. oooh exciting! I pretty adore all Larabars except cashew, but I’d have to say my favourite flava is key lime pie! I’ve actually never seen the PB&J ones in Canada.

    What a crazy snowstorm eh?? Apparently there were a bunch of accidents near Waterloo campus…boooo.

  17. I live in the US and I absolutely love the peanut butter chocolate Larabars. They are fantastic just about any which way you can eat them. =)

  18. wow i came to find out about your life and looks like i came at the right time! haha besides having a stellar giveaway i’d also like to share i’m glad we’re sharing similar love for hummus laden greens

  19. While I enjoy pretty much all of the LARABAR flavors, I am currently obsessed with the chocolate chip brownie bars dipped in greek yogurt…its takes just like a brownie sundae!!!!! I can only imagine how good the chocolate chip cookie dough would taste like that :)

    (And I am from the U.S)

  20. Go Canada! Whoot whoot!
    The only flavor that I have tried so far from Larabar is the Cherry Pie and I really enjoyed it! Yum yum!

  21. I have no idea what my fave flavor is — i’ve never tried one before! Hopefully this will be the first time :)

  22. Doesn’t all this snow suck? I work with a few people that live in your city and they had a very rough drive last night. Boo! BUT….YAY to Lara Bar for including us Canucks because I just adore the chocolate chip bar!!! :)

  23. I’m Canadian and my favourite is PEANUT BUTTER COOKIE.
    The only good thing about all the snow yesterday was a SNOW DAY!!!!


    And I am DYING TO TRY the cookie dough flavor!!!

    I love the PB cookies, banana bread, and……….. well they are all good!! I also still need to try the Coconut Cream? Or coconut pie? Whatever it is….COCONUT! Too bad I’m too cheap for most of that.

  25. This giveaway would make me soooo happy!!! I LOVE LARABARS! I’m from the US and love the coconut cream pie ones, but would definitely take the cookie dough! YUMMM!

  26. Mother Nat is being a biatch over here.

    Fave Larabar? Um…all of them?!

    I’ll go with Tropical Fruit & Nut and Banana Bread for now…ask me again in 2 seconds and I’ll have a new answer.

  27. Chocolate Chocolate Chip all the way!! I’m loving the combo pack from Costco!!

    (I’m Canadian).

    Larabar is such a great product, so glad to see a great giveaway like this!

    Alberta is getting the same crazy snowy weather as I write this so I feel your pain!

  28. I actually haven’t tried LARABAR’s yet. However, I’ve ooed and awwed over them at the grocery and health stores, so I’ve always wanted to try them. I’ve really wanted to try the PB & J, PB chocolate chip and the brownie flavored ones!!


  29. Hello! I live in Canada, and my favorite is actually…Pecan flavor! Pecans are not very easy to come across and I just love the unique flavor of Pecan larabar.

  30. We didn’t get any snow here in Montreal but the weather has been totally crazy. It goes from hot to cold from one day to the next! I’m ready for spring already!

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